Hotel Room Workout

Now that I’m out of my comfort zone eating and exercise-wise, it’s time for me to get a little creative. I can easily become the next victim of the Fried Chicken Capitol of the World. If that’s not Killeen’s official title, it should be. I’ve already had the best chicken wings I’ve ever eaten here (spicy ranch flavor, omg) so I have to be careful. I know Texas can easily lure me in with its sexy meaty ways.

As for the exercise part, this is the hotel gym I have to work with.


Two treadmills, one elliptical, one bike, and some free weights. Definitely better than nothing, but I’d rather make out with Steve Buscemi than get on an elliptical. I also tried out the treadmill yesterday and it doesn’t feel right. It’s a Precor and looks nice, but I think it’s either old or not maintained well. I did three miles in 35 minutes. I ran 1.8 miles and then gave up and walked the rest because I hated it. I would love to find a running trail but the best I can come up with right now is doing laps around the hotel. It would be super boring but at least I won’t get lost and die of heatstroke in some open field.

I was also really bummed at the thought of taking a two week break from Crossfit. Luckily my trainer offered to text me a few workouts that I can do in the hotel room without equipment. I did this one after the run.

I did exactly 15 rounds by the time the timer went off and even though it was only 20 minutes, I looked like I had worked out for an hour.

On the eating front, the hotel offers breakfast every morning and a happy hour dinner on the weekdays. They actually have a few healthy options and it’s complimentary, so you can’t beat that. I even brought some food with me and made a trip to the grocery store so I have healthy snacks and smaller meals on hand. It’s not a lot but it will stop me from having a threesome with Ben and Jerry.

Yeah, I brought a Magic Bullet with me. I realize how lame that is. Once I got to the hotel, I remembered that I forgot to pack the cup that goes with it. No cup = no smoothies. I was so annoyed. Annoyed enough to order the cup online and have it express shipped to the hotel. I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with smoothies lately and I’m not ready for us to go on a break yet. They complete me.

It’s only been one day, but so far so good. Only another two weeks of avoiding delicious spicy ranch wings and hotel waffles to go.




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17 responses to “Hotel Room Workout

  1. Ah I know all about Texas’ sexy meaty ways. Didn’t take long for it to turn me from vegetarian to meat eater. Stay strong!! You look like you’re well prepared so I’m sure you’ll come out unscathed after two weeks šŸ™‚

  2. runderbykat

    I love complimentary breakfasts. Even though they offer healthy options, I always seem to walk away with at least one of everything. My thought process is, “It’s free. I MUST have it.”
    Same goes for happy hour drinks. I’d be in trouble there!

  3. Great job with keeping fitness and healthy eatting a priority!

    I think the best hotel gym I’ve ever had is when I went to New York and we stayed in a holiday inn express and the gym below it was an acutal membership gym, but we got it complimentary with the hotel stay. Tons of personal trainers and good equipment. I was in love!

    I do like to eat out, but not every meal. The longest I’ve lived in a hotel was a week and I didn’t have a fridge so I brought tuna packets, wheat thins, protein bars, and PB crackers to help with some of my eatting needs.

    • Paula

      Oh man, I would love that. I’ve seen some nice hotel gyms but never a real gym. That is pretty much my dream. I need to make that happen.

  4. Sarah S @RunningOnWords

    I think in Texas they sometimes combine their chicken with waffles. I know it’s a southern thing anyways.

  5. Amber K

    I have totally packed a Magic Bullet with me on a trip before… I don’t know if I should admit that or not šŸ˜‰

  6. Hot dogs and baby carrots? You’re ready to party.:)

  7. Stella Sando

    Hi Paula, I travel often for work and to get a proper workout in. Some of the easiest ways I found to keep on track is to have a bunch of workout videos on hand in case I need motivation and guidance. I store them in my ipad or laptop. It’s almost like having my own personal trainer at my disposal.

    I’ve had great results with the Insanity, pilates and power yoga workouts. My recent favorite are Mark Gonzales’ power yoga videos.

    Hope this helps! šŸ™‚

  8. haha i love that you ended up ordering the cup. thats something i would do. I mean shit, you went through the effort of bringing it with you!

  9. I WISH I knew about Texas’ sexy meaty ways. I wish I knew about them intimately. I need to go there.
    Look at you working out and eating (moderately) healthy. I am proud!

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