Temporary Texas Runner Girl

Let’s talk about the weather in Texas. I’ve had a few days to size up Killeen and I’ve noticed that the weather only sucks from about 11am – 5pm. You’d think I’ve never been in extreme heat before because every time I step outside during those hours, I say something really obvious and d-baggy.


I can’t help it. The words just come out and I can’t stop them. The rest of the time, the weather is actually bearable. There’s a pretty good breeze everyday, which would actually be helpful if the breeze didn’t feel like a hair dryer in your face. But it’s better than no breeze. And yesterday it rained and probably cooled off by 20 degrees for 2 glorious hours.

Since I made this great weather discovery, I decided to go running outside on Tuesday. I started around 8pm (outside the core hours of suck) and the sun was mostly down. I wanted to find a neighborhood to run in but the front desk girl literally said, “I wouldn’t do that.” And then I was all…

So, I was limited to the extremely picturesque .42 mile circle around my hotel, the Holiday Inn next door, and the sewer ditch they share. I made it 2 miles. TWO miles. Then I thought I was going to die and decided the treadmill at the hotel gym wasn’t so bad after all. So I went inside and finished 2 more miles in my security blanket, also know as the air conditioning.

Yesterday, I stayed in my hotel room and did the “Federal Prison Workout” which basically consists of a ton of walk-outs and makes your whole body hurt. Then I was looking through some of the old workouts I’ve posted and decided to pick one for tomorrow’s Hotel Room Workout. I’ll be doing this one after running a couple miles.

I don’t have a jump rope with me, so I’ll just fake it or do jumping jacks instead.

In super exciting news, I am totally honored to be chosen as one of Women’s Running Magazine’s Bloggers on the Run. *claps for myself in excitement!*

The only thing I can think of that’s better than being a Blogger on the Run is being Oreo’s Consumer of the Year. (Still waiting for them to contact me.) So, go here to check out my article. 🙂

Women’s Running Magazine also wants to give one of my readers a chance to win a free year’s subscription. All you have to do is leave a comment on that article and you are automatically entered to win. What do you have to lose?


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23 responses to “Temporary Texas Runner Girl

  1. Rain

    Killeen 😦
    I live about 20 minutes southeast of there.
    It has been hot and you are spot on when you say the air is like a hot blow dryer!

  2. What, you don’t like to feel like you’re running behind the exhaust pipe of a Greyhound bus? Well you’re no fun.

  3. I guess we can share the name for a few weeks 🙂 Isn’t Texas lovely? I know you are loving the heat… don’t pretend to gripe. I bet this is making you really really want to come run in Austin right?

  4. SO awesome!!! Congrats, girl! You’ve earned it!!! 🙂

  5. SkinnyRunner

    you ran outside in the texas heat?? i think thats illegal, right?

    cute article btw, you are one funny son of a gun. yeah i just used “son of a gun”. how texas is that?

  6. Laura WL

    Is Killeen really that scary? I run in my “questionable” neighborhood all the time. I once ran right through a dealer selling to one of his customers out the window of his car. Good times. I just try to avoid running in the afternoon when people are on their stoops or at night when people are cruising, that’s when the most shootings happen. I just stick to places where there are more people and stay off of lonely roads. There’s a great park near my house where they do a lot of “Take Back The Night” events and have a lot of old curmudgeony volunteers that I like to run thru as well. Is there a park nearby that you could run to and run laps around?

    • Paula

      I don’t think Killeen is scary at all! That’s why I was surprised. But also, I value not being attacked or killed so I decided not to take my chances. I think there is a trail but it’s driving distance. Boo.

  7. David

    Nice article – congrats! BTW, Fabian’s a dentist too? Where does he find the time?

  8. Amber K

    Congrats on being featured! Very cool. <–see just take that coolness with you into the Texas heat. Okay, that was bad, I know. Whoops 😉

  9. Yeah, Texas is a treat to run in. I’ve been in Houston for 3 years and have yet to adapt to the humidity. My mile slows down about a min during the really hot months. I usually run around 9p.

    Congrats on the feature! I’m headed over to check it out now!

  10. Beth (Running with the Sunrise)

    Congrats on your Blogger on the Run nomination–that’s quite the accomplishment! You should be very proud.

    I really enjoyed this post. The GIFs definitely had me LOLing (especially the cat). Finding places to run when you’re traveling is always so tough but it sounds like you really made the best out of a bad situation. 🙂

  11. HAD enough of that HEAT. Like this cool better.

  12. Verlin

    Good for you on the magazine thing. And even more impressive, keeping up with running while in Hot Texas. I’m in Canada and complaining it’s too hot to run outside. Wimp Alert.

    • Paula

      My aunt lives in Winnipeg and she sent me a picture of her thermometer and it was over 100 degrees. I’m not sure I trust that thermometer.

  13. I just hope you know, you are basically famous. First an article with Women’s Running, then Skinny Runner comments on your blog! Big timing!!!

  14. You are brave! I never run in the evening. The radiant heat is too much for me. I saw a thing on Twitter? FB? Who knows! Anyway, it said, “This will all pay off in the fall.” So true. You will be faster and even more badass as a result of sweating it out now.*

    • Paula

      So true! And if my speed in the heat is any indication of what my speed will be in the cooler weather, I’ll probably be busting out those 4 minute miles in no time. 🙂

  15. I’m so glad the front desk lady stopped you from running outside. A dead Paula is not a fun Paula. Also, you should go to Rosa’s Cafe. They have grade A soft and fluffy tortillas. Best ever. Also, get their peach sweet tea. So order a dozen tortillas, an order of queso, and a peach sweet tea and you be a happy and slightly more heavy lady.

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