Eat All the Things

Austin was amazing. I loved it! I liked it even better than Seattle and I really, really, love Seattle. Austin is such a fun city and I had a great time, but before I talk about the fun, I have to tell you about the food. Sweet lord, the food. I feel the need to go back right away just for the food trucks alone. I would grow to epic proportions if I lived there because there is no way I wouldn’t want to eat out for every meal.

On Saturday, it all started at a place called Ten Oak.

Yes, it is a bar but they had amazing food. For lunch, I had the bleu cheese and bacon stuffed burger with truffle fries. It was probably in my top 5 favorite burgers of all time. Delicious. And I love a burger with spinach instead of lettuce. So much better.

Being the carb conscious girl I am, I only ate half of the bun and instead had a no-carb shot of whiskey. The things I do to continue on my path of healthy living.

That night, I went to Roaring Fork with Melissa.

Roaring Fork is attached to the Intercontinental hotel where I stayed. I had the kettle of green chili pork with hot buttered flour tortillas because Melissa insisted it was amazing. I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy inhaling it but she was right, it was delicious. Also, it was only $7 on their happy hour menu. Big score.

That night, my co-workers and I stopped at a food truck for cheese steak. They said it was amazing but I didn’t have one. Apparently I kept yelling, “but I don’t want cheese steak, I want something shaped like Texas!”

I don’t remember that part.

For brunch on Sunday, we went to a tapas restaurant called Malaga.

I had the steak and eggs and opted for the side of fruit instead of the potatoes. It was by far the best thing I ate in Austin.

While I was eating, I thought, this must be how real food tastes. Every bite was ridiculously good. I’m so used to eating salads and egg whites and ordering things on the side or without sauces for the sake of maintaining my weight. It was so nice to order something I really wanted and it was totally worth it.

The fruit, on the other hand, was a bad idea. The potatoes were omg-I-die-delicious. So I ate all of my co-worker’s potatoes. Because carbs off other people’s plates don’t count. #logic

After brunch, I made everyone seek out the Holy Grail of desserts: the cake shake. (Thanks for the recommendation, Michelle!)

A cake shake is a milkshake with a big ass piece of cake blended into it. I got the red velvet cake with vanilla ice cream and a Wedding and Rabbit cake ball. Because a giant shake isn’t enough sugar. You need cake balls too.

I thought the shake would have been thicker having a piece of cake in there but it was really thin. Note to Holy Cacao…make them thicker! I was also a little bummed because the shakes everyone else ordered were way more delicious than mine.  I wish I had gotten a different flavor. I mean, I still drank it all. It is a cake shake, after all. There are people in the world without cake shakes so I took one for the team.

In an effort to continue my shame spiral, I made one more stop before we headed out of town.

Just buying this cupcake felt wrong after everything I consumed before 1:00pm. But my love for cupcakes is strong. Very strong. I got the Sweetberry flavor, which is basically all strawberry. Not even close to a favorite flavor, but I wanted to try something different.

It was meh. I wish I had ordered a different flavor but I’m not sure it would have mattered. The frosting tasted really cream cheesy – more like it should be on a bagel than a cupcake. I like my frosting sweet. So I threw part of it away. At least I know Orlando has my back in the cupcake department.

So there you have it. Two days of indulgence in which I have been paying dearly since with a non-stop tummy ache. A painful reminder of why I eat those crappy egg whites.

It was still worth it. 🙂





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24 responses to “Eat All the Things

  1. Emily E.

    Austin is the bomb? Did you go for a run at Town Lake? I am amazed that you spent a night in Austin and didn’t make it to any of the awesome barbecue places!

    • Paula

      I wasn’t there long enough (or maybe I wasn’t sober enough?) to go for a run. But I’m looking into races there! And yeah, I’m not a fan of BBQ. I know, I know. You don’t have to say it.

  2. Looks like some awesome eats! Jealous of those steak and eggs. Looks like heaven.

  3. So jealous. Austin has been on my short list for a very long time. Need to get on that.

    Your trip reminds me of when I went to New Orleans for my 30th birthday and was scheduled to have my gall bladder removed just one week later. Every bite was so painful and I paid for everything I ate in spades with severe stomach pains/vomiting but it still was worth every last damn creamy, decadent bite. Sometimes food pains are worth it.

  4. Sounds delicious!! I love finding new eats on vacation. I look for places to eat instead of museums, etc. 😉

  5. OMG Portillo’s has a cake shake that somehow has chunks of cake AND chunks of frosting in it. DO YOU HEAR THE WORDS I BRING TO YOU ON WINGS OF DOVES?! #CanGoNowhereNearPotbellyforThatReason. BUT IT’S SO GOOD! Of course, Portillo’s is not here- yet, so we are safe for now. It’s a Chicago thang, and now apparently a California/Indiana thing. Dickz.

    • Amber K

      Chunks of cake and chunks of frosting…why did I not discover all of these amazing things before I had to cut out gluten? Because seriously…I’m dying just knowing something like that exists!!

    • Paula

      I’ve been to Portillos in Chicago but only for their hot dogs. Now I have something new for my bucket list. Thanks for that. Jerk.

  6. Booo I’m sorry your experience with Hey Cupcake wasn’t all that spectacular 😦 I usually go for the Double Dose so I can slip into a heavenly chocolately coma afterwards.

  7. I don’t think I can handle the sweets in this post. LOL. Austin sounds fun though – I think we definitely need to do a race there 🙂

    And girl – you better be eating those egg yolks. You know they are good for you!!!

  8. mmmmm that burger looks incredible. Austin does have a ton of great places to eat. You know where else does? Houston. OK that’s kind of a lie, there’s not as many good places as Austin, but Houston does have something that no other city has… me and Tara!! 🙂 So come visit us.

  9. Hey Cupcake….yeah. I used to love that place when they had chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. But that discontinued it. Who discontinues a classic? Then the lady suggested the chocoalte cupcake with cream cheese icing. That was awkward when I said no and walked away.

    I’m not a cream cheese icing girl…except maybe on red velet, but I don’t really eat much of that anyway.

    glad you loved the food overall!

    • Paula

      They did have a Michael Jackson cupcake that I almost ordered. I wish I did. I probably would have liked anything better than strawberry, but obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly with the shake and cake balls clouding my thoughts. But yes, the food was amazing. I want to go back just to eat my face off.

  10. Amber K

    Cream cheese frosting? What? No no no no no….

  11. Michelle

    I’m so happy I could spread the cake shake love! Im sad that your co-workers had better shakes though! Austin really did have the best food. I had my first chilli-cheese hot dog there. (I’m a vegetarian and I was SO excited to partake.) it was a soy dog with veggie chilli. Sounds gross to most I’m sure but it was AMAZING and I was so happy the resturant (which was an all hot dog place) was veggie friendly!

  12. I hate thin shakes and smoothies, so I feel your pain on that disappointing cake shake. I just had a friend visit from Austin and I want to go SO BAD. I am thinking about a weekend trip in September. From what your telling me, I should refrain from eating for the week before.

    • Paula

      Yes, it is best you prepare your insides well before arrival because there is no place you won’t want to eat. Or drink. But you should wait till October since Aug/Sept are the hottest months. It’s pretty unbearable.

  13. Oh myyyy Paula. You definitely ate all the things.
    Seriously a CAKE milkshake? With actual cake in it? That is RIDICULOUS. I’m sad to hear it wasn’t thick, but man. I want it.

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