By the Numbers

I had a good weekend. So good that this post is almost complaint free. Almost.

1. On Thursday, Michelle, Jackie (our mutual co-worker/friend), and I went to see a sneak preview of Pitch Perfect (< — that’s a link to the trailer).

It’s a musical comedy and for the  most part, I do not like musicals. There are exceptions of course (Sound of Music, Grease, Chicago, Moulin Rouge), but I just don’t need my movie characters breaking into song. I also avoid Glee and Smash like it’s my job. With that said, I loved this movie. Right after it ended, I thought, this is what Glee should be. The music was awesome and not cheesy (which I think is what Glee suffers from) and it was so much funnier than I thought it was going to be. All three of us loved it, so if you have a chance, check it out. It opens October 5th.

2. Saturday I went for a run with my old group and I was so happy to be back. I had a great run. Finally! I complained about my other group to the pace leaders for the first mile. Then I caught up to the faster girls in the group and ran with them. I finished with a 10:38 average pace.

That pace included three minutes of walking, so if you just count my running pace, it’s the same as when I run with my other group. I love running with Brad but I just can’t go back. The other group makes me miserable.

3.  Saturday night, we threw a party for hub’s birthday. My favorite part of having parties at the house is that they send hubs in this manic cleaning frenzy. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. I mean, I saw him turn on the vacuum and actually use it. Then he dusted. Then he put all his laundry away. Then he cleaned the pool and made a trip to the grocery store. It was like a Christmas miracle! I can’t think of anything that would make it better.

Oh wait, yes I can.

4.  A party also means we need to move Pants’ giant cage into the gym so it looks like real adults live in our house. We feel bad when she’s in there because we have to lock her in the cage, but she took to it pretty well this time.

Poor polar bear didn’t have a chance.

5.  I took exactly zero pictures at the party, which was a big fail on my part. Also a fail? I dropped my phone in the toilet. It worked for about an hour afterwards but then died. It was fun to see the look on a few of my friend’s faces when they grabbed the phone, tried to fix it, and THEN asked what happened.


So now I’m phoneless for a couple days. A new one should be coming in the mail tomorrow. < — thank you insurance

6. I found a beer that I love that is not Bud Light.

It tastes like pumpkin pie in a beer. Beer pie. Delicious.

7.  Hubs and I finished season 1 of The Wire last night.

I know a lot of you love this show and while I appreciate the writing and acting, I think it’s really hard to get into. I wasn’t very interested in what was happening until the last three episodes of the season. There are so many characters, it’s ridiculous. Personally, I think too many characters is a downfall (ahem, Heroes) because it takes longer to get invested in them. I feel like the characters I did love (Omar, Bubbs), didn’t have a lot of screentime.

After we finished season 1, we were curious how they would pick up with season 2. So we watched half of the first episode and it was s.l.o.w. Hubs said he’s not sure he wants to continue watching and I’m not sure I can watch another season where the payoff is in the last three episodes.

What’s the best season for you Wire lovers out there?

8. To top off the weekend, looky who won another Emmy. 🙂

He’s so cute.



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17 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. My coworker was just telling me today that I need to watch The Wire! So I just asked her as I was reading this and she said you have to be patient. She said you have to watch at least 5 episodes for it to get good and you to not be confused, and then she said she loooooved the second season.

    I love Aaron Paul! My heart was bursting for him! He’s so ridiculously cute. I also wanted to punch his fiance.

    I always forget you have a pool! I hate you!

    • Paula

      But it took TEN episodes for me to like it. And by that time, there were only 3 left. But I’m glad to hear she loved season 2. Maybe I’ll watch it after all. 🙂
      You love me. If you come and visit I will not only let you swim in the pool, I will also liquor you up, spell flavor like flavour all weekend, and let you snuggle Pants. Maybe not in that order, though.

  2. I’m watching The Tudors on netflix right now, and it’s sort of good. Like history meets porn. But I like the history part. The sex part is just ridiculous.

    FF can come over and clean my bare concrete floors! And I will throw him a party in return. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  3. Amber K

    I can’t wait to see Pitch Perfect. But then I also like Glee and Smash and most musicals. It looks better than both Glee and Smash in all the right ways.

  4. I want to see Pitch Perfect! Glad you found your way back to your old running group! The other one did not sound fun at all.

  5. Marjorie

    Just skip to season 5. It was the first season I watched and it had me hooked right away. Afterwards, I was more interested in what happen with past seasons.

  6. I’ve heard mixed things about the Wire.

    Nice run! And, screw the other group– stick to this one if it’s more fun!

  7. Michelle

    I’m dying to see Pitch Perfect but I love musicals so I knew I would love this from the commercials. And I can’t stand Glee! I think the crazy auto tuning of the music is part of the problem but I also think the show is terribly written with meandering plots. When Ryan Murphy is good he is oh so good, but man when he runs out of ideas for a show it get cray. (see: end of Nip/Tuck)

  8. Aaron Paul is so flippin’ cute I JUST. CAN’T. STAND. IT!


    I am so happy that he won, much deserved. Have you seen the trailer for his new movie coming out, Smashed? It looks pretty good.
    Have you watched the Friday Night Lights series? One of my favorite series ever. It’s tied with Dexter, Six Feet Under, Sopranos’, and, of course, Breaking Bad.

    Also, good choice on going back with the old run group. Long runs can be tedious enough so if you are not enjoying yourself it is painful. And check out that time! Proof right there!

  9. Megan

    Don’t stone me because im about to tell you that every season is kind of slow like that. However, season 4 was by far my favorite. It focused on the school system and was so wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. It really gets to the heart of why things get so bad in cities like Baltimore. If you watch no others, watch season 4. Also, the storylines of Bubbs mad Omar are fun to watch play out over the seasons, especially Bubbs. I heart him so much.

    If you give up, you should move onto Sons of Anarchy. I have a feeling you’ll dig the white trash hotness that is Jax Teller. Not that you’re white trash. Man, this is coming out wrong. I just mean he is hot in a dirty way.

    • Paula

      I have that in my Netflix queue! I’ve heard good things. I almost started watching that one first but then got my hands on The Wire. 🙂

  10. I am way more excited than any adult should be about seeing Pitch Perfect. Its sad. 🙂

  11. Ali

    Okay a few of things I had to say about this post.

    1. I also stay as far away from Glee as possible. Glad to know I’m not the only one because jeeeeezus I feel like it sometimes. I just don’t get the hype that show, but Moulin Rouge lives in my heart forever.

    2. Your hubs cleaning is hilarious. Vince actually goes into a similar frenzy, but it’s with the vacuum. Dude *loves* to vacuum. At first this seemed like a good thing. But two hours later, as he’s vacuuming the baseboards, I’m ready to drown him and the vacuum in the bathtub. So you are truly blessed by having a man that not only *can* clean occasionally, but does so in moderation when it’s time.

    3. Pants is absurdly cute. Is she too shy to hang during a party?

    4. Sorry about your phone dude. I’m hoping it fell in either before you sat down or after the flush was complete…

    5. That beer is awesome.

    Okay that is all. 🙂

    • Paula

      2. I could really use Vince around my house. The bunny fur is at Code: Red 90% of the time. I’ll vacuum and think it’s clean, sit down, and then a tumbleweed of bunny fur floats across the floor. It’s like a horrible version of the Old West.

      3. Pants would probably have a heart attack with 30 people in the room but she’s generally social. Plus, her cage takes up our entire “dining room,” so we’d probably have to stack people on top of each other if we didn’t move her.

      4. It was definitely before I sat down and I’m SUPER surprised you are the only one that asked. That is the first thing I would want to know before I helped me fix it. 🙂

  12. Mz. Teri

    And here I thought your house was just always clean and tidy. Now I know your secret. 😉

    Maybe my MEB could hire Fabman to come clean my house and do the grocery shopping as a gift for me next Mother’s Day. I would be grateful if you could start subliminally putting this idea into his head now. 😉

  13. We are still working through the first season of Breaking Bad…but maybe The Wire will be in our future.

    My husband’s bday is coming up too, but there is no chance of him turning on a vacuum. He doesn’t even know where it is kept. I am not a beer drinker, but I may have to try some of these pumpkin beers that everyone seems to go nuts for.

    Poor Polar Bear.

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