Race Review: UCF 5-Miler

Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early to run the U Can Finish 5-miler at the University of Central Florida. I don’t think it’s ever been easier to get to a race. I met my chauffer at her house around 6:45 and she was very excited to see that I was celebrating Movember early this year.

(Thanks for the picture, M.)

We left around 7:00 and her husband, Dan, dropped us off at the UCF Arena around 7:15. (I love when Dan drives us to races. Makes things so easy!)

We were running a little late but we never ran into traffic which was a big win. We had 15 minutes to kill before the race started so we hung around the extremely uncrowded pacer area and waited.

While we waited, we ran into a few friends, including my cutie pie Tower of Terror buddy, Danielle.

The race started on time – without a National Anthem. That was kinda weird. At least, it was pretty obvious for me it was missing. I think this is the only race I’ve done where it wasn’t played.

I was feeling wicked awesome the whole time. That’s right. WICKED awesome. It was so fun to run around campus and try to remember which class I took in which building as I passed by. Plus, the campus is so pretty it almost made me wish I was back in school.

For the first mile or so, I constantly checked my Garmin. I noticed I was running around a 9:00 pace and that kinda freaked me out because it’s a little faster than I thought I would run. I was aiming for a 9:30, so if I see that I’m running faster than what I think I should be, I worry about burning out. Then my mental game starts. So I stopped checking my Garmin unless I felt like I was slowing down because I can de-motivate myself easily. I figured as long as I was passing people and they weren’t passing me, I was doing ok.

I guess that strategy worked because I have never run anything this consistently in my life. I have no idea how this happened.

I finished in 45:45 (a 9:08 average). Considering I was hoping for a 47 – 48 minute race, I consider that a big win. Plus, I’ve never run a 5 miler before, so instant PR!

Now, I just need to figure out how to keep up that pace for a half marathon and I will have my coveted sub-2:00. The HIIT  workouts I’m doing seem to be working, so I’ll keep that up and see what I can do in November at the Space Coast half.

After the race, we ran into more friends (some managed to evade my camera). I swear I felt like I knew everyone. This must be what it was like for Norm when he walked into Cheers. ( < — too old a reference? Probably. But I’m old and that’s what you get.)

This was a really fun, really well-organized race. I’ll definitely do this one again next year. Oh, and apparently I missed out on the beer at the end, so I’m going to need redemption for that. No beer left behind.


The Giveaway: Tiffany guessed my time EXACTLY.

Tiffany, I emailed  you yesterday and the email was kicked back as undeliverable. So email me at eatwatchrun@gmail.com to claim that super sweet gift certificate. I’ll give you a week or so to contact me until I pick the next closest, which was just 3 seconds off! You guys are good at guessing!


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15 responses to “Race Review: UCF 5-Miler

  1. Woot! Excellent first 5 mile race! I’ve yet to run a 5 miler myself, but I’d love to. And I’d like to run it in the same amount of time as you did yours. Can you set that up for me, please?*

  2. Is it somewhat stalkerish that I recognize most of the people in your picture too?

    I ran the Gridiron 5k a couple of months ago at UCF and I was a big fan of running around the campus. It was a lot prettier than I expected it to be.

  3. Awesome time Lady! Congrats to you on an awesome race. I have never ran a 5 miler, but it seems like my kind of distance. Just long enough where I feel like I get a nice work out, yet short enough to amp up the speed a bit. Oh, and I think that your hat is magical and I want one just like it.
    Also, I totally picked up that Cheers reference. #FellowAgeBracket 😉

  4. Deb

    Congrats on your awesome time! I guessed 44:45 – dang! 😉

  5. I love the hat! That’s so funny!

    Congrats on the race! Looks like a lot of fun. I’m running my first five miler in a couple of weeks. Yay for instant PRs!

  6. NORM!

    Toldya you were fast. I bet you’re even faster than that.

    Also, fantastic hat. FAN-tastic. Where on earth did you find that?

    • Paula

      Maybe I am. Why don’t cha come down here and run with me to find out?
      Oh, that hat is Fabian’s. I’ve been dying for a reason to wear it.

  7. Great race–congrats! And LOVE the hat!

  8. Look at you speedy one. Great race and fun friends, what more can you ask for? Congrats on your instant PR

  9. Yeah! That is a great time! You are a speedy minx.
    Paula, you are the cutest EVER. I want to hang with you so badly. We are making this happen.

  10. Look at you go speedy! Congrats on a great race 🙂

  11. Awesome awesome PR! And congrats to Tiffany! I am totally using your guess my time idea for a giveaway on my blog. Will credit you! 🙂

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