What I'm Watching

It’s time to talk TV. It’s no secret I watch a lot of it. Way more than I could ever put into this post or that is healthy for the average human being. I’m even trying my best not to pick up new shows this season because it’s hard enough keeping up with everything I already have on the DVR (life is hard). With that said, I still probably need an intervention.

Here’s what I’ve been watching lately:


Last season of Dexter was mediocre at best. I didn’t think Colin Hank’s was a good choice to play his character and I guessed the ending of the season during the FIRST episode. I am horrible at guessing endings and the fact that I did it made the whole season even crappier. Yes, it was better than most TV out there, but as far as Dexter standards go, it was lacking. That’s why I’m super stoked that this season has kicked ass so far. I could use a little more Masuka because he’s awesome, but other than that, I have no complaints.


I’m normally not a fan of “politically charged” shows, but this one is amazing. It’s so good and so twisty. Claire Danes is even a bigger freak show this season than last, so I’m sure she’ll have no problem winning another Emmy.

Bob’s Burgers

I know. Homeland and then this. But you gotta balance out the smart with the dumb. This show is so funny but we have yet to find anyone else that watches it besides us. It’s our first choice to watch on the DVR after Dexter and Homeland, and one of the shows we actually started missing when it was off the air for the summer.

Raising Hope

Again, I don’t know anyone else that watches this show but each episode consistently cracks us up. It’s funny but it’s also sweet, kind of like Cougar Town can be. Garrett Dillahunt (the dad) is the BEST part of the show. After seeing him in The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a terminator, I wasn’t convinced he could do comedy, but he proved me wrong. Oh, this girl says this show is dumb but she is WRONG. 🙂


This is the only new show I’ve watched. The first episode had a lot of promise but it completely lost me during the second episode. I loved Lost, but I just don’t think I have the energy to ever take on another show with flashbacks and deep-lying story lines that take the entire series to resolve. I felt the same way about Flash Forward and The Event – started out awesome and then tanked 4 or 5 episodes in.


WTF is up with Silas being so hot all of a sudden? It’s like, he ages 7 years, gets his little chicklets fixed, and BOOM goes the dynamite. He is ridiculous and should have been picked to play Finnick in Catching Fire, but I digress. I just finished season 7 and I’m a few episodes into season 8. It’s one of the those shows where I love all the characters and think it gets better with each season.


A few of you recommended I watch this and honestly, I was a little apprehensive. That poster isn’t doing the show any favors and after feeling lukewarm about The Wire, I wasn’t sure about another show with Idris Elba. Well, I’m glad I listened to you because I LOVED it. I’m not a fan of cop-like dramas (like NCIS or CSI) but this one is so different from the rest. Plus, it gets bonus points for having one of my favorite Massive Attack songs as the theme. So thanks to Julia and Misty for recommending it. 🙂


The first five seasons of this show were so good and so well written. It’s funny and dramatic and occasionally creepy. I don’t think it gets the credit it deserves because it’s on The CW.  Season 6 and 7 went downhill a bit when the creator left the show, but season 8 seems to be back on track so far. And really, I’ll take any opportunity I can to see a future husband every week.

P.S. Dear Jared Padalecki, please cut your stupid hair. Love, Paula.

Key and Peele

Key and Peele is a sketch comedy show with two of my favorite guys from MadTV. The sketches are hit or miss but when they are on, they are really on. If you love dubstep, you probably need to watch this skit.


Also on my DVR:  The Simpsons, SNL, Tosh.O, American Dad, and Modern Family. Season premiere of American Horror Story is TONIGHT. Yay!

What are you watching?


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33 responses to “What I'm Watching

  1. Nicole G

    I’m still catching up on the Colin Hanks season of Dexter, so thanks for not spoiling it for me. It’s not doing much for me, other than I’ve already read where the Deb/Dexter relationship is going. In terms of the actual serial killers, I’m clueless. I never predict television, which I suppose is what keeps it entertaining for me.

    I’m also catching up on Breaking Bad. Next episode on deck is the finale to Season 2. I wish I could go back in time so I could actually talk to other humans in real time about this show. Feeling so left out…

    I apparently don’t watch any shows when they’re new, so I’m useless.

    • Paula

      No problem! I loathe spoilers, so I’ll never write one without a warning first. I started watching Breaking Bad between seasons 4 and 5, so you are not alone!

  2. Michelle

    Yes! Omg I pictured Silas as Finnick the WHOLE time when I was reading. I got so annoyed anytime someone said he should play Peeta. I take my dream casting seriously.

    Do you watch Revenge? I’m loving it even more this season! Also the new show after it (666 Park) is fun in a campy way. Im still undecided about this season of Dexter- it realllllly lost me last season-especially when Deb thought she had a thing for Dexter I’m basically just waiting for Breaking Bad again. I also watch to much TV. 🙂

    • Paula

      I didn’t like that Deb/Dexter thing either, so that was just another thing that turned me off to last season.
      I did watch the first half of the first season of Revenge. It was hard for me to get into because I hated ALL the characters and it’s hard for me to latch onto a show unless I really like someone in it, if that even makes sense. < — so hard to please 🙂

      • Michelle

        No, I 100% agree! That’s why I stopped watching Mad Men. I HATED everyone. No one to root for. I totally get it. Revenge is hard sell since the lead actress only moves her mouth when she acts.

  3. Weeds is one of my most favorite shows ever.
    I really noticed Silas’ difference in the episode(s) where he is doing it with the older lady (i cant even remember what season… 4 maybe?)
    I am also loving Big Bang Theory (as always) and a new one for me is Rehab with Dr Drew!
    I LOVE raising hope!! i think it is hilarious!!

  4. Laura WL

    You sound like you have more of my husband’s taste than mine. Shows we watch together: Castle. Bones. Dr. Who. How I Met Your Mother. Downton Abbey. Sherlock. Shows my husband is currently watching: Fringe. Rookie Blue. Mob Doctor. Dexter. Revolution. Shows I am currently watching: Inspector Lewis Mysteries. Parks & Rec. Up All Night. New Girl. Frasier (just started that show. It is much more funny as an adult than a teenager). Murder She Wrote. Magnum PI. The IT Crowd. And yes, I do have weird taste.

    • Paula

      I love Downton Abbey too. I still need to get my hands on season 2. I just finished season 1 of Park and Rec and am liking it so far. I’m dying to get to season 3 because of Rob Lowe. I did giggle a little bit at Magnum PI. 🙂

  5. Michelle

    I’m a TV junkie too. I can’t wait to see what happens on American Horror Story this year. I’m very excited about the cast.
    The Walking Dead is another favorite of mine right now. The season opener was better than the entire last season.

    • Paula

      I have no idea how I left Walking Dead off my list. What is wrong with me? And yes, I agree! The season finale was amaaazzing.

  6. Laura WL

    Oh, my husband also loves Naruto on Netflix. He didn’t want me to leave that one out. :-). He is really into comic books but isn’t really an anime person but really likes Naruto for whatever reason. He says to watch the subtitled version.

  7. I don’t think you really like comedies but you MUST watch the Mindy Project. It’s so freaking funny. They’re all on On Demand so you can catch up there. Otherwise, you got all my shows. Revolution is withering on my DVR. I watched the first two eps and haven’t been too excited to watch any others after that.

    We watched the first two eps of Dexter and thought it was much better but we stopped to wait for my parents to come at Xmas. We watch it every year, so my husband told me I was ruining Christmas by watching it now. Rude.

    How good is Homeland this season? It’s amazing. I love crazy Carrie. The one thing that drives ME crazy though is how Brody’s wife keeps calling him Brody, even during sex. Um, that’s his last name. And hers. Isn’t that weird? Otherwise, it gets an A+ so far. I was so scared Saul was going to die or something before he could tell anyone about the Brody tape.

    • I keep telling her to watch Mindy – I LOVE that show!

      And Revolution has actually picked up in the last 2 episodes. People died. The plot moved. Juliette from Lost has a plot. It’s getting good. Keep watching!

      (PS – This is Michelle)

  8. Currently watching Dexter, Homeland and Raising Hope as well.

    Dexter- I didn’t enjoy the last season, but this one is better. Curious to see what is going to happen and if he’s going to get caught (other than by Deb)

    Homeland- Claire Danes is crazy town! I’ve heard others say they can’t get into it because it’s dry, but I love it.

    Raising Hope- makes me laugh out loud every episode! MaMa is hilarious!!

    Also watching: Grey’s, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother. Love fall TV

  9. Just a heads up about American Horror Story. If you have a season pass set for last year the new season will not automatically renew and record season 2. The name of the show changed from American Horror Story to American Horror Story Asylum, so our silly DVR’s think it’s 2 different shows.

  10. I love Raising Hope!! And New Girl. We also watch Castle, Grimm, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story but that is not on yet. I actually started reading your blog because of your American Horror Story recaps. 🙂 And seeing all those shows listed makes me feel like I watch too much TV. 😦

  11. I am loving Revenge (obvs), Castle, Parenthood, Gossip Girl, HIMYM, 2 Broke Girls, The New Normal, and Scandal. I don’t have fancy pay-extra TV channels, so that limits me, but I get by.

  12. I watch WAY too much TV but right now Im loving New Girl, Vampire Diaries, The New Normal, and Suburgatory. 🙂

    • Paula

      I only catch New Girl now and then, but I looove Schmidt. He’s so funny. Then again, I love anyone that was on Veronica Mars. 🙂

  13. I really want to watch Homeland!!! But we don’t have HBO.

    I LOVE Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory (I blame that one on the day job), Daily Show, and Jeopardy (yes, I DVR Jeopardy). I’ve also recently gotten into Mindy Kaling’s new show, which has had me laughing SO HARD lately!!!

  14. Amber K

    My husband and I watch Bob’s Burgers too, although we usually watch The Cleveland Show and The Simpsons first. I don’t know why, since we DVR everything, but we tend to watch things in the order they aired.

    Also been watching Revolution although I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I totally loved The Event and Flash Forward so I was really scared to care about this one in case it got cancelled too.

  15. michelle

    I am not a fan of Dexter this season either. Boo to that.

    I’m currently making my way through season 1 of Once Upon a Time. I’m also watching Sons of Anarchy and can’t get enough of Jax. Mmmmm. Sexy man.

  16. Kevin started watching Homeland and says it’s awesome. The only new show I started watching is The New Normal. It’s pretty funny!

  17. Agreed that Dexter was just a bit off last season. The whole Deb loving Dexter thing?? Weird. And, I love Colin Hanks, but it just didn’t do it for me. I only watch the season after it comes out on DVD, so I’ll have to wait a while, but I hope it turns around!!

  18. Stefanie

    I love Dexter!! I’m currently catching up to the current season. Almost there. And AMEN, Jared P needs to cut that shit up.

  19. Agreed about Skyler….damn player!

    I couldn’t get into Luther for some reason, but we have just started Season 3 of Breaking Bad and I’m LOVING IT. You were definitely a big motivator to hop on that bandwagon.

    Homeland…so good!

  20. I love Bob’s Burgers and Raising Hope! I haven’t tried Dexter yet because I’m a complete wuss and run in the dark in the morning, but it’s on my list for someday. I actually love Revolution. There were some pretty sweet plot twists this week. I think I might have to give Homeland a shot, although Weeds has been sitting in my queue forever.

  21. Mz. Teri

    I know I’m behind on reading your blog, but better late than never!

    I am currently watching (usually via the DVR):
    The Good Wife
    666 Park Avenue
    The Walking Dead
    The Big Bang Theory
    American Horror Story
    and my secret indulgence – Grey’s Anatomy.

    I would LOVE to be able to watch Homeland, but I’m too cheap to pay for Showtime, so I’ll have to wait until it becomes available on Netflix (which my MEB has an account for so I get to use it for free). 😀 When Homeland first premiered, I had a free trial of Showtime, so got to watch the first 5-6 shows until my free trial ran out. I would love to pick it up from that point forward when I get a chance.

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