American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: I am Anne Frank, Pt. 2)

It’s time to recap Season 2, Episode 5.


Again, we start in 1964. (Where for art thou, Maroon 5?) Sister Jude is visiting Mr. Goodman, a Nazi death camp survivor. She wants to get the dirt on creepy Dr. Arden and she thinks he can help. How she found this guy and what makes her think he can help, I have no idea. Mr. Goodman says he’ll do some digging, but it will take time.

Back at the asylum, Anne Frank is holding Dr. Arden at gunpoint.

She’s about to kill him when an asylum guard holds her at gunpoint and saves Dr. Arden. As she’s being taken away, she yells about the monster (i.e. Shelly) that she saw in his lab and insists he’s not who he says he is. That’s all Sister Jude needs to search his lab. But she finds nothing.

Anne is taken back to her room and tied to her bed. Meanwhile, her husband shows up and tells everyone her real name is Charlotte, that she has a young baby, and that after the baby’s birth, she read Anne Frank’s diary and became obsessed with her. (All the while, we are getting flashbacks of “Charlotte” with her husband and baby.) Sister Jude thinks she should go home with the husband, but Dr. Thredson thinks that’s bad idea jeans.

Sister Jude gets her way. Anne is released to the custody of her husband even though Anne has no memory of him.

Dr. Arden angrily approaches Sister Jude because of all the false allegations she’s made about him. She tries to apologize but he’s not satisfied without some major groveling, which she won’t do. So, Dr. Arden promises to have her fired and thrown out of the asylum.

Meanwhile, Kit and Grace are still in solitary confinement.

Sister Mary Eunice stops by Kit’s cell to let him know that Sister Jude changed her mind about his sterilization treatment. He’s free to go. However, Grace isn’t so lucky. She’s still scheduled for her procedure in the morning. After a restless night, Grace falls asleep only to wake to a bright light under her cell door. In this bright light, she looks like she’s undergoing some procedure (the sterilization procedure presumably – and maybe by an alien?) when she sees Kit’s wife who tells her not to fight it.

Dr. Thredson meets with Kit when he gets out of solitary. He wants to help him remember the crimes he’s done. Dr. Thredson suggests that if Kit says what he thinks he’s done on tape and listens to it back, it will help jog his memory.

Kit’s gotta be the dumbest mother#$%#er around, because he does it. And I think you can guess what happens after he does. #ArrestedForDumbAssery

When Grace finally sees Kit again, she tells him that she saw his wife and she’s alive.

Dr. Thredson approaches Lana and tells her he’s going to break her out of the asylum when he leaves that night. They meet up and literally walk right out the door together while a guard is preoccupied trying to light a cigarette. Dr. Thredson brings Lana back to his place where he starts acting kinda weird and won’t let her use the phone. He mentions something about Lana writing “his” story and Lana is all…

Dr. Thredson gets Lana a calming glass of wine. While he’s in the kitchen, she starts to notice weird things around his house, like lamp shades made of a hide-like material.

She wanders around his place and finds a room with all sorts of tools, skeletons, and other weird things in it. When he catches her in the room, she tries to tell him that she made a wrong turn but the doctor is on to her. Lana is visibly scared, there’s some “small talk” about the lamp shades being made of flesh, and then Dr. Thredson opens the trap door that Lana happens to be standing RIGHT on.


Lana drops to the basement. When she wakes up, she’s chained up in a Saw-like room and her teacher-lover is dead on the floor next to her. Screaming and yelling ensues and we find out what we suspected since they entered the house.

Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face.

Anyone see that coming? Me either.

Later on, Sister Mary Eunice is dressing the creepy doctor’s leg wound. (Remember he was shot by Anne Frank?) She apologizes for her behavior the other day and tells him that she took care of Shelly so no one would find her. The doctor assumes she fed her to the creatures outside. She assures him that she wasn’t heavy to lift. (Ha! No legs joke.) Sister Mary Eunice has plans for Dr. Arden to run the asylum and for her to be his number two. (No, not that kind of number two.)

Later, we see Shelly (not fed to the creatures after all) trying to climb some stairs near a school yard. One of the young students scream that they see a monster, so the whole school races over to see so they can scream too!

After an incident at home, Anne Frank is brought back to the asylum. Creepy Dr. Arden assures her husband that he has a lobotomy procedure that will cure her. The husband isn’t so sure.

After a little hesitation, the husband approves the procedure.

In the last scene, we see Anne back at home with her husband while holding her baby. She has no recollection of being Anne Frank, is acting super Stepford-Wifey, and claims how happy she is in a monotone, expressionless way. As she walks away, the camera zooms to one of her pictures from the Nazi concentration camp with Dr. Arden in it.

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I really liked this episode. Remember when the devil was in the teenage kid and he said he was glad he let Dr. Thredson go? Shoulda put that together sooner. Also, now I think Dr. Thredson is working with the Monsignor.




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21 responses to “American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: I am Anne Frank, Pt. 2)

  1. So i have been dying to watch this show but can never watch it when it is actually on. Do you know where online we could get caught up on it?

    • Paula

      I haven’t been able to find it online but you *might* be able to buy episodes on iTunes, XBox Live, or Amazon. I’ve bought episodes of other FX shows on Xbox (for $2 each) that I couldn’t find online before.
      As for free options, I don’t think there are any. 😦

      • I am not good at finding free options myself. We broke down and bought the Walking Dead eps. Pete doesn’t watch AHS, so I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do…I’d rather we just got cable, but Pete keeps saying no! Grr. lol.

  2. It’s a real bummer these aren’t online. Maybe one day I’ll watch them, but for now I have you quick reads. I don’t mind spoilers.. 😉 Thanks!

  3. Amanda@happymotherrunner

    Love this show!!!! I have a feeling it’s only going to get better!
    Mr. Goodman was recommended by Mother Superior.
    And what about Sister Jude getting all freaky with that guy from the bar!
    On a completely different note, totally didn’t realize the devil say that about Dr. Thredson! Lana is going to be forced to write the Docs story after Kit is convicted. Can’t try him once someone else is convicted of the murders!

    • Paula

      Ahh, thank you! I must have missed that part.
      The Sister Jude thing was a flashback, so I figured that was just during her trampy pre-hit-and-run days. 🙂

  4. I don’t watch this show and I’m pretty sure I’d scare me enough to make me wet my pants; however, I do enjoy reading your recaps. I like your sassy twist on things.

  5. Woah. I think this show would make my brain hurt if I watched in real life. Also, I’d probably pee my pants.

  6. Michelle

    I started thinking Dr Thredson was up to no good last week. I’m super excited to see Zachery Quinto sink his teeth into this (pun intended.) I’m thinking it may cure my obsession with him though. 🙂

    I got really stuck on the trapdoor. Why would he have it in his workshop? Unless he regularly brought chicks back and then locked every other door so the same scenario played out? I dunno. It was a small thing but I couldn’t let it go.

    I also hope the Ann Frank story plays out. I was sure the husband was lying and was part of the conspiracy the nazi hunter was talking about. But there really was a baby and stuff. So did a crazy lady just happen to correctly ID a nazi? I don’t know man.

    • Paula

      Yeah, you’re right. That therapy session last week was super weird but I guess I just thought he was a perv and not a killer. So true about the trap door. Like, who would normally walk in that room? I guess I was too pre-occupied with how dumb Kit was to focus on the trap door. But NOW I am. Thanks for that. 😉

  7. OK so I finally got caught up with the last two episodes.

    First off: whoever cast Franka Potente as “Ann Frank”, give them a freakin’ raise. Or a pumpkin soy latte. Whatever tickles their pickle. Any role she plays, she owns entirely. I could watch her read the phone book. Outdoors. In AUGUST! (Ms. Lange still has nothing to worry about. Neither does Connie Chung. But Hayley Mills? Move over…)

    I was worried that the whole “I am Ann Frank” subplot was going to get a little tasteless, but I think they played it off really well. But now we have Farmer Hoggette as a Nazi scientist. Alongside aliens, exorcisms, serial killers, hidden-Saw-bathroom-lairs underneath Don Draper’s living room, crazy mutants roaming the grounds, possessed nuns, etc. That’s a lot of sea monkeys! But with last night, everything seems to be coalescing. It’s still not as creepy or as focused as last season, but it’s a fun ride nonetheless.

    The “home video” shots of Anne and her husband were, in my mind, the most chilling, effective moments of the entire season so far. I can’t quite put into words why. They augmented the heightened ambiguity of those moments so damn well.

  8. BTW apropos of nothing, but here are some anagrams for Oliver Thresdon:

    Revolted Rhinos
    Evil Horde Snort
    Inert Holdovers
    Thine Overlords
    Shriveled… or Not?
    Deliver Horns To…?
    Hovered Nostril
    Devil Retro Nosh

    Yeah I got nothing… 😦

    • Paula

      Please tell me you made all those up and didn’t use a generator. Because that would be awesome. Also, I’m partial to Revolted Rhinos. That might be my new band name.

      • Oh no, anagrams are a passion of mine. Ever since I discovered my full name could be rearranged to spell ‘The Immortal Jewish Hamlet’, I was hooked. No generators! And my favorite was ‘Evildoers…North!’ only because I picture a bunch of nefarious blackguards on dogsleds, and that gives me the gigglesnorts.

  9. Lindsay

    What confused me the most was the lobotomy Dr. Arden did on “Anne Frank.” He hammers in to her eyeball to do the procedure, but once she’s back home her eye is fine.

  10. Stefanie

    I, as well, really liked this episode. I feel like there were a lot of peices that came together in this one. Also…Dr. Thredson?! WTF!? Noooooooo.

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