Lucky Number Seven

I’m back from New Orleans and there’s seven pounds more of me to love for it. It should be noted that I was walking around the city 50% of that time and I still gained seven pounds.

There will be no Thanksgiving dinner for this girl, therefore I’ve decided to cancel the holidays. I wanted to let you all know early in case you had plans.

During my four days in NOLA, my diet consisted of lots and lots of drinks. They started at the airport before we ever left Orlando.

My new favorite shot is a Fireball. So, so good. It’s cinnamon whiskey and it reminds me of After Shock. Does anyone remember that stuff or am I dating myself?

Alligator sausage and crab cakes from Oceana.

A fried shrimp platter evaded the camera, so just imagine a giant plate of fried shrimp and fries in my mouth.

Gumbo from The Royal Oyster House.

I don’t even really like gumbo, but I managed to eat it twice anyway.

Po-Boys from The Gumbo Shop.

Delicious. Whoever invented these sandwiches is the devil.


I ate so many beignets that it crossed the line of normal consumption. First at Café Du Monde and then at Café Beignet because I had to compare them, of course. Also, after the beignets were eaten, I just shoveled the powdered sugar in my mouth with my fingers. Not a proud day days.

The worst photographed but best tasting roasted beet salad ever from The Bourbon House.

Buffet at the Court of Two Sisters.

That’s just plate one of three. (Also, they had the best pecan pie I’ve ever had in my life there.)

So much food didn’t get photographed because the lighting was too dark or I inhaled it too fast. But there was also omelets, pancakes, pizza, hot dogs, boudine, and lots of eating off other people’s plates. The only thing I managed to avoid were the frozen drinks (because I’m  not a big fan of daiquiris) and bananas foster (because I’m not a fan of bananas.) Although, had someone put one of those in my hand, I’m sure I would have consumed it.

Overall, I had an amazing time. I’m back at work and have to be all responsible again, but I’ll be back with all the awesome things we did a little later. 🙂


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26 responses to “Lucky Number Seven

  1. I like how I didn’t just have to picture the fried shrimp and fries, but I had to picture them in your mouth. YES.

    After Shock. Is that like Hot Damn? Because I definitely remember Hot Damn.

  2. Oh my gosh, such delicious eats in New Orleans! Looks like you had a blast. I am sure you didn’t actually gain 7 lbs, probably just bloat, etc from all the yummy salty foods. You can’t cancel my holiday! I love Thanksgiving 🙂 haha

  3. I love it when you post about real life!

  4. Sara

    Yum, this post makes me want to go on an eating tour of NOLA. Are those feta cheese balls in the beet salad? I love beets! And cheese.

  5. Michelle

    I want to read a full recap of all the fun and all the boobies you apparently did NOT see.

  6. sounds like you already celebrated the holidays in rock start style 🙂

  7. Yup, totally had a bottle of After Shock in our dorm room freshman year. Remember it had all those crystals attached to the inside of the top of the bottle. After Shock almost killed cinnamon for life for me, the same way Jager killed black licorice and Goldschlager killed … um, flecks of gold?

    I love New Orleans. Such an amazing city. Here’s the cruelest irony ever — we went on our long booked trip to New Orleans for my 30th birthday and two weeks before the trip I developed gallstones and had my gall bladder removal surgery scheduled for two days after our trip. No what you can’t eat with gallstones? Anything with animal fat. Um, that wasn’t going to happen. So I kept eating everything I could, including the richest food ever at Commander’s Palace, then just puked after every meal (not on purpose — but my body kept rejecting food and I was so freaking sick constantly). But that was one way to avoid gaining 7 pounds (NOTE: this is not an endorsement of bullima. I would have gladly traded those pounds for the puking. Cafe du Monde doesn’t taste as good coming back up). Sorry for the TMI. SO JEALOUS though. We were just talking about another trip to make up for that one! You just pushed up my timetable on it!

    • Paula

      Yeah, I’ll have to be careful with Fireball so I don’t hate cinnamon for years to come. I feel the same about Jager. I just killed it and can’t do it anymore.
      You definitely need to get back sans the barfing. Although, there were times when I wished I would barf after my meals but it never happened. Instead of coming up, it went down. To my butt.

    • Jackie, that is so crazy! I’m sorry you were sick, but I probably would’ve done the same thing!

    • I loved chipping the crystals out at the bottom of the bottle. We drank boatloads of that and goldschlager (ugh) then looked for the gold flakes in our pee.

      Yeah. I said it.

  8. jess @ runaroundphilly

    i think i just gained 7lbs reading this. yum! i’m dying to get to new orleans, just to eat!

  9. Elizabeth

    New Orleans is a fun place to visit, I’d assume. Living here is the 8th tier of hell. That could totally just be me, but it’s a tough place to ascimilate to. I probably butchered that word.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had fun and it sounds like you hit up the good eateries. I also like the muffalettas from Maspero’s. That’s good eatin’.

  10. mammabird

    I thought the Biegnets were over, like OVER rated.
    They are basically a lousy donut.

  11. Fuck I was hungry before I read this and now I may have to resort to eating my young. Thanks.


  12. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you were in NOLA! I just got back yesterday! And we totally hit up a lot of the same places (Cafe du Monde, Royal Oyster House, Court of Two Sisters). It would’ve been so awesome if we had run into one another. And somehow recognized each other, too?

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a great time. I’m enjoying the ton of weight I gained. But I’m nervous about Thanksgiving too. Uuuugh.

  13. Amber K

    Sounds like an amazing time! Delicious food is totally worth it, although I do feel bummed I’m going into the holiday season already a bit up from my previous weight. Gotta get moving!

  14. OMG. I want one of ALL OF THOSE! I’ve never been to New Orleans and now I know I NEED get there asap!!

  15. Welcome back!!! Oh how I long to try a New Orleans beignet. So glad you enjoyed yourself!

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