American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: Dark Cousin)

Time to recap Season 2, Episode 7.

We’re in 1964 when two of the asylum nuns find Grace laying in bed, looking rough, and bleeding profusely in the nether regions. They think Dr. Arden is responsible.

Grace is on the verge of death when she looks over to see, who is presumably, the angel of death (played by Francis Conroy, aka the old maid from last season). Grace says she’s “ready” and the angel of death gets ready to do her angel of death thing.


Only the nuns shock her back to life at the last second.

Sister Mary Eunice approaches Dr. Arden about Grace’s botched sterilization procedure. But he’s all, I didn’t do it and Sister Mary Eunice is all, yes you did. He’s insulted by the accusations and slaps her. She assures him if he touches her again he’ll die, and then she slaps him across the room.

(Shouldn’t she know he didn’t do the surgery if she’s the devil and knows everything? I don’t get that.)

Dr. Arden reluctantly treats Grace with antibiotics so he’s not accused of killing her.


Now we’re back to Sister Jude.

She’s still in the apartment trying to help a just stabbed Mr. Goodman.

While she’s dialing 911, she sees a newspaper clipping about the hit and run girl taped to the TV with the word “murderer” written in blood.

Then we get a flashback to Sister Jude’s trampy days. She’s kicked out of her band because she’s doing too much boozin’. Then she hit the girl. She feels terrible. Blah blah blah, she’s a nun!

Sister Mary Eunice calls Sister Jude while she’s still in the apartment. She’s all, I killed him and I’m the devil and I know everything!

Sometime after this, Sister Jude is moping in a café by herself when the angel of death shows up. Sister Jude asks her why she never comes when she calls for her. The angel of death tells her that she still has a purpose. It’s not her time yet.

One of the patients, who we’ve never seen till now, is in the kitchen while one of the random asylum nuns is slicing meat on a large meat slicer. He hears voices in his head, they drive him crazy, and in the scene we see coming from a million miles away – he slits his wrists on the meat grinder. Then he writes a name on the wall in Aramaic with his blood.

Sister Mary Eunice sees the name on the wall and freaks out. She asks the patient if he summoned her but he has no idea what she’s talking about and doesn’t remember writing it.

After he’s patched up, he’s taken back to his room where he is visited by the angel of death.

He tells her that he’s ready, she gives him a little smooch, his wounds open, and he bleeds to death.

Sister Mary Eunice enters the room and sees the angel of death. At first the angel doesn’t understand why Sister Mary Eunice can see her but then realizes she’s “the fallen one.” Her dark cousin. (Oh hey, episode title.)

They chat for a bit and then we find out the real Sister Mary Eunice is still in there somewhere. She comes out for a moment to beg for help.

But devil Sister Mary Eunice takes back control of her body and is all, “j/k she loves it in here!”

Dr. Thredson rapes Lana.

So disturbing.

She looks over while it’s happening to see the angel of death walking closer. After Dr. Thredson leaves, the angel visits Lana’s bedside because she called her. But Lana decides at the last minute that she’s not ready and she still has something she needs to do.

Dr. Thredson storms back into the basement pissed off. The chemistry between him and Lana wasn’t good enough, so he gives her the option of which way she’d like to die.

Lana attacks Dr. Thredson, breaks free, and runs out of the house onto a nearby street. She stops a passing car and gets in. Only, the guy that picks her up has a wife that just cheated on him and now he hates women. Lana asks him to stop the car so she can get out but he won’t. Instead he shoots himself and flips the car.

Lana wakes up back at Briarcliff.

Girl can’t catch a break.

Kit meets with an attorney to get out of his mass murder charge.

The attorney is all, “over my dead body,” so Kit attacks him with some conveniently placed office supplies and takes off running.

Kit makes his way to the kitchen (and we see one of those weird creatures following him.) The meat slicing nun is there with Grace. Whatever was following Kit shows up at the same time and takes a lethal bite out of the nun’s neck. Kit tries to save her by disemboweling the creature.

An asylum guard shows up while Kit is trying to save the nun and shoots him. Only, Grace blocks the shot and saves him. (Got all that?)

The angel of death shows up again for Grace.

Grace’s final words: “I’m free.”

Sister Jude is feeling extra, super guilty after seeing the article taped to the TV. She decides to meet with the family of the girl she killed. Just when she’s about to confess to the hit and run, the girl walks in the door.

She’s not dead after all.


Holy crap, this episode was exhausting. But, now we’re all caught up and ready for tonight’s episode. Smile

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7 responses to “American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: Dark Cousin)

  1. That sure was a lot going on. Maybe some day next year I’ll get to watch this season. Heh.

  2. Michelle

    I have to say I wasn’t crazy about this episode. I thought it was maybe the weakest so far of the season? (Although I think Lana’s storyline continues to be solid.) Hopefully they were putting everybody in place for a good episode tonight!

    • Paula

      I liked it, but then again I like Francis Conroy so maybe I’m biased. 🙂 I’m also really glad Grace is dead. Keep killing off the lame characters, that’s what I say!

  3. I feel like there is WAAAAAAY too much going on this season. I know I only read your recaps, but they just seem so jam packed with characters and villains.

  4. PingPong

    Grace’s departure is up there with Shelley’s: sad and unnecessary, at least to me. Thanks to my DISH Hopper I was able to record the show and I watched it this morning before coming into work. With four times more recording space than your average DVR I know that I don’t have to rush through watching all my shows before recording something else. Lana’s story is turning into this depressing, heartbreaking story and it’s making me have this love-hate relationship with the show. She just can’t catch a break and it’s amazing that she hasn’t gone insane. My DISH co-worker was excited to see Frances Conroy in this episode as the dark angel and I think she did a fantastic job. I’m sad to see that Sister Jude isn’t in charge anymore. She had her issues but at least she had some good intentions. There are a lot of stories going on and it can really get confusing. I don’t think that will go away before the season ends.

    • Paula

      I wasn’t a fan of Shelley either. She just didn’t add anything to the story for me and there’s already a crap load of characters as it is. Loooved Francis Conroy too. She’s amazing. And I feel the same about Lana. So sad. Did you see Dylan McDermott is in next week’s episode? I am psyched for that!

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