WTF Arizona

I forgot to mention the day before I flew out to Arizona I got my hairs cut. Say hello to my new bangs.

I can’t stay away from bangs for long. I just don’t know what to do with the hair around my face if I don’t have them. Everyone else without bangs looks so good. About once a year, I think I can pull it off so I grow out my bangs, but I just end up looking homeless. Plus, bangs are good for covering up eye wrinkles that heavy photo filters can’t.

So far, I’ve been keeping up with exercise every day thing while I’m out here. On Tuesday, I did a workout using my Crossfit Deck of Cards app. (It’s for Droid, not sure if it’s on iPhone.)

Best dollar I’ve ever spent that wasn’t on a cookie. This app saves me when I’m on travel.

I’m starting to notice the weirdness that is Arizona. I didn’t know that Arizona is just one of two states that doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time (Hawaii is the other). I thought all of Mountain Time Zone did that. But no. Arizona is special and even has a time zone named after it. So, I’m in Arizona Time Zone, also known as the time zone when all TV shows come on an hour late.

I guess it wouldn’t be so annoying except that all the commercials still say shows will be on at the regular time. I was up till 12:30am just so I could watch the Sons season finale on Tuesday. Did anyone see it? It had one of the single most disturbing scenes I’ve ever seen on TV. And if you watched it, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s a Dairy Queen down the street from the hotel that is “closed for the season.” Now I’m upset that Arizona thinks there is a season for ice cream. It’s not like this is Alaska. It was 80 degrees out yesterday. I can’t even think of anything funny to say, because having a season for ice cream is no laughing matter. So all I can do is leave you with a picture of a bunny eating ice cream.


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30 responses to “WTF Arizona

  1. They close Dairy Queen for an entire season? That’s blasphemy.

  2. I just started season three of SOA last night, so I still have a lot to catch up on. I want to devour the episodes, but the thought of my time with Jax coming to an end leaves me in the fetal position crying.

    Love the bangs! Wish I could pull them off, but this curly hair says no-way-hosay.

    • Paula

      Season 3 was good but my least favorite. Toward the end, I just wanted them to GTFO of Ireland already! Season 4 was my fave. Sounds like you are making some good progress though because you just started season 1 not long ago.
      I heard Justified was really good from 2 people yesterday. Brought it up to hubs and he’s like, “no.” haha

  3. Michelle

    I had to fast forward parts of Sons when we watched the finale yesterday afternoon.

    Jax is starting to piss me off. I never thought I’d say that! Gemma looks so good – better with age. Tara just looks like trash now.

    • Paula

      Yes! Same here. Jax didn’t even look upset at the end too which bothered me. Agree about Gemma. And I’m loving Tara’s hair right now. I may have asked for “Tara” bangs at the salon. LOL

  4. Jina

    I grew up in a small Kansas town with a DQ that shut down for the season. It irritated me, but it made more sense there (since there is a real winter) than Arizona. It’s still wrong, though.

  5. Nicole Fairfield

    DQ being closed for the season is NOT an Arizona thing, it must be a Sierra Vista thing. DQ was ALWAYS open in my hometown (Miami, Arizona) and always open in the Phoenix area (or “the Valley” as the natives call it). Too weird that Sierra Vista sees a season to close DQ.

  6. Sara

    I once did a virtual makeover to see how I would look with bangs. It is funny you think you look homeless sans bangs because my boyfriend thinks I look homeless with bangs. Oh well…

  7. Love the bangs. Did you do color, too? Me likey.

    Um, yeah. DQ closes “for the season” in MI, but we actually have frigid winter and I don’t think our DQ has heat, so it actually makes some amount of sense. I’m not happy about it, but I get it. But there’s no DQ in DC at all. Only fro yo for miles.

    • Paula

      No color. This is au-naturale. I want to color it though. I always feel like red doesn’t go with anything.
      I could deal with froyo for miles. I haven’t even found that here but I heard there’s a gelato place somewhere that I might have to investigate. Heavily.

  8. There’s a Dairy Queen at the corner of 6th St. and 4th Ave. in Tucson. Just sayin’. I may or may not have frequented it while I lived there. The cool thing about that location… they only serve ice cream. It’s one of the oldest DQs in the country.

    Want a taste of Tucson? Hit up BK Tacos or El Guero Canelo for a Sonoran hot dog. And drive West to Gates Pass so you can watch the sunset. It’s one of the most beautiful sights on earth. Oh, and have fun!

    • Paula

      Tacos must be the thing here because that is what everyone wants. We went to Filiberto’s the other day (is that a chain?) and my plate of food could have fed a small country.

  9. Ah if you are talking about the jail scene, then you are correct. Worst scene in the entire series! I screamed and quickly covered my eyes. I wonder what is going to happen next season

    • Paula

      Yes! That’s the one. Otto is one of my favorite characters too. I just found out he’s Kurt Sutter (the writer) and he’s dating Katy Sagal in real life. Mind blown.

  10. KatieG

    Okay … guess I’ll finally break down and watch SoA. It just never looked that interesting based on the Netflix description.

    • Paula

      It’s amazing. I only watched it because everyone said it was so good. Didn’t have any interest either but I ended up LOVING it hard.

  11. Arizona is definitely a weird state, and I live here, so I know! It’s too bad you’re not in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area by me because there’s ice cream everywhere up here all year long! (And it’s a hell of a lot nicer!)

    • Paula

      I’ve been to Phoenix and really liked it! Especially all the huge cactus (cactai?). There is a serious lack of cactai in Sierra Vista.

  12. Michelle

    The bangs look great! I currently look homeless because my “bangs” are past my nose. So I’m growing them out I guess?

    ALL the stand cream shops in New England close in the late fall! It drives me bonkers. Sometimes you want an ice cream sundae in the middle of Jan without paying a million dollars for it at a chain place!

    • Paula

      I think that’s my problem. I let them get right to that nose area and then chop them. But once they get to around the chin, they start looking good again but my patience can’t hold out. 🙂

  13. Randome fact time: You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey and Oregon. I hear the story a lot about how my dad had to teach my mother since she grew up in Jersey. Oh yeah, and the stupid DQ closed down in the winter there too. The people that owned went south for the winter, maybe they were the smart ones.

  14. Amber K

    What Season can’t be made better with ice cream?? Pure insanity.

  15. They close the ice cream places here in the winter too, but at least we have an excuse: Germany is effing cold right now! (I contest, however, that ice cream is good year round regardless of the weather.) But Dairy Queen? I thought that was one of those places that never closed, like Whataburger.*

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