On Saturday, before my co-worker, Mike, drove me all over creation so I could run the race, we made a trip out to Tombstone with our other co-worker, Steve.

Seeing as how Tombstone is one of my top favorite movies of all time, I was kinda excited.

Tombstone is a super small town filled with cute little cafés and shops that sell anything old west or anything with “I’m your Huckleberry” written on it. It’s about 35 minutes from Sierra Vista and the home of the world’s largest rose bush.


You read that right.

As exciting as I’m sure it is to see in person, I passed on that five dollar opportunity.

Tombstone is also the home what is probably the world’s last collection of previously viewed VHS tapes for sale, if anyone is interested.

We walked around for a bit and checked out a bunch of the shops. Steve posed with things and made random friends.

Steve made us take that picture twice so he could stand to the side and look skinner. That is some impressive hand-on-hip action there and he’s not even a blogger.

Tombstone is what made Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday famous. Or maybe they made Tombstone famous? Either way, it was the site of the shoot out at the O.K. Corral.

Mike and I only spent about an hour in town since we had to head to Tucson, but Steve stayed and checked out some of the museums, the rose bush, and the gunfight show they had going on at 11:30. (Is it just me or should they have scheduled that at noon? High noon shoot out? Come on. They are missing a prime advertising opportunity there.)

If I had more time, I would have definitely checked out the Buffalo burgers, taken one of the horse-drawn carriage tours to learn some history, and visited the Boothill Graveyard where Lester Moore was buried.

A lot of the people in town were dressed up in old West clothes, which was really cool. Can you see them standing in the streets?

I wish there were more tourists around that day because that would be some good people watching.

Just before we left, I found a swing set which entertained me more than it should have.

I even got the boys to swing.

That might have to be our new company photo.

Mike and I left for Tucson and Steve stayed and got his nerdy tourist self on for three hours. For the record, I did see Steve’s picture of the rose bush and it was really big. Like, tree big.

Oh, I checked out the Chamber of Commerce site and if you’re interested, you can get married in Tombstone too. Too bad they’re so stingy with the rules.


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9 responses to “Tombstone

  1. You got a lot of good photos! 🙂 And, yep, I recall Mike being a good guy like that. Plus, I do think he likes to shop….

    • Paula

      He doesn’t mind it. Steve is the one that really likes to shop, though. He’s made us late getting back from lunch before because we can’t find him in the store. hee!

  2. Tombstone has the “hung by mistake” grave marker, right? We went there when I was a child, but I don’t remember a ton about it. As an aside, the Half Price Books stores in our city all have a ton of used VHS. I can’t believe there is still a market for them!

    • Paula

      I’m not sure. I’ll have to look it up. They do that the “Here lies Lester Moore, 2 slugs from a 44, no Les no more.” which is the one I would have liked to see.
      And yeah, I can’t believe there are working VCRs out there. Mine always burned out from overuse after a couple years.

  3. Old Tuscon is pretty cool too! It’s where they film western movies! I used to love going to it when I was a kid (we lived in Tucson). Mainly because I liked getting those giant pencils that used to not come with sharpeners. :/ they also have cactus candy there- which you should try! Check it out!

  4. My husband is a big fan of Tombstone, so I’ve seen the movie many-a-time. I’d love love love something with the phrase, “I’m your huckleberry,” on it. Now I must scour the internet as that would be the perfect gift of all time!

    I once visited the town where Billy the Kid is from in New Mexico. (At least I think that’s what it was – it was a while back.) It had that same kind of kitschy, sad, empty, southwestern feel that I kind of love. Looks like a good time. I mean, you ended on the swings. What else says good time besides getting your swing on?*

  5. Amber K

    Wait, I’d have to actually be present for my own wedding? Pfft. Who has the time? I wanted to catch up on my previously viewed VHS tapes!

  6. I want to take those sunglasses! I mean, I wont but they are really cool. 🙂

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