Things I'm Loving

1.  Garnier BB Cream.

I bought this stuff thinking it was one of those tint over time lotions like Jergen’s. I never wear foundation because it’s so heavy feeling, so I just do lotion with mineral powder on top. Well, this stuff looks like foundation but feels like lotion. I love it. Plus, it doesn’t take any extra time to put on so I can still spend my mornings changing my outfit over and over until I turn into a crying lump on the floor because nothing looks good.

2.  Cold weather.

The weather has been ridiculously amazing the past two weeks. It actually feels like December is supposed to feel.

Today, Arizona is having its first winter storm which I guess just means rain and possible snow. People freak out about rain here. Like, it’s big news. The people at work were wondering if they could get in a full day of work because of it. (< — ??) There’s also a chance of snow, which would be ahh-maz-ing. I leave Saturday morning, so the snow needs to get its shit together and get here.

3. Tights.

I wore tights 7 out of 10 work days here. The day I wore pants, a co-worker actually made a comment that I wasn’t in a skirt and tights. I gotta take advantage of them while I can. Those babies have been in my dresser for two years with no action.

4. Arizona views.

That was my view Saturday night at dinner after I registered for the race. It did not suck.

5. This raccoon.

If you just laughed at that as hard as I did, I will see you in hell.


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24 responses to “Things I'm Loving

  1. You are looking great in those outfits…and rockin’ those tights. 🙂

    Of course, you know it’s been extra warm for the start of Dec here. Thankfully, we just got a little cooler. Will it last? I don’t count on it, but I’ll soak it in!

    Hope it snows tonight so you can see it in the morning! On work trip to ATL, we (maybe it was just me) kept hoping it would snow (uh we were there 6 weeks), and finally a day or two before we were leaving…it snowed.

  2. HAHAHA, you think that’s cold? Your low is our high most days.

  3. Deb

    O.M.Gosh – I did laugh at the raccoon, then read your comment and laughed more! Be seeing ya!

  4. I think you are awesome! I wanted to try that BB so your review is much appreciated.

    Plus, I want to rescue that poor raccoon. I’m so glad he/she has supporters. That was awesome.

  5. I have the Cover Girl BB cream, and I, too, am obsessed. I add a little highlighter to mine so I look all glowy and stuff.

    I am loving your outfits. Looking super cute and stylish! I don’t know why you’re lying on the floor crying because it would appear that everything looks good on you. Also: I have to dress up for work now. Please do a fashion post for me. Or email it to me. I need to learn your ways.

    • Paula

      You’re already on your way to being a fashionista with that animal print scarf. Work it, girl! Dress for the job you want not the one you have. Or something like that. I will email or post some work outfits for you since I love you. Consider it done. Plus, we know I have nothing better to do.
      I’m liking that highlighter idea. I have some shimmery powder that I might be able to use to do the same thing.

  6. Amber K

    Ugh, I am not dealing well with the cold weather. My heater is going to die soon if I can’t figure out other ways to not turn into a pale, blue chick.

  7. I was about to say tights in Florida then remembered you were away for work! You can come live here for the next 4 months and wear them every day 🙂

  8. I’m intrigued by this Garnier cream. Do they make it for the very pale as well? My skin color is fish belly white.

    I’m also weirdly jealous of how dressed up you get for work! Back when I had a job, I dressed nicer than I do now, but not that nice. I mostly wore flats and had to be able to move in my clothes and be covered up. (Working with kids an all.) Would it be weird if I dressed up all nice now that I just stay at home? Might be fun!*

    • Paula

      I can’t remember if there was a lighter color than the light/medium I bought, but I am super pale too and it works with my skin color. Cover Girl has a version too. They might have a lighter shade?

      I had one guy at work say to me once, “Why do you put other the other girls to shame?” And I was like, what are you talking about? He meant that I dress up every day and no one else does. I just think I wear normal clothes!

  9. Are you looking for seatmates for the bus to hell? I almost spat out precious liquor when I saw that. Bless you Paula, bless you.

  10. Thanks for the last picture to make me laugh hard and yet feel like a bad person. 😉

  11. Brooke @ Running In Heels

    OMG that raccoon! I died. So bad but so good.

  12. My goal in life is to spend 100% of my time in pjs, but since that is unrealistic, I’ll accept spending the maximum time possible feeling like I’m in pjs. Tights help me accomplish that. I need more dresses.

  13. Julia

    I love love love love love BB cream. Every time I wear it, I get compliments about well rested and healthy I look, though I’m not often neither.

    Weeeeeeee tights and pictures of dead raccoons!

  14. HAHAHA that raccoon picture is just hilariously awful. and your comment after made me laugh even harder.

  15. Stefanie

    Props to the person who got close enough to the dead racoon to tie the balloon to it. I mean really…rabies is a serious thing.

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