American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: The Name Game)

It’s time to recap Season 2, Episode 10.

We’re finally back after a two week hiatus and I gotta say, I kinda liked this episode. We’re finally starting to wrap things up and I can see an end to the insanity. (And these recaps. Whew.)

This one starts with Dr. Arden slamming a needle into Kit’s chest to revive him.

Once Kit catches his breath, he asks if anything happened while he was out.  Dr. Arden lies and is all, “nope!”

Then, we get a flashback to Grace laying on a gurney extremely pregnant. Dr. Arden wants to do whatever he can to find out what exactly is growing  in her belly. Pepper explains to him (very articulately) that she goes where Grace goes and that he won’t be able to do anything to her.

Dr. Arden tries to do an emergency C-section (once Pepper tells him x-rays won’t work) and just as he’s about it cut, the knife flies out of his hand.

Oh, we also learn that Pepper didn’t really kill her nephew. So I guess everyone in the asylum is innocent?

We also get a flashback to the Monsignor. While he’s nailed to the cross, the angel of death tells him it’s not time for him to die, he still has work to do, and that Sister Mary Eunice is possessed and needs his help.

Back in the common room, Lana is about to tell Kit that Dr. Thredson is out (out from where, I don’t know) when he walks in. He’s tells them he’s back and Sister Mary Eunice gave him a full-time position at the asylum.

Speaking of Sister Mary Eunice, she does an unannounced room check of all the patients. She “finds” a cucumber in Sister Jude’s room. <—- use your imagination why they can’t have those.

Jude is all, “whatever, do what you gotta do,” so Sister Mary Eunice sends her to electroshock therapy.

The Monsignor tries to cast the devil out of Sister Mary Eunice.

He did a terrible job. Like, really terrible. Not only did he not cast the devil out of her, but she ends up raping him. Oh, and he was a virgin.


You read all that right.

Then Dr. Arden walks in on them.

Dr. Arden carts  food outside for the creatures. Sister Mary Eunice follows him out there to devise some new plan, but instead, as the creatures start to gather around the food, Dr. Arden shoots them all claiming the “experiment” is over.

He whines to Sister Mary Eunice that he’s lost her and tries to shoot himself, but wusses out.

After Sister Jude’s electroshock therapy, she’s back in the common room. Lana asks if she remembers who she is but she doesn’t seem to be all that lucid. Then, she plays “The Name Game” on the new common room jukebox.

And then this happens.




After I picked my chin off the ground, I realized I loved that scene big time. And then I watched it again. Yeah, it was a full song and dance dream sequence but whatever. Seeing all those people dancing is LOL. See? I can like musicals sometimes!

The Monsignor finds Sister Jude and apologizes for not believing her when she told him that Sister Mary Eunice was the devil. He also told her about Sister Mary Eunice taking his V card and asks her for advice on what to do. Sister Jude is all, “kill da bitch.”

When the Monsignor sees Sister Mary Eunice again, she can tell he doesn’t wanna break himself off any more of that. But she’s ok with that because she still wants him to be pope and is willing to help him get there. The Monsignor is all, “this will not be happening” and Mary Eunice gets pissed. But then she seems to become herself again for a short moment? So the Monsignor takes that opportunity to throw her off a very tall staircase.

The angel of death shows up, Sister Mary Eunice says she’s ready, and the angel of death says she’s got room for both of them.

So yeah. I guess it was that easy to kill THE DEVIL. But what do I know? Maybe the devil gets tired of his job too and just needs a break.

Dr. Thredson is looking for Dr. Arden when he hears screaming. He opens a door to find Grace in labor. After the baby is born, Dr. Thredson takes Kit to see it.

He uses the kid as a bargaining chip to get his confession tape back. Kit tells him where it’s at, but Lana gets to it first and threatens to give it to the authorities if anything happens to her or Kit.

Sister Jude is back in the common room trying to remember the names of the other patients. Mother Superior visits her at Sister Jude’s request and Sister Jude starts talking all kinds of nonsense, like how she and the Monsignor are getting married and going to Rome. Then she points Lana out and tells Mother Superior that she shouldn’t be there and to help her get out.

Finally, Dr. Arden is all sad.

He cremates Sister Mary Eunice’s body and decides to go along for the ride.

Ok, so the creature story is wrapped up (and had no bearing on the plot whatsoever?) Two of our baddies are dead. And we have three more episodes left…


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9 responses to “American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: The Name Game)

  1. Wow. That’s a jam-packed episode. I really look forward to watching them one-after-the-other sometime later this year. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Ahhh. I saw you tweeted this recap and raced over here cause I LOVED this episode. I thought the few before Christmas were super weak but hopefully this is the start of a strong conclusion! I was reading an interview with Jessica Lang and she said everyone really is dead and people “drop like flies” the next few episodes. I hope Kit and Lana make it. I love those crazy kids.

    Also I have issues because I thought Thredson was SO HOT in this episode. Like omg. I have psycho tastes apparently.

    Also I loved the musical number. So hard. Like I kind of want it as a musical track for my iPod.

    • Paula

      I hope everyone is dead. If they keep coming back like Grace, I will go crazy.
      You and Dr. Thredson…it is LOL that you love him so much.

      • Michelle

        Hahah I have issues. 🙂 Have you seen the commercial for the show that’s (I think?) taking AHS time slot once it’s over? The Americans. Kerri Rusell is in it and it looks legit. You should recap that once AHS is over.

  3. I freaking loved the dance scene. I smiled like an idiot the entire way through it, it was just so random and they all looked so darn happy. Also, Dr. Arden. WTF. When did he turn into such a wuss? And if the devil really was in Sister Mary Eunice, why didn’t (s)he just pop back up and have her not fall down to her death? Those things confused me. But whatevs.

    • Paula

      Yes! Or why didn’t the devil just go into the Monsignor? I mean, wouldn’t that be the ultimate evil? Actually having the devil be pope?
      It did seem like Sister Mary Eunice took back her body for a second though, because she let go of the Monsignor when he asked, and then also kinda looked at peace on the way down, but I dunno.

  4. Ryan Murphy really loves spontaneous musical numbers. I saw a video of The Name Game scene on Facebook and thought it was hysterical. I kind of want to go watch it again.

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