The G Word

I don’t believe in resolutions. Maybe it’s because I never keep them? I do believe in goals but I hate making them in the new year because then it seems like a resolution. Although, I don’t achieve my goals either, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Anyway, usually I don’t talk about goals for that reason but even so, I’m going to put this out there.

I made a goal.

I’m sure this actually achieving goals thing has to take at some point, right? So here we go: I want to lose 13lbs by the end of April.

That’s the amount of weight I’ve gained in the past two years and if I lose it, it will open up a whole new wardrobe already in my closet, including two really cute pairs of white pants that I’ve never worn but I’m sure had to fit me at some point because I bought them.

Besides being able to wear pants that button again, I also made this goal because I recently made plans to go to Key West in April…with friends. That’s a week in which 80% of my time will be spent in a bathing suit…in front of friends.

So here’s my plan for the month of January, which I’m currently eight days into and going strong:

No booze. There may be two exceptions to this rule. I’m still deciding. If I do end up drinking, I’ll continue this for a couple weeks into February so I really do a whole month not drinking and don’t feel like a loser.

Also, what exactly does one do when they don’t drink? All I could come up with is watching movies and going to bed early.

Drink only water and unsweetened tea. Unsweetened tea tastes like water steeped in feet. I don’t know how anyone can drink that crap. But just like I had to acquire a taste for Diet Coke, I am trying to make myself like unsweetened tea.

So far, not working.

No artificial sweeteners. So long my loves Diet Coke, Crystal Light, and Sugar Free Red Bull. You will be missed. What’s my liver supposed to process now?

Less sweets and junk food. That does not mean no sweets or junk food. I’m not crazy. Or rather, I don’t want to go crazy because I will. But sweets is my biggest downfall. So it’s (mostly) gotta go.


While the first couple of days sucked, it’s getting easier. The only reason I think this plan may stick this time around is because I actually felt guilty eating sugar free jelly on my PB&J during the race on Sunday. So maybe that’s a sign?


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25 responses to “The G Word

  1. Wow girl I am SO proud of you and have no doubt that you will reach your goal AND I’m excited to watch you get there! You’ve got a solid plan, and putting it out here is proof that you’re serious. I can’t wait to watch you succeed. so excited for you! (can you tell?) 😀

    • Paula

      You are so cute. THIS is why you’re the mom of our running group! ❤ ❤

      • I’m a bad mom, I’ve neglected the group for like a year! And now that I want to come back, they aren’t offering a winter group! I”m having to join a new group 😦 **grawr**)

        • Paula

          I joined a new group this year and hated them and went back to our group. But I haven’t ran with them in a long time either. Work and races getting in the way! Let me know how that new group goes. New groups scare me.

  2. Good luck! I think it will help that your goal is very specific, and you already have a plan to get there. Now you just need to execute it!*

  3. Ali

    That is EXACTLY the amount of weight I want to lose by April too! I want to get back down to my wedding weight by my first anniversary. Getting married = getting fat. I am not giving up wine though. Nope. Can’t do it. Good luck 🙂

  4. That is exactly like me!! I cant wait to lose weight because i will seriously have TONS of adorable clothes again… and now, not so much. haha and i feel like i cant buy a lot of new clothes now because then it is like accepting i will be like this forever haha

  5. You have a specific goal and have given yourself a generous amount of time to accomplish it, so I think you are well on your way! Good luck!

  6. William

    Hey Paula,

    This sounds like a very reasonable plan. If you want, I will try to help keep you on the straight and narrow in the office. Today makes 105 straight days of nothing but plain water for me (no flavoring other than occasional use of lemon juice), so it is possible. I really disliked plain water, but now I have no desire for coffee, artificially flavored water, or soda, so keep it up and hopefully you’ll get to that point too.

  7. Verlin

    No booze. Oh dear, that part can’t end well. Everything else sounds like a winner. You’ll get used to the unsweetened drinks – add lemon and wait it out. Good luck on your non-resolution goal.

  8. I was about to write a cheery, motivational post but then I was afraid I’d eat my words this weekend. So I’ll come back on Monday and write a more helpful comment than this 😉

    Also, you’ll get used to the unsweetened iced tea. Dunkin’ Donuts makes a really super strong one – love it. What about La Croix?

    • Paula

      Haha, yeah. This weekend is one of those two exceptions. Don’t you send me home fatter!

      La Croix falls under the water category so that’s on my ok list. I like the coconut and orange one. Which is weird, because usually I hate orange. I used to get the Dunkin’ Donuts tea too but I put the flavor shots in them. Yum!

  9. I’ll admit it: I’m an artificial sweeteners junkie. Try as I may I can’t get myself into non-sweet coffee or tea. Props to you for cutting out the artificials, that’s huge!

  10. No booze? No Crystal Lite? EEEK! But then again, white pants are tres cute.

    Good luck to you.

  11. I quit Coke (the drink, not the drug – or is there a difference?) cold turkey in college and that worked for me. LaCroix is awesome. I am constantly thirsty and it provides a nice little break from plain water. Katy also gave me some Mio and that’s awesome too, but I guess it falls into the category of artificial sweeteners?

    Good luck!

  12. I know you’ll do great with your goals! We’re all cheering you on!

  13. I’m going to Sunset Key (I think it’s like right next to Key West) in March with friends and I’m already freaked out about wearing a bikini in public. I don’t have a solid plan to look any better, so you are already ahead of the game. I have been wanting to do a month without alcohol, but I need to find a month without social events.

    Have you tried stevia? My stomach is really sensitive to artificial sweeteners (blows up like a balloon), but stevia works wonders.

    • Paula

      I have tried it and I’m not a big fan of the taste. I know it’s natural and all, but since it falls under artificial sweeteners, I’m staying away for now. That might be my sweetener if I ever go back though. I will make myself like it, dammit!

  14. Michelle

    Yes! I am on a similar plan! I have gained about 15 pounds in the past year and a half and I want my clothes back! On the tea note – have you tried “fun” tea? I’m currently obsessed with Davids tea which is all this crazy loose leaf tea in flavors and they say every cup is less then 5 calories. So I have been drinking chocalate tea at night. (which is, to be clear, no where as good as actual chocalate but as long as you don’t expect that, it’s a okay.)

    • Paula

      Is it hot tea? I’m not big on hot drinks in general. But I guess I could always turn it into iced tea?

      • Michelle

        Yea! You can cold brew most teas loose leaf teas as well. During the summer I always keep a big pitcher handy for it. (no need for cold drinks in a Boston winter…)

  15. Welp, I am going away for a week next week and I will be in a bathing suit 80% of the time, and let me tell you it is bad news right now. I don’t even know how much wait I’ve gained since the summer because I am afraid to step on the scale… Well alright, it’s probably not that much, but it seems to have ALL gone to my stomach area. Like I am perma bloated. I can’t even suck it in. It is not a fun time. I am going to have to do something about this. But after my week of eating and getting drunk of course… I hear there will be 300lb women in string bikinis on the beach, so hopefully they will just take the attention right off me…

    But good luck, and I am proud of you!

  16. Amber K

    Is there any sort of tea that doesn’t taste like feet? Cuz I haven’t found it yet.

    Good for you for having goals though. I haven’t set a resolution since 2007. Just not my thing now, so I admire those that do!

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  18. I just found your blog through Happy or Hungry and I am so glad I did! I have also gained 13 pounds in the past two years! and it is KILLING me. i hate how my pants fit, i hate that muffin top thing…I mean, I don’t think I’m fat by any means, but I would feel so much better being at my normal rate. I don’t want to get apathetic toward my weight and just watch it creep up by 5 pounds every year…so anyway, don’t know f you’ll ever see this comment but just wanted to let you know, I’m right there with you! Let me know if the metabolic testing helped out, I may consider doing it

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