Worst Laid Plans?

Remember when I said that there were two exceptions to my non-drinking rule for the month of January? Yeah. So, one of those nights was Friday.

I seriously love Austin. It’s a town I would consider moving to. Plus, Texans are just so proud of where they live. That’s so cool. You never hear people say, “you know what’s awesome? Florida!”

Anyway, Friday afternoon I flew out to visit cutie pie Melissa. She picked me up from the airport and we went back to her place to chill for a little bit and collect her man, Brad, so we could grab some dinner. We went to The Park where I forgot to take pictures, but the food was amazing so you’ll just have to take my word for it. If you go there, get the green chili mac and the fried pickles. I don’t even like fried pickles all that well, but they were so good that I ate them all off Melissa and Brad’s plates. I knew Brad for about an hour at that point, so I’m sure he appreciated me putting my grubby fingers all over his food without asking.

After dinner, we headed to Lustre Pearl for drinks. Lustre Pearl sells moonshine, so of course we had to get a Lustre Lemonade (strawberry-infused moonshine) to go with our shots of Fireball.

Moonshine tastes like vodka. Or maybe the lemonade disguised the flavor? I don’t know. Just know, it was delicious.

After Lustre Pearl, we ended up going to four or five other places that night. It was fun. I’m not even going to talk about how many drinks I had, but whatever number is in your head right now, it’s probably more. It was one of those nights where you look back on the pictures the next morning and think you may have had too much fun.

So yeah, all that happened.

Saturday morning, we hit up the expo for our race packets. This is about the weirdest (and most useful) swag bag I’ve ever seen.

The swag was basically all stuff you would normally buy and had nothing to do with running. The race is sponsored by 3M, a company who manufactures all those products, so it’s nice to get something I will actually use instead of a mini-bottle of eye drops and a granola bar I’ll never eat.

After the expo, we headed over to Hopdoddy for lunch.

I continued my terrible eating from the night before with one of the top three best burgers I’ve had in my life. Plus, a ton of fries. No fry was left behind.

Then I washed that down with a red velvet whoopie pie.

Saturday night, Melissa made dinner for a small running blogger get together. I made a short-lived effort to be healthy by eating a black bean burger (minus the bun) and a small salad, but then I topped it with a ton of sweet potato fries and (literally) 13 Christmas cookies. I mean, I know 13 cookies is wrong. I do. But it’s like they were daring me.

Let’s not focus on that and instead focus on these awesome bloggers I got to meet. 🙂


From the left, that’s Melissa, Moi, Courtney, and Chelsea. And I totally stole that picture from Chelsea. Also, Courtney’s husband Lucas was there too. He managed to evade the camera but it should be noted that he ran the half in 1:15! Crazy.

Anyway, what I’m saying here is, I did everything wrong for this race. Everything. But somehow it ended up being the best half I’ve ever run. I’m still a little surprised.

I’ll tell ya about it tomorrow. 🙂


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27 responses to “Worst Laid Plans?

  1. My liver hurts just thinking about drinking moonshine. Being a mom has made my liver a pansy bitch. Anyways, that is the best swag bag I have ever seen! Was the half more expensive than the average race or is 3M just the most awesome sponsor of all time?

    • Paula

      I think I paid $85 or $95 for the race. It was so long ago, I can’t remember. It was worth the amazing cookies at the end alone!

  2. Oooh…looks like fun…and you know you would have got on that bunny even if you weren’t drinking! 😉 Dang that’s some good swag! Girl you did well for this race because you had fun…and you likely weren’t stressed about it! Oh, and perhaps you’re getting your “half groove back”! 🙂 BTW Cute Bangs. I always think about them, but never get them. Okay when I say always, I mean like once a year.

  3. Lee

    My exception to my non-drinking rule in the month of January turned out to be the month of January. Oops! Sober February?

    Looking forward to reading the race recap. I’d like to run a race that gives away lint remover and sponges.

  4. What an amazing trip. I want to go to Austin and be friends with Melissa now too. I also agree with Lee it would be great to duct tape and random gifts from a race.

  5. Too much fun? No such thing! Well okay, maybe my body had an alternate opinion on Saturday morning because it took WAY too long to bounce back, BUT! Totally worth it. Friday night was a blast

    • Paula

      See? The secret is in the water. I’m telling you. We’re just gonna have to do it again and remember to actually order it this time.

  6. Sara

    I am loving your zebra print purse! Super cute.

  7. Kat

    What Austin race are you running?! I’ll be there in March for Zooma! I LOVE AUSTIN too!! We were going to move there right after the wedding, but want to take time to work on our finances a bit more and have a solid foundation before making the journey, but I am SO down!

  8. I seem to run the best when I have an “I don’t give a sh!t” attitude and eat and drink like crap the night before. I’m wondering if I should try that more frequently. 😉

  9. Lucas

    Sometimes the worst lead ups to races produce the best results because you don’t have time to worry about anything! It’s my strategy anyway. Those green cookies worked for me so I’m not complaining! Great meeting you!

  10. Allyssa

    That 3M swag is most definitely a score! Way better than the Cigna shoelaces I got in mine this weekend at Disney!

  11. That is some good sounding food and drink! I had a bad (or good) experience with moonshine in the mountains of West Virginia… Yikes!

    That is awesome that you got to meet up with some bloggers! I am hoping to meet some at the Flying Pig!

    • Paula

      It’s so fun meeting running bloggers because you already have so much in common. Also, I choose to believe your moonshine experience was awesome.

  12. So cool! Meeting bloggers is neat!

  13. Paula- You are hi-la-ri-ous. Seriously. I’ve been reading your blog since this summer and your posts are something I look forward to daily. I’m not usually a comment-er, but thankfully I don’t have a “January no-drinking rule,” so my couple glasses of wine have given me the confidence to tell you how awesome you are. Thanks for keeping it real. And good job on your race!

  14. Verlin

    13 is an unlucky number for cookies. Next time just go straight on over to 14. Congrats on the race – obviously the cookies didn’t jinx you, but just think what time you could have gotten with 14.

  15. Oh my geeze! That burger and fries combo looks mouth-watering. (Seriously cleaning up drool off of keyboard now.) Fries are my weakness. This is why I’d love to live in Austin. That place is the shizz. Can’t wait to hear about your race!*

  16. Amber K

    I have been horrible about commenting lately, but you are hilarious as usual. And I agree with a previous commenter that February would be easier as a no-drinking month 😉

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  18. Jen Berendt

    I have tears in my eyes after this post. Get your husband the bunny pic as a mousepad….

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