American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: Continuum)

It’s time to recap Season 2, Episode 12.

Well, well, that was an opener I didn’t see coming. We start in 1967 where we see this family photo hanging on the wall.

Kit’s a polygamist! Damn. How’d he work that one out?

Then we see Kit in his underwear, bloody, and pulling an axe out of some unknown dead person.

Now were back to Kit, Alma, Grace, and both kids living in Kit and Alma’s house. Everything seems pretty normal, as far as polygamy goes. However, Grace keeps dwelling on the abduction. She’s drawing creepy pictures of how she remembers the aliens because she wants her child to know where he came from.

Alma is not amused by Grace’s  family drawings. Grace thinks the abduction was more of a religious experience and wants to see the aliens again while Alma wants to forget everything.

Alma asks Kit to pay more attention to Grace because she’s worried about her, but ultimately Grace and Alma end up getting in an argument where she admits that she thinks everything was better before Grace came into the picture. When it was just her and Kit.

Later that night, to drive the point home, Alma drives a big axe into Grace’s back.

I really feel like poison would have been the easier option, but what do I know?

Now we’re in 1968 at the asylum. Sister Jude is still there and has become a regular part of asylum society – even making friends with Pepper. The Monsignor comes in to tell Sister Jude that he’s been made Cardinal and will be leaving Briarcliff which will be turned into a prison overflow facility once he leaves. In a gesture of kindness, the Monsignor tells Jude that he’s going to arrange for her release.

Some new prisoners come into the asylum and one of them is the angel of death. Only she’s more like the bad ass prison uniformed version of the angel of death.

Jude totally freaks out that she’s there and doesn’t want anything to do with her, only the angel of death wants to make Jude her bitch.

Also joining the asylum crew, Kit’s now axe-murdering wife Alma.

Now that the angel of death is Sister Jude’s new roomie, she talks to an asylum administrator about her release promised by the Monsignor. The administrator doesn’t know what she’s talking about so Jude tells her to verify the story with Pepper, only to find out that Pepper died and the Monsignor was appointed Cardinal 2 1/2 years ago. Not a week ago, like Jude thought.

Now we’re in 1969. Lana is at a signing of her best-selling book “Maniac” and she’s doing a reading for a small group. Only, the passage she’s reading never happened. Queue hallucinations of Thredson and her teacher-lover calling her a liar and telling her that she is only interested in fame.

Kit shows up to the book signing and asks Lana for a cup of coffee. All she can talk about is how her book is being made into a movie and how awesome she is.

Kit asks her why she never brought Briarcliff down and why she never got Jude out of there. Lana is all, nothing I can do for those crazies now! And Kit is all, watch your mouth, my wife is one of those crazies! And then Lana is all, sorry I didn’t know. And Kit is all, doesn’t matter now, she’s dead.

Then Kit tells Lana that Jude is not dead. He saw her there while visiting Alma and now they need to get her out.

Oh, we also find out in a flashback that Alma died because her heart “just stopped” and Kit feels like he failed her and Grace.

Now we’re in present time and Dylan McDermott visits a book store looking for a rare signed first edition of “Maniac.” The woman at the store is all, you can’t have it, and Dylan McDermott is all, yes I can because I’m her son and I’m going to kill her.

Season finale next week!


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4 responses to “American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: Continuum)

  1. At least there wasn’t any breastfeeding this week.

  2. I wonder if Pepper is really dead or just with her alien friends?

  3. Jackie Smith

    So, I understand that Alma’s going to Briarcliff was a plot device so that Kit would see that Jude is still alive–and I think her psychotic break from “sanity” into violence ties in to the overall themes of the show– but Alma dying so young because her heart “stopped”? Laaaame. At least give her the dignity of being shanked. (Unless I missed something?)

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