The G Word Update

I figure since it’s almost the end of January, I should update you on that goal I made. Here’s how it’s going:

No Booze

Remember I had two possible exceptions to that rule? One of them I already told you about and the other was last Thursday. Hubs, the bestie, and I went to see Ellie Goulding at Hard Rock Live.

I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to drink, but that lasted all of 10 minutes. I didn’t get crazy or anything since I had to work the next morning, but drinking is drinking and I feel like I totally cheated even though I had those two events planned before the goal was made.

To make myself feel like less of a loser who can’t meet her goals, I’m extending the no booze rule until February 24.

That way I’ll feel good that I actually did more than a month straight of no drinking and I’ll get to see if it has any effect on my weight. So far, definitely having an effect on my sanity.

Drink only water and unsweetened tea

I’ve been kicking ass on this one. Although, I have added sparkling water and club soda to the list. I still hate unsweetened tea. It makes me want to punch myself in the face. Adding lemon doesn’t really help either. It just makes me want to add vodka.

No artificial sweeteners

I’ve had no artificial sweeteners so far, with the exception of sugar free jelly during one race and Powerade Zero during another. If you’re new around these parts, I can’t have any sugar while running. So that couldn’t be avoided unless I wanted to crap my pants. And I prefer to do that at home.

I’m a little surprised by my will power on this one. There are a few times when I would have killed for a Red Bull but overall I’m OK without Diet Coke or Splenda.

All you anti-artificial sweetener peeps might go crazy when I say this, but I don’t notice a difference. I thought I would be less hungry or crave sweets less, but I don’t find that to be the case. It certainly didn’t stop me from ordering this bad boy at Del Frisco’s.

So, while I’m still going to finish this month without artificial sweetener, I can’t say I’m going to keep it up completely afterwards. I’m not going to have continuous artificial sweetener parties in my mouth or anything, but I will have an occasional Diet Coke.

Less sweets and junk food

I’m trying to eat less junk. I swear. It’s hard though. I’m also trying to eat less carbs so I’ve been on the hunt for some good (and EASY) Paleo dessert recipes. Any suggestions?


I’ve lost about 3 lbs. Don’t get too excited about that because I gain 3 lbs. every weekend and then lose it during the week. So I don’t even know if I can count that as real weight loss or if it’s just my weekend food baby.


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32 responses to “The G Word Update

  1. Michelle

    Don’t know if you do coconut but i’ve been wanting to try these for a bit!

  2. Bridget @ Type A Frame Personality

    I promise (and really hope for your sake) the unsweetened iced t thing just clicks one morning for you like it did me. I used to think it tasted like used socks, but now I LOVE it. I think it took more than a couple weeks for sure though. Don’t worry about the drinking “slip ups” the point is your trying right?

  3. Sounds like you are doing pretty good with your goals, to me! I find that eating well is so much more difficult than exercising more. There is temptation everywhere!*

  4. Sara

    ZOMG, that Del Frisco’s cake looks awesome. Is that butter on the side? lol

    • Paula

      That would be awesome, but it was a mango dipping sauce. The cake didn’t need it at all but of course I used it because it was there.

  5. I think you’re doing really well!
    What kind of sparkling water do you like? I am so sick of boring regular water I was thinking of trying LaCroix but don’t know if it’s just carbonated yuck or not.

    • Paula

      My favorite is the Seagram’s Raspberry Seltzer Water but I drink the La Croix coconut and orange flavor too. La Croix took me a LONG time to get used to. I hated it at first. Now it’s just tolerable, especially when I really want something carbonated!

  6. You know it takes more than a few weeks to feel the full effects of the artificial sweetener, right? That stuff stays in your system. Stick with it! And also – don’t be surprised if the artificial stuff tastes gross if you do try it again. That’s what really gets to me.

    I think you’re crazy giving up alcohol, but that’s just me wishing I could have a drink. Good job sticking with your goals 🙂

    • Paula

      Ugh. Why can’t it happen right away? Make it happen right now, M! Oh, I’m hoping it tastes gross afterward. That would be an amazing way to quit for good.

  7. Hey now…just eating healthier is always good! So, congrats on mostly meeting your goals! 🙂 Seriously, you are doing awesome!

    I’m trying to eat healthier…and since the holidays are over, I have been better at not eating the sweets that are still left in our house starring at us everyday! It’s a struggle. Yesterday I threw out lots of rotting fruits and veggies that we managed NOT to eat – lettuce, tomatoes, berries, a cucumber…etc.

    Oh, and I’m not a fan of unsweetened iced tea…and I don’t know when if ever I will be. Blah.

  8. Pam S

    What is in that little cup with your cake and ice cream? It looks like some maple butter syrup I’ve had before, I’m starving at work and that picture looks so good!

  9. Ashley

    I love your concert outfit!!!!!!!

  10. Ashley

    i love your concert outfit!

  11. that is so like me! like i fluctuate the same 3 lbs weekly it is ridiculous. so that isnt like weight loss to me haha.
    but shit, sounds like you are doing pretty good!!!

  12. Just curious — is Stevia or Truvia counted as your artificial sweeteners? We this anti-sugar doctor on our radio show this week and he recommended that as an alternative to sweeteners (I’ll send you the link when it’s posted; it was a really interesting conversation about sugar). I swapped out for it about two years or so ago and I’ve no problems with the taste. It bothers some people but I like it! I had to find something else to put in my coffee since I will NEVER give that up!

    • Paula

      Yep. That’s included. I actually LOVE Truvia. Like LOVE it. It still messes with your glycemic index (just not on the level of Splenda), which is what I’m trying to avoid. My Truvia box is snuggled warming at home waiting for me in February. 🙂

      • Ahhh! Gotcha. Oh well. Isn’t that the appeal of agave (its glycemic index impact?). I almost exclusively use that for baking these days. Keep hanging in there! I’ve mostly cut out booze during the week too. Boo! The only thing that’s made it easier is I’ve been pretty sick with a head cold and the thought of wine makes me feel a little nauseous. Maybe I should be sick all the time?

  13. mammabird

    Look Thinner

  14. I’ve also heard that artificial sweetners will taste like ass if you go without long enough. Didn’t work for me (I didn’t consume them at all during pregnancy and I still love Diet Coke), but I barely use them anyways.

    • Paula

      Yeah, that’s what I want to get to. The barely using them. I’m pretty sure I will always love Diet Coke too. We were MFEO.

  15. You’re doing a great job! Just keep at it. Those habits are forming!

  16. Amber K

    I don’t notice a huge difference when I go without sweeteners. Then again, I only use sugar or Stevia, so I don’t know if I’m just not observant or my body doesn’t mind those two.

  17. Keep it up! If you ever feel like ruling out cake, feel free to send it my way. I’ll provide shipping materials! Goood luck!

    • Paula

      I think I’ll have to keep the cake here with me. You know, to maintain freshness. And for safe keeping of course. That’s important.

  18. No alcohol? That’s some major #ABT #TDOTM! I definitely understand though because along with slowing my weight loss down, alcohol increases my need to eat. It also doesn’t help when it’s blended with sushi. This theory was confirmed this past weekend……an hour later after sushi and a couple of Sapporo’s, I was ready to sit at the end of a Taco Bell food assembly counter and consume everything they made.

    • Paula

      That is supremely major #ABT #TDOTM! Yes, I do tend to eat all the things after a night of drinking. It’s so fun until you realize what you did the next morning. Theeennn not so fun.

  19. Keep on keeping on. I didn’t drink Sunday-Thurs of last week, but this week I’ve had some girl dates and my husband has had some really big/important stuff going on in his life which requires a lot of my time, so between work/workouts/helping him/freezing my butt off in Chicago, I’ve needed a glass of wine in the evenings. So…M-current…..drinking every day. File that under #FAIL

    • Paula

      I had a girl date tonight and I didn’t drink while most everyone else did. That was rough. Although, a glass or two of wine a night is good for you. So just remember that while you’re enjoying that over-sized (at least, I hope it’s over-sized) glass of wine. 🙂

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