The Post Where I Give You the Gift of Time

Awhile ago, Julie posted a link to a video on how to make a sock bun. I tried it but my hair looked like crap and I really couldn’t get it to work, but I remember reading a comment from one of her readers that if you leave a sock bun in your hair overnight, you’ll have pretty waves in the morning.

Queue me being sick of my straight hair but not enough to actually wake up even earlier to curl it, so I decided to give the sock bun test a go last night.

Trust me when I say, this is a terrible sock bun. For one, you’re not supposed to see the sock. Also, I didn’t use the elastic at the base like in the video because those put weird dents in my hair so it was falling out all over the place. Then I had to use eight large bobby pins to get it to stay in place.

And holy crap, is my hair really that red?

Every time I decide to grow out my natural color, I end up hating it because I feel like red doesn’t match anything except black or green. Of course, I love red hair on everyone else so I don’t get it.

So anyway, when I woke up, I took the bun out and did nothing else to it. No brushing, no scrunching, no nothing.

Yeah. Easiest hair style ever.

So thank you random PBFingers commenter. You have just made my mornings so much better. I will be sleeping in from now on.


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16 responses to “The Post Where I Give You the Gift of Time

  1. OMG I will have to try this! And, you look so gosh darn awesome this morning! Or yesterday morning, whenever this post was! LOL. And, you already got that piece of jewelry I saw you post on that you wanted….it looks great! 🙂 If not, still a cute necklace!

  2. Pretty! Also, I think red looks amazing on you — so shut it 🙂

    I should do this exact post, except my hair will look NOTHING like this. Lol. Instead I will look like this:

  3. I love easy hairstyles like that! And love how your hair turned out 🙂

  4. PBF commenter totes stole this from the Today Show–saw it on there at some point! But your hair looks super cute, so I guess it doesn’t matter how we found this method, just the fact that it works, yes? Now my stupid hair needs to grow so I can try this.

  5. I LOVE the sock bun. It’s my new go-to in lieu of a ponytail, even though you can usually see my sock too. I’m constantly on the lookout now for socks that sort of match my hair color to make it less obvious. And I’m always torn on whether I using a trouser sock or cotton sock better — each has their own merits. Someday I want my sock buns to look super slick and big and beautiful. There was a chick on the Bachelor the other night with a KILLER one.

    Your waves look great. When I take my sock buns out, my hair is more like the link Michelle used above. No soft waves here — it’s all kinky and annoying and goes off in a bazillion directions. Stupid hair with a mind of its own.

    Someday when I win the lottery (not if) I WILL have a live-in hair stylist. If I was Jessica Simpson, I would have made that Ken guy my BFF too.

  6. Cute look! I wonder if it is permissible to use a child’s sock when you have short fine hair like my own? Scratch that, not “child’s” but “infant’s,” nay – “premie infant” to be exact. Also, is it permissible to buy and own children’s socks if you have no children? I tried to look at a curious George doll in a Border’s once, dude was standing guard at the tree house and told me I couldn’t go into the children’s section without a child present- even though there were no kids there at the time. I was all “perhaps I should bring you home to see my Winnie the Pooh lunchpail… from high school… or show you my Hello Kitty checks?” He asked me what grade I was in, and then I forgave him because I was 31. I also secretly married him in my head beneath the bends of an oversized Curious George. #TrueLoveSeesNoThirties What was the question?

  7. Oooh! I really like the look of waves. (I was one of those people still rocking the crimped look back in high school waaaaay after crimping had gone out of style.)*

  8. holy f. i am so doing this. i hate hate hate hate hate doing my hair and typically just let it airdry anyway. and i tried the sockbun and i couldnt get it to look right either haha (because i suck at doing hair)
    i gotta try this!

  9. So pretty! Awesome tip 🙂

  10. Lee

    My hair is too short to do anything with. Blah. When it was a bit longer, I did the sock bun but the sock felt very heavy. I guess I used a big sock?

    • Paula

      I’ve tried with bigger and smaller socks and I think it’s kinda heavy either way. But I have a lot of hair too, so that could be it?

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