By the Numbers

1. Good news for those of you who hate my American Horror Story recaps – there’s only one left! Bad news for those of you who like them – I may not do them next season.

I didn’t love season two as much as season one. I mean, I still liked it, but it wasn’t as good and therefore not as fun to recap. I’ll still watch next season but I just think the premiere will have to blow me away to keep my interest in recapping them. I did read Sarah Paulson (Lana) will be back for season three, so that’s a little nugget of awesome for next year.

2. I registered for a bunch of races including two half marathons (Xtreme Orlando Half on February 9 and Gasparilla on February 24) and this 10k that will probably be a shoe in for a PR.

Orlando Xtreme is a trail run, so I’m going to use it as a training run since I can’t get my ass out the door to run long by myself lately. Then I’ll see if I can PR at Gasparilla. But of course, even mentioning a PR means I won’t. So expect a highly cynical race recap.

Not only that, but Michelle and I are starting to fill up our race schedule for the fall already. Check out her post for the ones that are on our list if you’re interested in stalking us. 🙂

3. In anticipation of my sort-of return to artificial sweetener next month, I bought this stuff.

Sierra has been raving about liquid Stevia so I thought I would give it a try once my artificial sweetener boycott is over. It was expensive, so I hope it’s tolerable. I can’t say Stevia is my favorite but I know it’s the better-for-you of the sweeteners out there.

4. I’ve been doing short runs in my new Mizuno Wave Creation 14’s.

Seriously. She sniffed my shoes for about five seconds and then got up on her box and faced away from me. Not cool.

So far, I don’t see any difference between the 14’s and the 11’s, and that’s a good thing. Although, now that I’m back in them, I can tell my foot hits the ground differently than it does in my Brooks Ghost 5’s. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not so I’ll probably stick to my Brooks for my upcoming races just in case.

5. Has anyone seen The Following?

Every time I mention this show to anyone, no one knows what I’m talking about. I haven’t been watching anything new this season because I already watch enough as it is, but I kinda love Kevin Bacon so I had to give it try. I also just love bacon. Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the series premiere. There were some twists I didn’t see coming so I’m going to keep with this one and see where it goes.

6. I’ve also been watching a ton of movies. No drinking = movie watching in these parts. I’ve seen Skyfall (I liked Casino Royale better), Looper (decent but not as great as everyone says), The Possession (terrible), Mama (good), and The Watch.

I guess no one liked The Watch? That’s what I keep hearing anyway. I liked it way more than I thought I would even though I think Ben Stiller is barely watchable these days. Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill definitely made up for him.

7. That’s all I got. So please enjoy this picture of Pants looking super annoyed.

Ahh, surly just like her mama.


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19 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. dang it, i didn’t know when the following started and i was hoping to catch the premiere. clearly, i missed it. but im glad you liked it, i love kevin bacon too and i was hoping it was gonna be good. i gotta go figure out where i can watch the premiere now.

    also, not as in love with AHS this season either, though i will probably continue to watch because i am a sucker for tv shows that i watch from season one. also, im beginning to think that you and i watch too much TV since i watch just about everything you watch. or maybe we watch just enough. not sure on that one 😉

    • Paula

      The Following is on demand! (that’s where Michelle watched it.) I think there’s also an encore on tonight.
      And yes, I’m going to go with “just enough.” We need to live closer to one another so we can sit on the couch all day together and watch TV and not run. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I saw a preview for The Following at the beginning of December and had been waiting not so patiently for it. It did not dissappoint. I love Kevin Bacon and Edgar Allan Poe. Seems like a perfect match to me.
    Jessica Lange and Evan Peters are coming back for Season 3 of AHS too. And the aliens contract was not renewed. So, that’s good in my opinion. I still have the last 2 episodes of this season to watch. I haven’t been as invested in the story this year, but I have really enjoyed Jessica Lange’s performance.

    • Paula

      She has been a diva lately and runs straight into the camera when I try to take a picture of her. Makes for good blurry pics of white fur. I will try to make her do a photo shoot soon. She needs to live up to her contract as an adorable bunny.

  3. I’ve seen The Watch and thought it could have been better. Trying to think of some other movies I’ve seen lately and am failing. Have you seen This is 40?

  4. tiff

    you have to do recaps next season. i started watching THIS season just FOR your recaps. k. thanks. bye.

  5. The problem with Stevia is a tiny bit goes a looong way, so I always accidentally oversweeten things. I’ve been debating giving The Following a shot, but we have such similar taste that I think you’ve convinced me.

  6. Stalking stalking stalking. I might have to make a return trip to Florida. Which race is the best?

  7. Amber K

    I love vanilla liquid Stevia. A bit more than I probably should. lol

  8. Michelle

    Gah I loved the following!! I thought it was SO GOOD. and yes, some of those twists blew me away. Even the very last one (which was essentially the same as another twist) I didn’t see coming! I will for sure keep watching.

  9. I love NuNaturals and have it on subscribe and save through Amazon. The drops are good but I prefer the packets.

    • Paula

      I didn’t even know they had packets. I’ll have to check it out. I do love me some Truvia too. That’s my fave. I could eat it straight. Not that I would do that.

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