The Post Where I Whine

I’ve been having one of the worst weeks mood-wise that I can remember in a long time. Nothing bad has happened – I’m just grumpy, depressed, and have no motivation whatsoever. No motivation. I’ve been doing my workouts (mainly because they’ve already been scheduled), but I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I get a sort of reasonable amount of sleep, so I’m dog tired for no reason in particular. Or maybe I’m bunny tired?


She is so cute.

Being tired means I’m starting to get lazy. At Crossfit on Monday, I was supposed to do six rounds and I quit at four. My trainer even told me at one point, “you’re miles away.”

Being tired and lazy means I’m eating more garbage. And while I know I shouldn’t, I’m not exactly stopping myself. I’m trying to care, but I don’t.


So, I think this means I need a week or two to sit on the couch and do nothing. That means no workouts. I read about other people freaking out because they are forced to take a couple weeks off because of an injury and I think, “BFD you big baby” but I guess it’s a different story when you’re the one taking a break. It’s literally been years since I’ve taken more than a couple days off from working out, so this should be interesting, especially since I tend to eat worse when I’m not.

I’ll be scaling back next week and then taking the full week off after the Gasparilla Half next Sunday. That should recharge me, right? I’ll be back to working out my buns of steel after that.


In the meantime, if you Northerners could send down some cold weather next weekend for my race, that’d be great.


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15 responses to “The Post Where I Whine

  1. She IS so cute. And I love that gif.

    I’m in the same boat (as you know). You definitely need some time off. It’s one thing to do regular workouts and not take a break, but you kill yourself with 2-a-days and half marathon training most of the year. I mean, really. You deserve a break! So just relax and enjoy your couch time. MUAH!!

    • Paula

      Yes ma’am! The running break is coming too. I don’t know how some people do it year round for years and years without wanting to punch themselves.

  2. YES take a break. Also, go to the Dr. and get your blood and hormones checked!! (<–I'm not letting up on this, lol) I hope you find your mojo again soon!

    • Paula

      I know! That involves appointments though and those take soooo long. #lazy

      • Verlin

        Get your butt to the doctor and do as Michelle says. It’s probably February blahs and you need a break, but one appt. isn’t going to cramp your couch time too much! When I “take a break” I just really concentrate on not eating too much, and that way I don’t feel like a puffly marshmallow afterward. Bossiness over.

  3. You know I’m right there with you. Take some time off and feel better!
    I do agree with Michelle in that getting some labs drawn wouldn’t hurt.
    I will do my best to send you cold weather. I’m sick of it anyway. 😉

  4. Ali

    I hear you on the bad mood. It’s been a rough week on everyone I know. I literally blogged about having my own pity party and it was *uggggly*

    I’m not fighting it anymore. Bad moods happen. Lazy phases happen. And I choose to believe that the collective subconscious is going through an angsty teen phase.

    Nice bunny butt. 🙂

  5. Lately, I’ve been taking full weeks off a lot more often than usual. I find nothing wrong with it at all, and actually think it’s healthy. I always feel re-charged and ready to get back into it after. And it’s such a myth that you’ll lose your fitness levels, etc. it’s only one week! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Paula

      I should make this more of a regular thing! I know it allows your muscles to fully heal too, so you’re fitness level should improve with that rationale. I need to remember that!

  6. Amber K

    I hate that feeling, but it usually means I just need some rest! But then I tend to whine a lot so maybe I’m just being my usual sympathetic self 🙂

  7. You can have the cold weather! One day I am running in shorts and a long sleeve tech, the next it is snowing and gross… I hate winter. I am in a funk too, so I know where you are coming from. Essentially, mine is based entirely on it being winter, so I just need spring!

  8. The last time I felt that way, I took a few weeks off or scaled back and felt way better. That being said, Michelle is right and it’s worth getting a blood panel. My thyroid went nuts a few months ago and I felt like garbage until they got it back under control.

  9. mammabird

    I agree with Ali. These weeks that u describe come and go. Normal. Healthy. Except for aunt Mary, this type of week has come to stay.
    Time off helps if you are “burned out”


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