The Boob Post

I realize this might be a sensitive subject for some. Or maybe controversial. Or offensive. I don’t know. It’s pretty hard to offend me so I have no basis for what other people might think. But I’m going to talk about it anyway and if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else. It’s cool. I get it. For those of you who decide to stick around, I’m talking about…


On Monday, I had a consultation to get a breast enhancement. At least, that’s what the pamphlet calls it. It sounds better than “boob job” and also prevents me from spelling “boob” like “bewb” because I think it’s funny.

Anyway, I wasn’t actively seeking out doctors, but a friend of mine mentioned her breast reduction, how much it’s changed her life for the better, and how much she loved her doctor. She highly (and I mean highly) recommended this guy, so I asked for his information.


A breast enhancement is something I’ve thought about since I was 17. Not in a “I will do this someday” kinda way but more in a “that would be nice” kinda way – like when you think about winning the lottery.

My bra size is 36A. I have been heavier and thinner but my bra size always stays the same. I am not one of the lucky people who can gain 10lbs and have it all go to my chest. It’s hard to find bras my size that aren’t in the Juniors section and a 36 in Juniors is nothing like a 36 in a Women’s size. I buy bras, sports bras, and bathing suit tops only if their padded. And sometimes I just find myself thinking, “damn, this top would look so much better on me if I had something.”

Like here.


Or here.


It’s really weird to post pictures when you know everyone is looking straight at the ta-tas.

Before the appointment, I filled out some paperwork. There was a question that asked why you were looking to have a procedure done and I answered, “to look better in my shirts.” < — the nurse snickered at that. Is that not common? Next time I’m writing, “to begin my stripping career.”

I was really nervous about the appointment. Like butterflies nervous. I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about what was going to happen. Couldn’t tell you where that came from.


I talked with the doctor a bit and told him what I was looking for and here’s what I learned:

  1. The surgery takes an hour and you’re asleep the whole time.
  2. You can choose from saline implants (the ones that look like balloons – think Pamela Anderson) or silicone implants (the ones that look more natural).
  3. Silicone implants are more expensive.
  4. Saline implants need to be replaced every 7-10 years.
  5. Silicone implants need to be replaced every 10-15 years.
  6. You go back for yearly check ups. (They’re free with this doctor.)
  7. You can choose if you want the implant under or over the muscle. (Under has more recovery time but looks better.)
  8. You have to rest for 2-3 days afterwards and (slow) walking is the only exercise you can do for the first two weeks.
  9. After two weeks, you can do lower body workouts.
  10. After six weeks, you can do upper body workouts.
  11. Not only are my breasts currently different sizes, they are also uneven. Could have gone without knowing that.

Anyway, I know a lot of that is workout-based information but that was my biggest concern when it came to recovery. I’m not good at resting. I’m one of those people that will clean during commercial breaks and do the dishes before I leave for work. Also, in what might be the most awkward homework assignment ever, the doctor asked me to bring in pictures of boobs I like. So it’s gonna get weird for awhile.


Overall, I really liked the doctor and I don’t generally like male doctors. Best part? The consultation was free. Did not expect that. I just had a really good vibe about the place but…I haven’t scheduled the surgery yet. Overall, I’m just scared to do any type of elective surgery, I’m scared to change the body I’ve had for 36 years, and I’m scared to have something artificial in my body. (That doesn’t include Splenda, smart asses.)

So now you know all about my boobs. Or lack thereof. I know some think changing your body means you have self-esteem issues, and think that if you want. I guarantee you, that is not the case. I have bad days like anyone else but I definitely think I’m wicked awesome most of the time. I’m sharing this because I’d like to hear about your experience if you’ve had one or the experience of someone you know.


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91 responses to “The Boob Post

  1. Lisa

    Like your friend, I had a breast reduction. It was the best decision I ever made and I was 16 at the time and am now 35. I wore a 36DDD and am now a nice 34D. I say if it’s something that will make you more confident and feel better and you are sure about it, then you do it. I had a lot of people against me (probably bc I was so young) but even on my fat days and days I hate every inch of my body, I love my boobs. Whatever you feel is right for you, do. And remember, if you do go through with the procedure, you get to treat yourself to a lot of really nice bras!

    • Paula

      Very true! I do look forward to the bra shopping. My friend told me she went to 4 consultations before she found the doctor she used and most of them tried to talk her out of it. They kept telling her that other women pay for what she has. She did not like that.

  2. I agree with Lisa above….do whatever feels right for you and yep, if you decide to get the enhancement, you will be able to treat yourself to bras in your new size! 🙂

    Sounds like a great doctor…answers your questions, gives you the facts, and makes you feel comfortable.

  3. Lee

    I’ve honestly never noticed that you had small boobs from any of the pictures you post. You should do what makes you feel good. And because we’re talking about boobs, mine are two different sizes. I don’t think it’s noticeable if I’m wearing clothes, but it is if I’m not.

  4. I hope you know I’ll be staring sat your boobs the next time I see you.

    I was not blessed with boobs, but my mom REALLY was, so she got a reduction and was much happier. Do what makes you happy, I say.

  5. Dave

    I think you just wrote this as a blatant attempt to boost your blog’s search hits!

  6. You go girl!
    It’s weird because boobs are something I always notice, I think because I have giant ones (seriously, i got them in like 5th grade, it was almost obnoxious) and honestly I never noticed your lack of boobs!
    Having giant ones can be a pain at time, but I try to embrace it knowing that other people wish for it. I will probably get a reduction in the future when they start…going downward. It is can be tough having big boobs because there are just some things you cant wear. Finding cute bras, sports bras/working out, etc. so I think since you get to “choose” it is definitely important to find the size that will be perfect for you!

    • Paula

      I’ve always said I’d rather have too little than too much just because of the clothes thing. I have friends that have the worst time clothes shopping!
      When I chose the size I wanted at the appointment, he told me I picked the smallest size he has. I just want a little something. Definitely not looking to get crazy. 🙂

  7. Hmmm… interesting… I’m going to shoot you an email.

  8. Boobies!

    As you know, I’m all for getting them! I’m surprised you can’t find any bras in your size, because I can NEVER find bras in my size (especially my current size) and all I CAN find are As. Maybe we need to go shopping together?

  9. Theresa

    Good for you! I think you should do whatever is going to make you feel the best about yourself! I’ve always been one of those “I’m jealous of gals with small boo a” types – mine appeared in my early teens and have never gotten any smaller. I’m a 40D right now and I fear what’s going to happen as this pregnancy progresses…I don’t know how much bigger I can manage! I have always said I’ll probably have a reduction if things start getting too saggy…so I’m sure a consultation will be in my future too.

    • Paula

      I have wanted to tell you congrats for a long time now (heard about the news from Michelle) but I never saw you announce it anywhere so I didn’t want to get up in your biz. So…congrats! Excited for you!

      • Theresa

        Thanks! I have only mentioned it once on my personal FB page & have completely fallen off of the blogging and twitter wagon…last post was in mid November…and I didn’t want to be that girl that didn’t blog for months & then suddenly had a pregnancy blog. Well, that and I’m not showing in the slightest yet so I fear people won’t really believe me if I tell them 🙂

    • Theresa — this is breaking news! I didn’t know either. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Awesome, awesome news! 🙂

  10. I think it’s awesome that you are talking about this! I’ve been dying for a breast reduction for years, but I want to be able to nurse all of my babies, which is a lot less likely after a reduction. Most women have differently sized breasts, for the record. Mine are uneven enough that it bothers me, so I’d really like to fix it. The only thing that would make me hesitate if I were you is that the implants have to be replaced, so you are committing to multiple surgeries. You’ve clearly thought about this, so do what makes you happy!

    • Paula

      YES. That is one of my concerns. I don’t love the thought of the maintenance and I don’t know anyone who has had the replacement to talk to them about it. I also wonder how many people really do the replacements or just skip it because they don’t want to spend the money. They said after awhile that the implant can leak. It doesn’t effect your health in any way, but that is the reason for the replacement – to keep the ta-tas lookin’ good. Then they told me the implant was “virtually indestructible” and if that’s the case…why the replacement need?

      • I just had a lovely visit with Dr. Google who tells me that silicone can last anywhere from 15-30 years. I guess they say 10-15 to keep your expectations low? Presumably your body degrades the implant over time. It is a foreign body after all, so I imagine the silicone would eventually start to breakdown, but that’s just supposition.

  11. Girlfriend, I feel your pain. I was an A my entire life and only in my 20s did I finally creep up to a B (a small one but at least a B). When I was nursing, it was a nice preview of what larger breasts would look and feel like.

    And to be honest? I didn’t love them. They were a pain. They got in the way. It was harder to run. It harder to sleep because they got in the way. And I kept bumping them with my arms, which was really weird.

    I know nursing, uneven, milk-filled boobs aren’t the same as perfect ones you design but it at least cured me of my boob job dreams.

    BUUUUUT, I agree with everyone else — do what makes you happy and makes you feel better. Do they have like a test run you could do? Some sort of implants that just in go in your bra like the kind that mastectomy patients wear post-surgery? Maybe you could give them a drive and see how they feel?

    I don’t think you’re going to regret it if you do, other than the recovery. And I’ll take all your old shirts that don’t fit anymore when your new larger chest pulls them up above your waist (that was another thing I didn’t expect during nursing — I thought I’d just fill out my existing shirts better but it made them all too short!)

    And yes, next time I see you, I will also be examining your chest because before this, if you’d asked me if I knew your size, I would have guessed at least a B. You work what you got like a boss!

    • Paula

      The running and sleeping thing does concern me. I’m a stomach sleeper only. How big did you get when you were pregnant? I don’t plan to go above a large B/small C.

      Oh, and examine away! I might even let you take a picture with me.

      • I’d say I was right there at the large B/small C. I still fit into my B bras but barely. And after pregnancy, they were all stretched out. I mistakenly got excited and thought the growth was permanent so I marched out with anticipation to the lingerie section to pick out my new, bigger bras. When I got measured, the chick was like, “Um, no. You must have just stretched out your old ones. You’re still at B.”


  12. Julia

    I’m really glad you wrote this post. I have a lot of opinions about boob jobs, and your straight forward explanation of they why what and how helped me to be much more open minded about the whole thing. I do think it is scary to have something foreign in your body, and that you have to get them replaced. But you are so clear headed about your decision that you will figure out for yourself if those two things make the surgery not worth it. Since you aren’t making a rash decision to fill an emotional void (um, I just saw RHOBH where Kim got a nose job) whatever you decide to do is going to be good for you. As you know with running, everything we perceive around us is subjective. A time can be good or bad depending on our own personal records. The same with your boobs – they are yours (and your hubby’s, tee hee) to do what you will with.

    If you get the surgery and need to recover, I’ve got 1,000,000 strategies for being lazy.

  13. This is something I have actually been looking into lately. I used to have decent boobs but when I lost weight I swear it all came from there. I am wearing a 32B usually now! And it is so hard to find bras – most places don’t carry that small in lots of their styles. And when I lay down it looks like I pretty much have nothing.

  14. KimPossible

    I just recently found your blog and love it! And now that you are sharing bewb stories it’s just about perfect 😉
    I had a slight reduction (34d to 34c) and a lift (the girls are smiling again) last year. It’s pretty darn awesome! Mine, like most, were uneven. And after a year of breast feeding they were sagging. But no more! Several docs I saw wanted to place a small implant to make them perkier but I was nervous about a foreign body in my body. I also have a strong family history of breast cancer and the thought that an implant could possibly “hide” a small tumor made me super scared.
    So I didn’t get the implant part so I can’t relate to that. But I think recovery is fairly similar. I was very sore for the first week. I had surgery on Friday and went back to work on Monday. I started running again at 4 weeks, and just walked and biked prior to that. No heavy lifting or upper body workouts for 8 weeks until all the incisions were completely healed. The only thing that still bothes me a bit are my scars but overall very very happy. Best of luck!!

    • Paula

      Oh, perfect! This is what I need to hear. I can deal with a month of no running but the 6 weeks thing was getting into excessive territory. The doc did tell me I could go back to work the following Monday. He also told me that it’s easier to detect cancer with the saline implants than with the silicone, so that made me feel better. It runs in my family too but on my dad’s side (the “good” side if – there is a good side.)

  15. Kimberly

    had a boob job 7ish years ago. only regret is that I wish if gotten them bigger, supposedly that’s a common regret so GO BIG!! I got silicone & they look super natural but still “perky”. recover was quick but be prepared for your back (between shoulder blades) to be sore from the muscles being stretched. a massage right before might help? my co worker at the time had her silicone implants for over 30 years with no replacements or trouble! one thing to take seriously is not doing chest workouts if you get them under the muscle. I didn’t listen & did p90x aka a billion push ups & it has changed them. lame. oh and I’ve successfully breasted twice with them so boom. GO GET EM!!! 🙂

    • Paula

      Oh, thanks for the tip about the shoulder blades and the working out. I will not try to cut that healing time short. Also, amazing about the 30 years. Plus, they only have to be made better these days, right?

  16. Ali

    Dude, do it.

    I know three girls who have gotten boobs and *love* them, said it was the best decision they ever made. I want them myself but my boobs fluctuate with my weight and hormones sooo much it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I’m an A, usually I’m a B, sometimes I’m a full C and want to murder people.

    One of my girlfriends actually looked thinner after she got them. Her shoulders and chest were broad and having fuller boobs made her look more proportioned. The result was an overall leaner, more balanced look. She was also an A-cup and went to a full C. They weren’t the smallest she could have done but they looked bangin’.

    I will say running or exercising with boobs in the way can be annoying though – even with the little bit I have. So take that into consideration. Or just get excited about new sports bra shopping. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, agree with this. Say goodbye to golfing, jumping on trampolines, and running with a cheap bra. Your new girls will need to be strapped in!

    • Paula

      I love this! One of my reasons was to look more proportioned. I’m a pear. But a delicious one! I’d like to even that out more. Not looking forward to the running thing but maybe I can reign ’em in somehow.

      • Ali

        lol @ delicious pear! You really look *totally* fine as you are, but the chance to be an even MORE delish pear…? Definitely worth considering!

        I agree with whoever above mentioned a test-drive. And then blog about it. Because I think you would do so in a hilarious fashion. 🙂

      • Ali

        I’m a pear too! And I have totally thought about getting them but I am A) nervous that I would get them and end up not liking them and B) worried about the expense…aren’t they expensive?! I’m not ruling it out for me yet though…and actually my MIL has had hers for probably 20 years and hasn’t had them replaced. And they look awesome. My MIL is hotter than me. How embarrassing.

        • Paula

          My friend’s mom and my SIL have had theirs for 25 years and haven’t had them replaced as well. Maybe that’s just a recommended thing? And yes, they are expensive. The cost changes depending on what type you get and who is doing the surgery. I think the low end would be around 4k and it goes up from there.

  17. I was excited to read this! I love talking nungas!

    I have always had the opposite problem, and actually went in for a consultation about getting a reduction…but the doctor talked me out of it and told me to enjoy them while I’m young, ha. I am getting better at managing the girls now, but I hated them for long time. I would argue that you do look good in shirts, and I am actually envious of you in both of those pictures because depending on what I wear I look like a whore. I still wear low cut things of course, because sometimes the girls need fresh air and it is not fair to keep them covered all the time. But I have to deal with possibly looking trashy. Your titulars are classy at least.

    Anyway I don’t know where I’m going with that… But I will also tell you, big nungas are a lot of fun! They aren’t called funbags for nothing! So I agree with the above commenter, GO GET ‘EM!!!! And if you need example boob pictures you just let me know!

  18. For being a small girl (I’m barely 5’1), I have a larger chest, so I’ve never desired to have bigger boobs. And not saying that to brag, I will gladly give you some any day 🙂 I say if it’s something that you’ve always wanted and will make you happy, go for it. Who cares what others think about it. It’s for you and not them. I also never noticed that you had small boobs….is that weird?

  19. Jenn S.

    I did it in August 2008 and have never regretted it. I also started at an A and am not a D. Slightly bigger than intended, but I’m happy. For what it is worth I went under the muscle silicone and no one can tell they are fake. E-mail me if you have any questions. Happy to help.

    • Paula

      Awesome, thank you for the comment! I’m looking for the B+/C range. I know people say to go bigger but I’m way too scared for that. Even so, it’s nice to know you’re still happy with how yours turned out.

  20. TJ

    DUDE! Your body your choice and all that, but I think the grass is always greener on the other side and not necessarily worth having a for-real surgery to alter it, you know? I’ve had DD+ since the first whiff of puberty hormones, and I look at the two photos you posted above (ESPECIALLY the bathing suit photo) and am totally jealous of your boobs.

    • Paula

      That is one of my hesitations. I’m not unhappy with myself but I would love to be more proportionate and for-real surgery…not my fave. Thanks for the comment! Definitely the reason for this post, I need to hear all the good and bad.

  21. TJ

    Oh and the unevenness thing is total bullcrap; everyone has uneven boobs. It kind of bothers me that they told you that!

  22. Shannon

    I don’t have much of importance to add, but feel that I should say that you’re perfect in your own skin and beautiful. 😀
    I’ve never had any sort of breast surgery, but I am one of those girls with a 34D/DD chest. I will say that as some people have said above, they are difficult at times. Buying good, supportive bras is so important, sports bra purchases become a big deal, and don’t even get me started on swimsuit tops. And everything will fit soooooo much differently. Though, I’m sure you’re not going to go up to a stripper size, so you’ll be fine. But
    That all being said, breasts are such a definition of femininity (for me) and while I hated having boobs as a teenager, they do make me feel sexier/more attractive now. But they can be a pain in the ass.
    Everyone has a different build and body type. If you choose to alter yours, that is your desicion. I’m sure you’ll rock bigger ta-ta’s!

  23. Kelly

    Do what makes you happy! I had mine done 13 years ago and have never regretted it a day!!

  24. Nicole

    You are an extremely healthy woman who isn’t looking for boobs to save you relationship or to validate you as a person so I vote go for it! Boobs are fun for everyone. there will be people who look you straight in the cleavage rather than the eyes so prepare yourself for that. There will also be women who hate your guts for having prettier or bigger boobs than they do and feel threatened. New boobs will open up many new life experiences.

    Boob job or no boob job just know you are a drop dead gorgeous hottie-own it and flaunt it!

  25. Morgan

    Talk to Don about this, he knows a lot about boob jobs. Seriously. (No, it’s not a fetish… he was involved in creating multiple patient education animations for breast augmentations so he really does know a lot about it and the different options and placements and sizes and implant materials, etc.)

    I remember when we lived in Orlando and he was working from home one day and I walked into our home office and saw that he had all sorts of boob photos open on his computer and I was like, “What the…..???” and he was all like, “I’m working! I swear!”

    But anyway, he really does know his stuff and would be a great resource if you need more info. 🙂

  26. Jen

    I say do whatever feels right to you. It sounds like you are thinking this through and doing it for the right reasons (i.e. not b/c of low self-esteem or b/c someone pressured you to do so). And don’t worry about any negative feedback – this is YOUR decision, no one else’s.

    Also – aren’t everyone’s boobs uneven? Not to get too personal but I know mine are (and I kinda feel like pregnancy is making it more pronounced, unfortunately – stop growing, leftie!).

    • Paula

      If everyone’s are uneven, then I feel much better about that. I didn’t know mine were so I guess that’s good that I didn’t notice at least!

  27. I cannot and will not apologize for my bewbs.

    I think it will be good for you to rest and that you’ll love them once you have them, which you already know because I’ve told you 400 times via email. But here it is again 🙂 And (again) I will say DOITDOITDOIT!!!! ❤

  28. Swede

    I was looking at the 6 weeks recovery time before you can start bouncing around. I’m taking some time off running due to plantar fasciitis… OK I haven’t ran in one week, and I’m itching to get out there. BUT 6 weeks?
    I guess you have to look at it as “well deserved time off”. You’ve worked hard to get in shape and best of all you know you’re capable of getting your workouts back on track again…. lookin’ mighty fine in a sleeveless sport tank.

    Good luck with everything! You’ll do great as always!

    • Paula

      6 weeks IS a long time. I’d probably get all crazy serious about working out for the month beforehand just so the break would do me good!

  29. I have nothing to add to the comments that has not yet been covered! At the end of the day, every woman deserves to be happy with her body and if this can do it I say go for it!

    And this is SO going to be your most popular post ever! Ha! BOOBIES!

  30. skinnyrunner

    how many pictures of me did you need? you know… for the boob doctor….

    • Paula

      That legit made me laugh out loud. Nicely done, nicely done.

    • OH wow! I have so much to say about this. First of all, thank for sharing. I would LOVE to share my quest for cleavage on my blog, but my dad and my boss (male) reads…so maybe when I grow some ball.

      I have been for 3 consultations! I really want them, but I’m in that weird zone of children on the horizon (3-5 years) and ruining my investment. I also promise myself that when the rest of my body is at a point I am happy with, I will get the boobs. Will this ever happen? probably not because I have weird body image issues. I have a wide range of bras….double cup from VS does wonders. I am DEF getting boobs after I have kids, but right now I’m on the fence. I always say I want to run a marathon before getting boobs…marathon is in May, so we shall see. Get them….for selfish reasons…I want to read about it (and I think you would look hot)

  31. Verlin

    Do they do the bewb jobs in a regular hospital, or is there a special “plastic surgery” type location? A few weeks ago I had my deviated septum fixed (I do not recommend this as a good time) and the lady next to me was having breast enhancement. We are in Canada, so I’m not sure if this works the same in the US. There were people all around her having health-related surgeries, and I felt a bit sorry for her in that the nurses treated her differently than the rest of us. That’s my two-cents worth – make sure you go somewhere where you are treated well! BTW, everyone has lopsided bewbs. 🙂

    • Paula

      No, they have a surgery room in his main office that looks just like a hospital room. So, all the patients are there for their vanity. I will insist on being treated like a king. A burger king.

  32. Amber K

    As someone who has always been large-chested I have to admit that I’ve never understood why any woman would want these stupid things in their way all the time.

    But actually, I do believe that you should do whatever feels right! I would totally get some spot lipo to fix the areas that losing weight refuses to deal with if I had the money to do so. And I would admit it that I had help and I would totally share the doctor’s name if I had a good experience.

    But seriously, stupid boobs. 😉

  33. I know a few people with breast implants. I think the subject used to be taboo but now it’s more common. Good luck with your decision making!! Of course I think you’re fabulous with or without boobs. 🙂

  34. Jilly

    I had a breast reduction last year. After losing a lot of weight, I was so unhappy with my large old lady boobs! BEST THING EVER. I am not super vain. I take hardly any care with my nails, or make up, but the clothes! i love shopping now! I did not expect perfection, but am so happy I had the surgery. My only regret is not getting it done sooner while I was young enough to show these titties off!! Do your research, get really comfortable with your PS. You will need to rest after! Just make yourself. It is worth it. I had zero healing problems, mainly I think because I am fit. Back to running at 6 weeks.

  35. William

    Don’t go too big, you need to save room for those sandwiches that provide you with energy during your races. 🙂 Seriously though, do what feels right to you.

  36. i was also blessed with an A cup, even though my mom has two of the most gloriously shaped C’s you’d ever hope to see! my sister and i inherited many of her other features, so we just sat back waiting for the boobies to show up. at 35, i am still waiting! happily, we did get her shape and most times i am pretty happy with them. they are such low maintenance and i run a lot so that is very handy. i have never considered a boob job bc i just don’t want to deal with larger ones 24/7 – even when i wear a padded bra, it gets on my nerves. but if i could rent some out for a day, just to see what it would be like to fill out a dress or bikini? yes, i would love that! that being said, i don’t agree with the idea that people who tweak their ladies are of low self esteem. we change all sorts of things about our appearances, why is this any different? you go with you big boob self, and good luck.

  37. My boobs are normally 34Bs and now they are full 34DDs and I have to tell you…running with big boobs SUCKS. Maybe fake boobs are better because they’re not as heavy as milk filled ones, but just consider that option.

    It’s all about the running, yes?


  38. They’re not small – they’re just “fun-sized” like the mini candy bars you get at Halloween. There are a very few people that can pull off the no boobies thing. (Like Kira Knightly.) You are one of those few people. Also, I can’t imagine that you are alone in that situation – it’s like you could design your own store or clothes for smaller chested women – or blog looks that you use to balance things out, etc. (Like a MASKera or however you spell it of the “fun- sized” boobies. – with that name you’ll be rich in no time! Anytime people are looking for mini candy or boobs they will find the shiz outta you, and we all know that’s what the internets are really for.) In short, POWER TO THE TATAS – No matter the size or your decision!

    • Paula

      It’s weird, because I always loooooved Keri Russell and Milla Jovovich for rocking no boobs and now I’m thinking about getting some. Kinda hypocritical. Although, I would say that Kiera Knightly needs them since she has no curves. But I do like your fun sized idea. I mean, maybe it’s because I’m thinking that I’ll just be eating fun-sized candy the whole time. Oh! I can create a shirt with pockets right at the boobs for putting fun-sized candy in!

  39. Adrianna

    I can relate to this so much…I’m barely an A cup and have said for years I wanted just a little enhancement, just to have something there. it is quite not having to wear a bra in many shirts, don’t get me wrong, but it’s truly something I still would like to have done. financially I’m not there. I think it’s awesome you’re considering it for yourself.

  40. Amanda S.

    Can I ask the name of the doctor? I live in the Orlando area and am looking for a reduction. Thanks!

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