That Night I Watched Four Movies

The weekend started out like this.

And let me tell you, I needed that. Well, I probably didn’t need six of them.

I had one of those super long weeks that would.not.end, so I met up with the bestie (we go way back) for some drinks on Friday night.

I hadn’t seen her in forever. Or two months, which in best friend time is definitely forever.

Then I spent Saturday watching an obscene amount of movies. Hubs and I started with Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chome.

This was a Web series that aired in segments each week and it was put together as one movie on DVD. I was a big BSG fangirl so it’s hard for me to watch these little off-shoot movies because I was so invested in the TV show characters that I can’t bring myself to care about new ones. But I still liked it. Really good production value for a Web series too.

Then we moved on to Sinister.

This one is from the producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious so we wanted to check it out. It’s an interesting story and pretty creepy, but the last shot of the movie went for a cheap scare, which well, cheapened it. Also, why does Ethan Hawke keep walking by light switches and not turning them on? YOU WILL SEE BETTER. The lights work fine. But no, go ahead and just use the light from your cell phone or that miniscule flashlight. I mean honestly.

After Sinister, we lightened things up a bit.

I really thought I wasn’t going to like this movie about 20 minutes into it. Most of the game jokes were over my head and I was not loving the sequence in the Hero’s Duty game. Luckily it got way cuter and not even Sarah Silverman could keep me from liking it – which is fortunate since we bought this one instead of renting it.

After Wreck It Ralph, it was getting late. We wanted to watch Argo but we’re not big “thinkers” late at night, so we dumbed it down real good.

Technically not a good movie and definitely the worst of the series, but I love Mila and I love Resident Evil and I love people running by big clocks. Soooo, I didn’t hate it. Let’s just leave it at that.

Alright, that’s really all the excitement I got for today.



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13 responses to “That Night I Watched Four Movies

  1. Good to hear about Wreck It Ralph, as I wasn’t sure about watching that one, but i might. I know Pete would like it…and I might. Otherwise, I probably won’t watch the other movies. Heh. Maybe Sinister..someday…maybe.

    • Paula

      It was cute! We almost watched Hotel Transylvania but I couldn’t do two animated movies in a row. But it’s on our immediate list along with Argo and Ted. 🙂

  2. You guys crack me up with your movie marathons! I think we are planning on watching Argo this week 🙂

    I was a little worried about the first 20 minutes of Wreck-It Ralph too, but then after I saw it I read all these reviews and people raved about that part of the movie. What movie did they say? The nostalgia was cute (Dan got it more than me because he played all of those gamed), but once we got into the whole Sugar Rush part I was sold. I loved the ending – especially because it didn’t make cry. LOL!

    • Paula

      I can’t believe you didn’t cry! I had a few tears at the very end. I was like, damn…they got me. Hee. “Why do I fix everything I touch!!”

  3. Argo–so good. It’s definitely a “film” though and not a movie, if you know what I mean. Serious and stuff. You already know I watched the Americans all weekend. I hate when I burn through a series and have nothing to watch until the new episode comes. Life is so hard.

  4. Quite the lineup! I really want to see Wreck-It Ralph. I heard it’s really good! Argo looks good too!

  5. Amber K

    The last time I watched four movies in one day was when my husband (then-boyfriend) made me watch The Ring and all three Screams. We started bright and early in the day because this girl is NOT a scary movie fan. Even though I watched The Ring at probably 11 am I still had nightmares about that damn movie for weeks.

    Which sucks too, because I really love the stories in psychological thrillers, but I just can’t handle it when they are scary!

  6. Stefanie

    There is nothing wrong with a little couch-potatoism for a whole day! Or weekend…or a week in my case. Sometimes, it just has to be done. Or you just have to have a sinus infection and then take your kid in for surgery a few days later. Worst and best timing ever.

  7. Aw, bestie time. I haven’t seen my bestie in almost 5 months! It feels like foreverrrrr.

    My friend does PR for the TO film festival and she met Ethan Hawke a couple years ago (and Adrian Grenier and Mark Ruffalo, I pretty much hate her life), and she said he was the NICEST. EVER. She had to pick him up at his hotel and she said when she introduced herself he shook her hand and was like “Hi, I’m Ethan” like she wouldn’t know who he was.

    Anyway, I’m jealous of your life and all your movie watching.

    • Paula

      I would just die. My love for Ethan goes back to Mystery Date and your story just made me forgive him for the whole Uma thing. Yep. It was that easy. Also, I would totes get Adrian to sign my copy of Drive Me Crazy, whether he likes it or not.

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