I ran the Winter Park Road Race 10k on Saturday. I ran it last year too which makes this is my second 10k. Seems weird with all the races I do to have only run two.

I was so not there mentally for this race. I actually forgot I needed a race bib until I was walking to the start and saw someone with one on. Thank goodness they had packet pickup there because it never crossed my mind that I needed one. I didn’t even take any pictures – except one – of trees that look like carrots.

So there you go. My photographic evidence. Perfect.

The race just bummed me out. The last time I remember being bummed about a race was for my first marathon. It poured rain for 30 minutes beforehand, so I was soaked, never felt good, and spent the entire time dodging puddles and being annoyed that the course took us over every freakin’ rolling hill in Winter Park. After I crossed the finish line, I picked up my “medal” and walked my pouty ass straight to the car.

I haven’t been running much since my half a month ago – about 2 or 3 miles a week. On top of that, I’m still sick and probably shouldn’t have run anyway. With that said, I PRed by close to two minutes (1:02:10) but I didn’t feel good doing it, so I don’t really care. Running and I are going on a break until it loves me again. /PoutFest

The day got exponentially better after I got some highlights.

That mop has been neglected for a year.

The day got even better later that night when I got to see my BFF4E’s new house and have a couple beers. Probably not the best idea while taking antibiotics, but I’m a crazy rule breaker like that.


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19 responses to “Meh

  1. I can totally appreciate going through non loving times of running especially after a big race. Well done on the PR at least even if you don’t care 🙂

  2. Bummed I didn’t see you at the race. The weather was terrible. I felt like I couldn’t breathe towards the end of the run.

    And running uphill on Alabama is just cruel.

  3. LOVE your hair color, it looks fab!

    I’m having a very ‘meh’ time too. Hope that turns around for you quickly friend 🙂

  4. They gave you a glass? For real? Huh.

    Hey, I’m all for the big breakup from running for as long as it takes for you to feel good about it again. I might need to go back on a break. I’m feeling a little “meh” about it myself.

    • Paula

      Last year they had a glass and a medal. But only a medal because it was the 15 year anniversary of the race, or something like that. Unfortunately, they did not have booze to put in the glass to make me forget about the race. So I had to add that when I got home. 🙂

  5. I think it was really “meh” because I wasn’t there and there were no bunnies. Bunnies make it better.

    Your hair looks great – and I love that shirt! The color shirt matches the baby’s room. Maybe I should frame that picture and hang it as decor?

    • Paula

      That’s true. You and bunny hugs do make things better. Oh, and I will help you pick out the frame for that picture. I’m thinking a good 8×10 will work.

  6. I did not see you at this race. And for that I am sad. 😦

  7. Amber K

    Wow, your hair looks great! Love it.

  8. I really understand your feelings toward the race, I’ve had them myself a few times. Mostly now it’s just toward running in general. Those trees are ridiculous.

  9. I’m loving your hair. Also, carrot trees? That’s the shit of bunny dreams.

  10. Ali

    Those carrot trees are awesome! But not as awesome as your new highlights…gorgeous!

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