A New Start…Again

So remember that funk I’m in? And remember that metabolic testing I had done? Well, the funk started shortly after the testing. My big plan (according to the test) was to up my calories to 1700 a day and not include exercise in that total. Basically, eating 200-300 more calories a day.

With the exception of one day I went over by 100 calories, I stuck to it pretty well for the first nine days and ended up gaining 2.5 pounds. Honestly I was kinda OK with the weight gain, which is totally not like me. It was kind of liberating.


I got to eat more and it was fun not micromanaging everything that went into my mouth. I was sick for most of those 9 days, so I didn’t exercise much. Even so, 1700 calories is supposed to be in my weight maintenance range, so I knew at the end of the first week that I needed to drop to 1600 calories a day. (Remember, my goal is to eat as much as possible without adding body fat.)

The 1600 calorie thing lasted a big one day and then everything when to shit. I lost motivation to do anything but drink beer and eat donuts and basically said “fuck it” for two weeks. I still went to Crossfit three days a week, but I’ve been acting like Grumpy McMopeypants there and putting in little effort.

This past weekend was no exception. I drove down to Bradenton to see Lindsey and Evan again. When you get two girls together that like to eat, things occur.


Evan is hiding his shame. Oh and that pizza came after all the garlic knots. There were no leftovers. I’m fairly certain if Lindsey and I lived near each other, we would be gigantic.


But gigantic and lovely!


So then I thought, Sunday is as good a day as any to get back on track. I ate a healthy breakfast and decided to work out. Only, that didn’t happen.


Well, I worked out if you include lifting a burger, fries, and martinis to your mouth as exercise. Which I do.

So, Monday became my official day to get myself out of the funk. Because seriously, even though I feel like crap eating and drinking all the things, it was becoming way too fun. So, besides going back to eating lower (not no) carb, I’m giving up my secret lovahs – peanut butter and Greek Yogurt Pancakes.

I don’t even want to go into how much peanut butter I eat. But it’s safe to say it’s not normal. I also eat Greek Yogurt Pancakes probably five times a week. They aren’t bad for you, but they make me crave sweets like whoa. Carbs in the morning is bad news for me.

Breakfast is going from this:

Greek Yogurt Pancakes

To this:


And lunch is going from this:


To this:


(The red stuff is Sriracha – I put it on everything. #love)

I’m only on Day 3 and I’m testing out the 1600 calorie a day thing – not really long enough to say I’m back on track but it’s a start. The lower carb is most definitely making me crave less sweets (I’ve only had one Hershey mini and 2 gummy bears in three days which is crazypants for me.) I also feel fuller between lunch and 3:00pm, also known as the time I shove spoonfuls of peanut butter into my mouth.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t written about my progress after the metabolic test – because I’ve been a bad girl. I’ll try not to screw this up again now that Peep and Cadbury egg season are over.


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22 responses to “A New Start…Again

  1. Jim

    Any post with Sriracha porn is immediately deemed quality.

  2. Haha, Evan. God I wish I was still eating that pizza right now. That was so insanely good it should be illegal. Today was supposed to be my day to get back on track, but then I ate a Reese’s egg and a chocolate frog for breakfast, so…probably gonna be tomorrow.
    Oh well, at least we’re lovely.

    • Paula

      Gigantic and lovely! That pizza was ridiculous. Just a beautiful thing. Plus, I’m glad I could make up for your Hungry Howie’s adventure. I couldn’t have you go home thinking Florida pizza tasted like that. 🙂

  3. Ari

    Sometimes good food and drinks are just too hard to resist! Good luck with your goals!!

  4. Meh. You know I’m in the exact same spot you are. Though I’m on day 3 of eating well too, so maybe there’s hope for us yet! I’ve no doubt that you’ll be back on track in no time though, you’re a motivated woman!

  5. That pizza looks really, really good. How can something that pretty not be good for you? Why is life so unfair like that? I think the longer you keep trying to eat healthier, the easier it gets. Or that’s what I tell myself.

  6. Dude, your foods look super yum. Nice work. And I would rather eat that omelet than the pancakes anyway. Looks like way more food.

    Also, what’s in your pita? Cheese and . . . turkey burger?

  7. You can cut out the food, but please for the love – do not cut out the drinking. Your liver needs it for the both of us.

  8. That pizza looked ridiculously good. I’m of the opinion that sometimes you just need some stuff it times where you literally stuff your face so that then you can eat healthy the rest of the time. I think you just sometimes need that full freedom. 🙂

    Well done on getting back on track.

    • Paula

      Very true! It’s weird to eat without caring about what you’re putting in your mouth but it was kind of fun too. Ok, really fun. 🙂

  9. Amber K

    Oh man do I miss nice, thick, chewy pizza! Damn gluten, you ruin everything.

    We’ll not talk about the salted caramel (gluten-free) cupcake that is currently sitting on my counter for my dessert tonight…

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  11. Holy lovely pizza! Oh so beautiful! I always count calories when I want to “get back on track” and then it makes it harder on me because I’m over analyzing it. I’m currently on the eat great monday- wed and gorge on the weekend plan. I need to get off that. I’m already craving weekend wine! So I feel ya girl!

  12. I am so with you this week! It’s like I bought size 10 pants and now I’m too lazy to keep going for size 6 (I’m too cheap to buy pants more less than 2 sizes smaller). I feel that now is an appropriate time to scream Leroy Jenkins.

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