The Color Me Rad that Almost Wasn't

This morning, hubs and I ran Color Me Rad.

But let’s back up for a second.

Neither of us really wanted to do the race, but one of our friends from our old martial arts fitness class asked us to do it. We hadn’t seen her in so long that we said yes just so we could hang out with her for a bit.

Yesterday, she told us that her doctor recommended she not participate (she’s 6 months pregnant) so we were pretty bummed. We weren’t even sure we wanted to do the race anymore but since other people from our class were still going to be there, we sucked it up.

Just follow the white ass legs. You’ll find me.

The race took place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds – about 20 minutes from our house. The Color Me Rad Website said that parking was available onsite from 7:00 – 8:00am and after that to park at either Valencia Community College or First Baptist Church to catch a shuttle. Since we didn’t leave the house until after 8:00am, we picked the closer parking at Valencia. We had no problem parking, but this was the line for the shuttle.

The Website also said the shuttles would be by every 10 minutes. Those two shuttles way up there were the only ones we saw in the 30 minutes we stood in line.

Just before 9:00am, someone from our group texted me that he parked onsite at the fairgrounds with no problem.

Oh? Those fairgrounds where the parking is supposed to be closed at 8:00am?

So hubs and I stood in line for the shuttle until we got more and more irritated that we made the executive decision to leave and try to park at the race site. We decided if parking was full by the time we got there, we would just go home because that shuttle line wasn’t worth it.

We got to the fairgrounds in about five minutes and parked with no problem. Our parking just happened to be next to some real bathrooms that were completely empty. Major score for a race with 5k runners. Plus we were happy that we wouldn’t have to deal with the shuttle after the race was over.

We found our friends and just made it to the start for our 9:30 wave time.

Ok, so according to the Website (again), there were four waves: 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, and 9:45. Only there weren’t four waves. There were like four million waves. About 200 runners were released at a time, every 5 minutes. So basically our wave time meant nothing. We didn’t actually cross the start until after 10:00.

I guess that’s fine though because I don’t usually have a personal photographer with me, so I took advantage of that.

Plus, there were fun things to look at while we were waiting.

I really thought we’d be walking most of the race with a pregnant lady in tow, but since she couldn’t participate, the group ended up running the whole thing. Hubs LOVED that. He loves running. Just loves it. And by loves, I mean hates with every fiber of his being.

My new favorite picture.

Poor baby ran 3 miles and got pelted with color.

The race was mostly on grass on a curvy path around the fairgrounds. There were four color stations – two of them were cornstarch powder and two of them were liquid (did not expect that). Plus there was one right at the finish shoot where they were handing out color bombs (plastic pouches of powdered color). There was such a haze of powder at the end, that I didn’t even notice the photographer until I almost ran him over. But I finished and now I can say I did a color run.

So while I loved seeing old friends, I think the race is a lot of hype. I much prefer obstacle races. I probably wouldn’t do another color run but I know others that thought it was the best time of their lives. Maybe this is just the grumpy, old woman in me talking. Next thing you know, I’ll be telling some teenager to pull up their pants.

I do have a few suggestions if you’re thinking of doing one:

1)  Know you’re running for fun. This is not a serious race. I would say half the people were walking. There are also a lot of people with strollers and little kids. So just be aware of that.

2)  The color stains. My stomach is still pink after a shower and hub’s neck is still purple.

3)  Bring a Ziploc bag for your phone/camera if you’re going to carry one.

4)  Run it with a bunch of friends. The more the better. I think I would have hated this race if I wasn’t running with a bigger group like I was. The friends make the race.

That’s cutie pie, Sara, from my group. She let me steal this from her Instagram.

I came. I saw. Now I’ll go back to half marathons. Smile


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17 responses to “The Color Me Rad that Almost Wasn't

  1. Michelle

    Ugh. The color run up in Boston was a hot mess too. (They left us waiting on hot pavment for shuttles for over two hours post race, almost no water post race, the course was like only 2 miles). Never again. My stomach was green for over a week after!

  2. Lori

    Make a paste of Dawn dish soap (if it’s safe for cleaning oil off animals after oil spills…I figure it’s safe for humans) and baking soda. That’ll get the color stains off your skin. Worked for me after the Color Run.

  3. Lol looked like in the end you all had fun 🙂

  4. Hmmm, even after that glowing review, I think I’ll stick to halves, too. It does look fun, though, but I would have been irritated beyond belief by the disorganization. That stuff drives me nuts. My 10K this morning, however, was one of the most organized races I’ve ever run. For serious. Well done, Richmond.

  5. Amber K

    I don’t think I would ever do a color run. Breathing in all of that color? Not for me. But then I don’t do races of any kind, so my opinion is basically pointless. ha!

  6. I think that I’ve decided I don’t like any runs where I come home covered in stuff. Like why do all of the obstacle runs have to require mud? I don’t want that in my car. I haven’t done a color run, but I really don’t want to get sprayed with colored corn starch. I’m pretty much a baby.

  7. I am doing this race in June, only because a bunch of friends were doing it and it’s more to hang out with them. Getting fun pictures was worth it though? Haha

  8. Haha, the white ass legs. You are the CUTEST. EVER!

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I have never heard of a colour run before and I am not sure how they work. Is it like paintballing? Do people just dump colour on you as you run by, or do they shoot at you?

    Oh and I love Fabian’s glasses. Clearly he was taking this race very seriously with those.

    • Paula

      The volunteers had sort of super soaker guns at the water color stations and they used their hands to throw powder from a big cardboard box at the other color stations. I thought they were going to have powder guns kinda like this: (< — LOL to that being in Japanese) I only saw someone with the color gun at the start line.

      He bought those for Burning Man! Lot's of dust storms there so you have to have them. 🙂

  9. I didn’t even recognize that that was FF in that one picture. Then I realized why — I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smiling!! He’s a happy one that boy.

    Yup, glad I didn’t do it either. Zero desire. Plus, knowing my constant issues with my contacts, I’m sure I’d somehow end up blinded.

  10. I think you’ve firmly solidified my decision to never do a Color run. I don’t like the idea of inhaling powder while running and I think the crowds would make me crazy.

  11. Yeah, not selling it for me 🙂

    Also, still don’t understand people who would bring their baby in a stroller to a race like this.

  12. Liz

    I ran the Color Me Run in VaBeach last year. Def not a “runner’s race”!

  13. Ali

    My husband and I are doing a color run in May. He is definitely NOT a runner but I figure it’ll be fine…mostly walking. I am a little worried about his glasses situation though–he is SO BLIND without them but I don’t want them to get effed up with the color. Did you notice anyone wearing actual glasses? Maybe he will just have to be blind and I will lead him and we’ll call it the “color/trust run”

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