Hi from Texas

Oh hey there. Just thought I’d drop in really quickly to say hi.

I made it to Texas in one piece. Before I left, I had one last lunch with hubs at Joe’s Crab Shack. I ordered a steampot of crab and shrimp, so the waiter put a bib on me which entertained hubs enough to take a picture.

It’s been non-stop ridiculousness since I arrived in Austin. It started with packing four people and seven pieces of luggage into a Camry. I mean, we really had to get all Tetris on the trunk to fit everything which turned the car into a sweet low-rider. All we needed were some neon lights under the car to complete the look.

My home for the next three weeks is a hotel room that is totally messing with my feng shui. I didn’t even know I had feng shui. When you walk in, everything is on the left.

Who would do that? Left is no good.

Besides working, I’ve also been trying to get settled. I’m not a fan of relying on other people to get things done but that’s what happens when you have four people and one car. We made a trip to the grocery store once we got to Killeen. One hundred dollars later…


That should keep me from eating out for every meal and returning to Florida in a mu-mu, which might happen anyway because I bought these.


I bought those…yesterday. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Why you gotta be so delicious, cookies?

I packed one pair of pants and a few light cardigans (because it’s Texas and a million degrees out). The rest of my work clothes are dresses like this.


It’s going to be 40 degrees today, so I had to buy a damn jacket last night. In Texas. In April. I can’t wait to wear that jacket again never. WTF Texas? You are ridiculous. But you have good wings, so I’ll forgive you.


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25 responses to “Hi from Texas

  1. Fun fact: I used to work at Joe’s Crab Shack and I still remember all my dances. Man, those tips were good.

    Your fridge was depressingly healthy. I’m glad you had those cookies to balance it out.

  2. This weather IS ridiculous and we native Texans are just as annoyed (and confused) as you are. Good news — 80s by the weekend. Don’t judge us by this stupid week of winter weather.
    So where ya gonna eat in Texas THIS time?

    • Paula

      I noticed it’s going to be 82 for my race on Saturday, which I’m also not thrilled about. < — never happy. So far my eating choices have not been thrilling (see Logan's Roadhouse and Subway). I'll try to make them more exciting though!

  3. I just had to leave a comment because I’m a little obsessed with your new layout. What the what? And the comments are all big and Fischer Pricey. I like. I’m tired of squinting at my computer all the time. Why must aging be so hard on my eyes suddenly.

    Yee haw! Have fun deep in the heart of Texas.

  4. Is the jacket cute at least? I want to see an awkward bathroom pic of it.

    That room is super weird. I think you should rearrange it to your liking.

  5. Lee

    Four people in one sled? Rough. And honestly, who in their right minds would try to do that in a Camry? Wicked.

    Cause some havoc in Austin when you hit it up on the weekends. Wish I was there…maybe.

    Hey, if it helps any, the weather in Florida hasn’t figured out if it wants to be really really hot and humid or comfortably warm yet. Today’s on the hot side…then comfortably warm on the weekend. And the water’s still too cold to go to the beaches yet.

    Those cookies look dangerous. If that was me that box would be empty.

    • Paula

      We tried to race this dude to the lone respectable-sized SUV but he was faster than us. Not cool. Especially since he was totally out of shape and old and still beat our asses there.

  6. Haaaa mu-mu! I said that the other day and someone didnt know what it was! whhhaaat? haha.
    Also, i am def not a fan of depending on other people for doing things, so i feel your pain! enjoy your home away from home 🙂

  7. Mz. Teri

    I spy diet Coke in the frig. I thought you gave that up a while ago…… or did you buy it solely for the purpose of mixing it with some rum or whipped cream flavored vodka? 😉

    • Paula

      Oh girl. I gave it up for one month and 9 days. That is basically a lifetime. And you know the whipped cream vodka only goes in orange soda. Get it right! 🙂

  8. Denise P.

    We were in Texas at the end of March and it was 40 degrees the whole weekend. The weekend before and after was in the 70’s of course. This California girl didn’t even bring capris to run in and I froze during the Rock N Roll Dallas half.

    I would have to disagree about the left. Left(y) is where it’s at.

    • Paula

      I’m fine with cold weather, I would just have liked to have been warned in advance. Perhaps by some high-ranking official. 🙂

  9. Don’t worry, the weather will return to ridiculously hot in no time! I hope the jacket is at least cute.

  10. Amber K

    Damn! It’s been unreasonably nice in Oregon lately, I can’t imagine a cold Texas.

  11. Three weeks in Texas! Yikes!

    Such a pretty dress. And your waist is tiny!

  12. Mammabird

    Hi from California

  13. Angie (bitchy runner)


    Are you in Austin? I’m heading there tomorrow for a conference. Perhaps we could meet for a drink on Friday or Saturday night?

    The former bitchy runner…

    • Paula

      I’m In Killeen. I’ll Be In Austin Sat Night But I’Ll Be With A Friend. Not Sure What We’re Doing Or If We’ll Be In The City But I Can Keep You Posted For Sure! Why Is My Phone Initial Capping Everything?

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