All the Texas Things

I opened up Windows Live Writer to write a new blog post and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the hell I’ve been doing the past two weeks in Texas. It’s becoming kind of a blur, so I turned to my cell phone pictures for a reminder…

1.  I found heaven.

Heaven is actually located in H.E.B. It’s true. I’m so glad we don’t have this grocery store in Florida because I would be in trouble. My co-worker, Marisa, and I were oogling these cupcakes and giant strawberries for a good five minutes, passed them up (unprecedented), and went to check out only to find another cupcake station set up in the front. So we caved. Well played, H.E.B. Well played.

2. We bought two cupcakes (Oreo and white chocolate raspberry) and a red velvet strawberry that I’m sure will cause some life threatening illness later in life.

I don’t even want to know what was used to grow that thing but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t natural.

3. The Killeen Mall has a pet store with bunnies!

Look at that sweet bunny face! I just want to snuggle the crap out of him.

4. At my co-workers insistence, I tried Whataburger for the first time.

Now I need to make a public apology to Whataburger for dissing you all these years. I thought you were the ugly step-sister of Hardees. I laughed when your location closed in Orlando. But I was wrong, you are delicious.

I pretty much haven’t stopped talking about that burger since last week because I was so surprised it didn’t suck. When you order, you get a number to place on your table so they can bring the food out to you. When they bring the food, they offer an actual platter of different ketchups. A platter! So fanci I have to spell it with an i.

5. New favorite drink alert!

Texas has given me a gift and this is it. That’s Fireball and Angry Orchard cider. Amazing. Drinking two of those really fast not recommended, though.

6. I tried Freebirds for the first time.

Melissa told me to try Freebirds because it’s “10x better than Chipotle.” She was right. That place is delicious, although their service is 10x slower. My co-workers liked it as well but they weren’t sold on the better than Chipotle part. Although, I think some of their disappointment had to do with the fact that Freebird wasn’t playing on a continuous loop inside. (So hard to please, some people.)

7. I went to see Pain and Gain.

If you’re into watching two hours of bewbs and muscles (which I am, of course), this movie is for you. It’s based on a true story that I read about before seeing the movie and I didn’t know how it would be possible to make it into a dark comedy…but they did. I liked it but it’s probably hard to take if you’re a little squeamish, especially knowing it’s true. Sort of related, The Rock has really nice, white teeth.

8. I made a new friend. Say Hi to Megan. Smile

Megan lives in Killeen and asked me if I wanted to get together when she read that I would be here for three weeks. So of course I took her up on that offer. I was extremely happy to find out that she wasn’t a crazed lunatic and she didn’t want to harvest my kidneys.

We had dinner at Texas Land and Cattle where she witnessed first hand my immense capacity for ingesting food. Then we hit up a frozen yogurt place and That’s right. We know how to party in Killeen on a Friday night.

By the way, Megan lost 150lbs when she was 16 by exercising, eating better, and not eliminating anything specific from her diet. She’s kept it off for TWELVE years. Inspiring? I think so.


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25 responses to “All the Texas Things

  1. Megan

    Aww, you’re too sweet. Even though you’re totally wrong and Freebirds has got nothin on my precious Chipotle. Also, after seeing that scary strawberry I’m really glad I didn’t steal your organs. Pretty sure they are now tainted.

    • Paula

      Not stealing my organs was definitely the best move for both of us. Plus, if you had, we would have never made it to frozen yogurt.

  2. A platter of different Ketchups? Oh my, dream. I LOVE Ketchup, I would be all over that. Sadly we don’t have Whataburger in Ontario. Of course.
    That is also the craziest looking cupcake I’ve ever seen. Pretty delicious looking also.
    And that bunny looks like my childhood bunny Crispen!

    • Paula

      Oh, that is a strawberry my friend. Not a cupcake. Ridiculous, right? I’m going to need to see a picture of this Crispen…

  3. Mary

    Yes to all those food-related things! If you have the chance, you should go back to Whataburger and get the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich (or the honey butter chicken biscuit if it’s breakfast time). Those are the best things on the menu (to me, obviously).

  4. I’m so glad you have the Whataburger and HEB love. Now, how’d you feel about the Whataburger ketchup? It’s been BIG news down here that soon HEB will carry Whataburger ketchup. Seriously, big news.

    • Kelsey

      I love Whataburger ketchup but have no HEB. Think they will sell it online?

    • Paula

      I just told all my co-workers and they were SUPER excited. They almost agreed to stay here longer to wait for it. That spicy ketchup is the BEST.

  5. The Rock. Yum. I’m not usually a big muscles girl, but there’s something about him. Probably the fact that he does movies where he dresses up as the toothfairy has something to do with it, too.

    • Paula

      I agree. No to big muscles, but yes to The Rock. It’s only fair that we let one slip through the cracks so we don’t discriminate.

  6. I sense a theme for your time in Texas…..lots of yummy yummy food!

  7. Fun fact: The guy who wrote the original articles that “Pain and Gain” is based on lives like two streets away from me and next to all our really good friends. I’m really going to have to go see that movie soon, otherwise it’s going to be awkward at the next get-together since we’re the only ones who haven’t been to see it yet. Just thought I’d share the O-town connection with you!

    I would destroy that cupcake. I love unnaturally big fruit. Bring on the GMOs!

    • Ooh, really? My friend was a stunt double in that movie. Who knew it had such strong O-Town connections?

      Whataburger is in Gainesville and we ate their all. the. time. That was back when I had a really good metabolism.

  8. Four words: Whataburger Green Chile Double


  9. grr….stupid typo. Ate there all the time.

  10. Those cupcakes look incredible as does the burger you ate 🙂

  11. You are the second person this week I’ve heard talk about Whataburger! I feel like I HAVE to try this place now! 🙂

  12. Amber K

    That burger looks amazing! But I think those cupcakes look even better, and that strawberry is kinda freaking me out.

  13. My HEB looks nothing like that! I’m jealous of all those delicious looking cupcakes.

  14. I’ll always look back at this post and remember the good times in Killeen. I don’t know what was beefier: the Rock in “Pain and Gain” or the Whataburger.

  15. Stefanie

    I love Angry Orchard, and I love Fireball! Why have I never thought of mixing the two?? Thank you. I needed a new way to get drunk.

  16. Melissa @ My Peach Life

    Seriously fireball and cider! I love cider and fireball but have never put them together. Very interesting, not telling the hubs about this though, there was a small incident on his birthday after he had a lot of fireball shots, apparently he should not drink fireball! Those strawberries look amazing!

  17. Pain and Gain entertained me….especially the 45 seconds or so that Marky Mark was in his underpants. Just saying.

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