The Follow Up

This post was written over a month ago and has been sitting in my draft folder. The deed was done three weeks ago. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about it, but then realized I kinda already did. Several people have asked about it too, so I wrote this not knowing when or if I’d post it.


So anyway, I decided to do it. I decided to get that boob job.

When I say I’ve decided, I mean, I have scheduled and paid for it and the surgery date is getting very close.

Ok, so let me go back.

I went to that first consultation that I wrote about and I really liked the doctor. He was informative, told me that I could choose how I wanted the implant done (under or over the muscle, saline or silicone) and told me the pros and cons of both, but really, everything he was telling me pointed toward saline and under the muscle. After I left the appointment, I wanted to sit on my decision for awhile and waited a month.

During that month, another friend gave me a doctor recommendation of someone that was highly recommended by several of her friends. When I mentioned this other doctor to my (male) trainer, he knew his name when I mentioned only that he was located in Winter Park. My trainer said that he had also heard a lot of good things about him, in particular he said, “I heard that guy is an artist.” So I thought he was worth checking out. I also hoped my trainer didn’t mean a sandwich artist.

My second consultation was so much more informative. They told me everything that was going to happen down to getting an IV and being intubated during surgery. I felt like I had a really good idea of how everything was going to go. He recommended that I get the implants over the muscle and with silicone for the best results because of all the chest strength training I do and because of my breast shape. (By the way, 90% of implants are under the muscle.)

I really liked that this doctor had specific recommendations, but I didn’t like his personality at much. Obviously that’s important since we’ll be going out for beers afterwards. He was straight-faced and all business but he spent more time with me. I was also able to try on a bra with different implant sizes so I could get an idea of what it might look like.

Ok, so that was the second appointment. A lot like the first, just more informative. I really didn’t like the idea of silicone over the muscle because it’s not common and for a few other reasons, but he’s the doctor. Shouldn’t he know best? Shortly after the appointment, Michelle sent me this article from After I read it, I just knew he was the right doctor.

So I waited. For another month. Boobs were on my mind all day long, All I did was look at other women’s boobs. I swear, I know what it’s like to be a dude now. It’s ridiculous.

The day I finally decided to call and schedule my surgery, I dialed the number, let it ring twice, and hung up. I mean, this is a pretty big deal to me. It took another 30 minutes for me to call back, and when I did, the girl that schedules surgeries was off. Of course. So I left a message, then promptly forgot I had called until the call back on Monday morning. Then I thought, well shit, just do it. So I scheduled the surgery.

And that’s where I am right now. I have a pending date for my surgery, it’s been almost two months since I scheduled, I’ve paid for everything, and I’m still not 100% about it. I’ve literally never felt so unsure about any decision I’ve made in my life. One day, I think, “this is gonna be great.” The next day, I think, “I don’t know if I want this.” I’m a mess even though everyone I know with breast implants tell me that they have no regrets and love it. (And trust me, they come out of the freakin’ woodwork like you wouldn’t believe if they know you are thinking about getting a pair of your own.)

The closer the date gets, the more worried I am that I won’t like it and will be uncomfortable in my own skin. But I think I’ll probably like it. I hope I’ll like it. I’m guess I’m just a worrier. And a second guesser.


Alright, so it’s out there now. I have a few more posts coming on the subject, but until then, my boobs and I are going to celebrate our first 4th of July together.


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35 responses to “The Follow Up

  1. Rachel

    Exciting! I waffle on the idea. Never talked to a Dr. about it though because I can’t afford it. IF I decide to have a baby ever I’d probably do it after I was done breast feeding. I like my small boobs, but I’d like them to match better and be perky-er (and maybe a little bigger). Good luck with everything and I’m interested to read about it all.

    Also, I still really want to meet you and the other Orlando ladies I follow on twitter for drinks. You all seem like so much fun!

    • Paula

      You need to come out to our blogger meet ups! I try to go to them but lately they seem to be scheduled when I’m on travel for work.

  2. Happy Boobs of July!!

  3. Ali

    Whooooooooa I was wondering what was going on with this decision…

    GOOD FOR YOU! That’s awesome!! I’m dying to know what you think of them!!! SO exciting!! YAY BOOBS!

    • Paula

      Yeah, I probably would have talked about it sooner but I have a few nosy people in my life that I wasn’t quite ready to deal with yet. KnowhutImean?

  4. I think it’s great that you have decided to go ahead with it. You’ve been thinking about them for a long time and have made an informed decision about which doctor to go with. It’s not a spur of the moment decision, which is good. You better be posting pictures after! (and I don’t mean topless ones…I am not that creepy! haha)

  5. YEAH!!!! Boob post! I’m so happy you went through with it, such a huge decision!

  6. I work for a plastic surgeon and augmentations are our number one surgical procedure. I talk to a lot of the patients and what you describe going through is really normal. It is so difficult to be 100% sure on anything and surgery can seem so permanent. 🙂

    In the course of my job, I have seen hundreds of women with augmentation and 99% are happy with the results.

  7. Way to go! It is a huge decision but happy that YOU’RE happy because that is the most important thing here.

  8. Lee

    Do you read Laura’s blog She just got one like a week or two ago. Might be a good person to talk to if you have questions.

    My boobs are like two totally different sizes. I kind of wish the larger one matched the smaller one.

    • Paula

      I didn’t know about her blog until yesterday when Michelle told me about her. She got hers a day before me!
      Mine were different sizes too. One of my implants is bigger than the other because of that.

  9. Nicole

    It is a big decision, I would be concerned if you weren’t worried or having second thoughts. Whatever you decide will be right for you.

  10. Nicole

    OMG! Are you enjoying your new play things?

  11. Congrats on the new boobs! Good to hear you are happy with them and that it was the right decision for you. Sounds like you really did your research and made a very informed decision which is great.

  12. Amber K

    While I’d never consider doing my boobs, (frankly I’m tired of them getting in my way) I’m certainly not opposed to doing whatever you want to do as long as you take the time to do the research and truly think about it like you did!

  13. Mz. Teri

    *Boob punch*

    See, now I can say that because you actually have something there to punch. 😉

  14. Happy 4th to you and your boobs!!! So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours. I’ll look forward to swapping bood stories. 😉

  15. Ha I actually LOLed at the part about staring at boobs for a month. A boob job is something I think about too. Are you happy with the result?

  16. KimPossible

    Congrats! I was one of the nosy ones inquiring recently, I had shared my booby lift story so long ago and couldn’t imagine why you didn’t run right out together your implants after hearing my story;)
    Hope recovery is going well – I re

  17. KimPossible

    Oops – premature comment send!
    Any who, I remember feeling pretty good at 3 weeks out (swelling starting to go down, more comfortable to sleep, and starting to exercise lightly) so I hope you are in the same boat 🙂

    • Paula

      Yes! I think three weeks is exactly where I’m starting to feel better. I still have a hard time sleeping sometimes. Sleeping on my back or side is uncomfortable for me – even without boobs.

  18. I am going to live vicariously through you….can’t wait to see the new twins.

    Also, I have attended a boob-versary to celebrate one year of new boobs. It was awesome and there was a boob cake.

    • Paula

      After I read your comment, I declared to hubs and two of my friends to prepare for next year’s boobiversary party. They were not as excited as I was.

  19. Ananda

    Thanks for sharing your experience and the decision process. I have lost so much of my boobs from doing crossfit and my husband and I talk about getting me a boob job but haven’t acted on it yet. I always assumed under the muscle was better but the article that you linked to makes a good case for over, depending on how much lifting you do.

  20. I read all those words and no picture of the boobs? WTF?

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