Five for Friday

I’m going to talk about boobs some more. You are not safe yet. You may never be safe actually. Think of this as a nice break from race season poop talk.

1.  One of the things I was dreading most about the new ladies is that I knew I would have to sleep on my back for the six weeks of recovery. I’m a 100% all the time stomach sleeper. I never sleep another way. Not on my back. Not on my side. Just, no. Let me say how miserable sleeping is now. My second favorite thing in the world (the first being eating) has been ruined. I’ve never been so uncomfortable. Couple that with some insomnia last night and I was doing dishes and laundry at 4:45 in the morning.


After the first week of recovery, I was released to sleep on my side. Sleeping on my side is fine for an hour until I wake up thinking I’m having a stroke because my shoulder down to my hand and upper right side of my torso is numb. How the hell do people sleep on their side? I have no idea. So every night, I toss and turn (without the turning part) until I finally fall asleep only to wake up shortly after because I’m so uncomfortable.

2.  I finished Deadwood (loved it) and now I’m catching up on season 2 of House of Lies.

I’m loving it even more than last season and not just because my lovah, Kristen Bell, is in it. I feel like the things that annoyed me about the first part of season 1 are gone and the story is getting even better. Season 2 is worth it just for the Matt Damon episode alone. Also, it helps that KB looks exceptionally smokin’ this season.

3. I started Orange is the new Black yesterday on Netflix.

I’ve been really looking forward to this one because it’s from Jenji Kohan, who created Weeds, and I looove Weeds. So far I’m two episodes in and I’m really liking it. I asked hubs if he wanted to watch this one with me and he told me to go ahead and watch it on my own. Then, he ended up watching the second episode with me and declared that I could no longer watch it without him. So, that says something. Also, I’m secretly super excited when I can get him to watch new shows because he almost always says no.

4. I’m back at Crossfit three times a week and on Wednesday, I used my arms for the first time in a month (still no chest exercises for two weeks, though).

**How to do: lateral raises, leg lifts.**

I’m not able to lift over 10lbs right now, so I used 5lb dumb bells for the lateral raises and 10lbs for the bicep curls. I was seriously wiped out after this workout. Hubs went on to do a 5th set while I just watched. Today, I’m sore. Everywhere. Do not underestimate light weight and high reps, my friends. I’m supposed to go to Crossfit tonight but I’m not sure what’s left to work out on me that isn’t already in pain.

5. Remember that work trip to Maryland that I was supposed to go on? Well, that was cancelled. Guess where I’m going instead?

It’s like Texas doesn’t want to let me go. I’m leaving Sunday and I’ll be there for (wait for it) another two weeks. At least I’ll be reunited with Whataburger, Freebirds, Chedddars, and this girl once again. I’ll also be reunited with 107 degree temperatures. Not as excited about that part.


Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you all next week from Killeen.


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21 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. You need a Snoogle. If I lived closer I would have lent you mine for this side sleeping time in your life. See how living in MD would just be better?

    • Paula

      I thought you just made that word up but I checked the interwebz and indeed a Snoogle is a real thing. Since I only have two weeks left, maybe I’ll just snake every pillow in the house around my body.

  2. Do you have a body pillow? I can only sleep on my side if I have a pillow to hug. Not a man. Not a dog. A pillow ONLY. Worth a shot?

    I’m very upset that House of Lies is not on Netflix streaming. What does my $7.95 a month get me, anyway?!? Suppose I’ll try your Orange show.

    Told you light weights weren’t just for wusses (moi). You never listen to me.

    I hate that you are going to TX and not coming to see me. But you would probably need an ark to hang out here since DC is confused and thinks it’s Seattle right now.

    • Paula

      Pillows help a little bit but then I still get the numb shoulder. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

      I still stand by you needing heavier weights! I haven’t worked out my arms in a month. I’m blaming it on that. So there.

      I am upset I don’t get to see you too. I would take a confused rainy DC over sweltering TX. I love TX, but man, just not in June – August.

  3. Jim

    Say hi to my friend, Killeen. And wasn’t Deadwood just awesome. Kind of sad now remembering how few eps there actually were. Maybe Netflix will come through and revive it too.

  4. Nicole

    First: LOVE the 1st GIF! It is like I can hear that little brain talk in an annoying but somehow adorable high-pitched voice.
    Second: I sleep on my back mostly because I have the same problem with numbness. No matter what pillow I hug I still end up numb in my arm, hand, shoulder and sometimes that whole side of my body. I know, I am a BIG help, right? Sorry your new boobies are so difficult to break in. They will heal and you will learn to do-exist peacefully.

    Texas again! At this rate you will be an honorary Texan by the end of the year. Lol.

    • Paula

      I thought that same thing! I feel like people in TX are going to recognize me now and give me high-fives on the street. I’m looking forward to it.

      • Uh, they won’t recognize you. You just got BOOBS, remember?
        And the 107 degrees WILL result in boob-sweat, possibly for your first time. It’s a fun club, so welcome to it.

        • Paula

          Oh right. Good point.
          I experienced the boob sweat during a workout and thought, “well, that’s new.” So I have been initiated. 🙂

  5. Guess who’s a side sleeper? MEEEEEE. I love it. Sometimes stomach too, but side is my fave. Never back though, I’m with ya there.
    And I have never seen the murderous rage sleep comic in gif form, I love it!

  6. I’m a side/back sleeper (oh the life of the constantly congested). I agree with the other ladies; get the biggest body pillow that you can find, like sooooo big that the Hubs might have to give it a name because it’s taking up so much space.

  7. Megan

    Woohoo, Killeen! Shoot me a text/e-mail if you want to hang out/stuff our faces with fro-yo again.

  8. Amber K

    Oh man, I can NOT sleep unless I’m on my stomach. I’m basically screwed whenever I get pregnant. I’ll definitely be used to not getting any sleep!

  9. I’m pretty sure pregnancy has made me a side sleeper. Truthfully, I’d rather sleep on my back – but I’ve been conditioned. Livie is a stomach sleeper. Freaks me out sometimes when she’s lying on her face. Lol.

    Orange Is the New Black is pretty much how imagined women’s prison to be. I hope I never end up there.

  10. Lindsey

    Oh my gosh, I freaking love House of Lies! I am in love with Ben Schwartz. Also Kristen Bell is pretty incredible. I haven’t heard anyone else talk about this show, which makes me a little bit sad inside.

  11. I’m exclusively a side sleeper. (I just love to curl up!) The tricky part is figuring out what to do with the arm on the side I’m laying on. (It usually ends up under my pillow.) Happy recovery to you and your ta-tas!

  12. I am a stomach sleeper 95% of the time and the other 5% is back. I don’t understand side sleeping either I can never make it work.

    I’m loving House of Lies at the moment I’m only up to season 1 though

  13. I am a solid side sleeper, cannot imagine how people sleep on their stomachs. Don’t you suffocate in the pillow? I have been wanting to watch Orange is the New Black, but I have a few other shows to get through first. July is the absolute best month to visit Texas, you get to sweat and you don’t have to run, just step outside!

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