Hi from Texas. Again.

Welp, I’m back. Let’s just call Killeen “Home Two.” I’ve been here so much, I actually know my way around town and that’s a pretty big deal because I have the worst sense of direction ever. I still can’t find places in Orlando and I’ve lived there for 11 years.

The flight into Austin was uneventful except for the purchase of my new neck unicorn pillow.

Those pillows do not stop your head from falling forward and jerking you awake on a plane, by the way. Or maybe they do if you buy one that was created for a person over eight.

I flew in with a couple of co-workers on Sunday. I had to get their help lifting my luggage since I’m still on a 10lb weight restriction for two more weeks and mine weighed 50lbs. I felt bad watching one of them pull my behemoth purple monster off the conveyor belt and then felt even worse when he grabbed his own luggage. W.T.F?

We’re here for two weeks. How the hell is it possible for anyone to pack that lightly? That little suitcase might fit my things for an over-nighter and even that’s debatable.

This time we’re in a different hotel, which is a nice change of scenery. I even scored a partially obstructed pool view! That’s the kind of sweet treatment I get from Marriott’s silver elite club.

Here’s where I’ll be spending the next two weeks.

This is my favorite part of the room.

You can never have too many exposed wires, that’s what I always say.

After we checked into the hotel, we made a trip to my grocery store lover, HEB. I bought food for the next two weeks (eggs, frozen dinners, peanut butter, and Diet Coke – keepin’ it healthy). HEB is the Wal-Mart of grocery stores, so it has tons of useless stuff that I want to buy. I went back yesterday and spent an hour in the makeup section, so obviously I’m making quality use of my time.


Off topic, but did anyone see True Blood this week? Is Sookie crunching boulders or something? Those abs are ridiculous for having twins not long ago.


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20 responses to “Hi from Texas. Again.

  1. Haha, that pillow. I love it. You need the Skyrest, the upright sleeping pillow found in SkyMall. Does not look awkward at all.
    I wish I lived in Texas so we could hang out. Your hotel room looks pretty cute at least. Especially those exposed wires.
    Also, when I first saw your suitcase pic on FB I thought you said YOUR suitcase was the one on the right, and your male coworker’s was purple behemoth. I was like WTF? This makes a lot more sense.

  2. well should you ever have more than a nano second back in orlando let me know! I would probably be like your co-worker, I notoriously underpack and realize I didn’t bring enough…I really hate packing!

  3. I love your new pillow!! I can’t believe a purple unicorn could be anything other than perfection. Can I please crash a date with you and Melissa? I am such a good stalker, I promise!

  4. I’m such an overpacker. Every time we travel, it’s a game to see how far over 50 pounds I am. I really need to buy one of those small luggage scales that I bought for my mom for Christmas for myself.

    I’m just mad that you won’t be here for the bloggers meet-up and I can’t see the ladies, er, YOU, in person for the first time in way too long.

    One of these days.

    Instead, I look forward to reading your legendary Texas eats recaps.

    • Paula

      I have a knack for packing my luggage at exactly 50lbs. This time I was half a lb over and was kinda disappointed. Basically, if I feel like my back is going to be thrown out, I know I’m at 50.

  5. But at least your hair looks pretty – even with a unicorn wrapped around your neck.

    Yeah, there’s no way in hell I could pack a carry on for two weeks. I can’t even pack a carry on for 2 days. Of course, I know who’s luggage that is…did he bring more than one outfit??

  6. So, fun fact: I have the same purple luggage! Also, love the pillow and I still hate Texas. Have fun while you are there! I look forward to food posts on here and instagram.

  7. Texas welcomes you (and your unicorn neck pillow and your behemoth suitcase) with open arms! I’m sure you’d rather be home with your hubby and your bunny, so hopefully this time will go by fast. And if it doesn’t, there’s always Sonic and Whataburger and Dairy Queen to keep you company.

    • Paula

      Why thank you. That’s true. I think Whataburger will keep me warm while I’m here. Mostly from the extra body fat. 🙂

  8. I had the same thought about Sookie. Fuck Sookie and her special fairy pussy, as Pam would say.

  9. Melissa

    I’m not sure I like this room as well as the last one. the kitchen looks a little nicer, but the room seems darker and smaller overall. (<–I'm like the House Hunters of hotel rooms)

    The nutrition school student in me is doing a heavy sigh at that grocery list. But I do approve of the makeup shopping. Be sure to get all the colors of the Maybelline baby lips. Pretty sure you need those.

    • Paula

      Why you gotta hate on the hotel room like that? Rude. Kitchen is smaller and more outdated but it might be darker. Although, that could be because I haven’t seen the sun since I’ve been here. Since when does TX have all this rain?!

      Oh, I got some almonds too. Does that help?

  10. Amber K

    I now need one of those purple unicorns even though I have absolutely no use for one. lol

  11. Sookie’s body makes me insanely angry. Like full-blown jealous rage.

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