Six Miles of Suck

Oh, hey there stranger.

Dusted that baby off and plugged it in for the first time in four months. That can only mean I did the one thing I hate most during the summer: I ran outside. Spoiler alert: it sucked. And it was only six miles.

Hey, remember when I ran 18 half marathons and two marathons? Someone remind me how I did that because this was hard. And slow. And humbling. And I wanted to die on the sidewalk during the last two miles.

My second marathon was faster, so I once ran quadruple the miles at that pace. The only thing that kept me going was Michelle. No way in hell I would have finished those miles running if she wasn’t next to me telling me not to walk. Anyway, here’s a cute picture of Michelle and a crappy picture of my red face afterwards that I stole from her.

I’m going to take into account that it was disgustingly hot. And it was the longest run I’ve done in four months. And that I went to Crossfit on Friday and Saturday and my legs were (and still are) super sore. And I was tired. Well, I’m always tired. I have not been sleeping well for almost two months now. It takes me at least two hours to fall asleep every night…because of THEM. (Someone tell me how to get comfortable in bed, please.)

Even with all the negatives, I feel like that run shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. We did score some good Samaritan points by finding an iPod Touch and emailing the owner that we found it. Well, that was after looking at the selfies and booby texts she sent to friends. But still, that’s got to give me some good karma for my next outside run.

And because I haven’t posted a Crossfit workout in awhile, here’s what I did on Saturday.

How to: barbell deadlift (you can also do them with dumb bells) and kettlebell swing.

I used a barbell with 75lbs for the deadlifts and a 25lb dumb bell for the swings since the gym didn’t have a heavy enough kettlebell. So, don’t think you need actual kettlebells to do the swings.

You should try that Crossfit workout and then try to run six miles the next day in 200% humidity. You’ll love me forever.


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12 responses to “Six Miles of Suck

  1. Ali

    Run outside? In Florida? In the summer? I don’t know how you do it. I went to Cranes Roost the other night at sunset to get a leisurely walk in with Vince and it was *packed* because everyone was waiting until sundown to run outside.

    But welcome back! I’ve recently reacquainted myself with the gym (and my best/worst friend, the stairmaster), and I totally relate to sore legs and wanting to pass out!

    • Paula

      Dude. Sunset is even hotter. We ran in the morning, so it was a little cooler than the evening. But dang, it wasn’t that hot here until about a month ago and now it’s ridic. My best/worst friend is also at the gym – the treadmill in the AC, in front of a fan and a TV, with a bathroom within 30 steps.

  2. Melissa

    At least you did it! Remember, you did kind of have a major surgery and didn’t run for 6 weeks, so maybe cut yourself some slack?

    I maintain that the stomach sleeping pillow is the way to go.

  3. You got owned by a chick who just had a baby? I like it.

  4. Rob Runs

    I did the same thing yesterday, six painfully slow miles (again, slower than my last marathon). But I’ve been out for two months myself recovering from a back injury, once I got discharged from therapy I’ve been busting my totes out of shape ass so my legs were beat before I even put my neglected Garmin on yesterday. I am so owwy today, I have become a giant wuss. And those six miles sucked.

  5. Those were seriously some of the most painful miles ever yesterday – but at least we RAN them! And they will only get easier. I don’t think being tired helped at all – or not eating breakfast. At least we remembered to bring water!

    I am SO doing that leg workout on Friday. I can’t wait to not be able to walk. Woot!

  6. Amber K

    Ugh, I hate working out outside. Thankfully it’s been raining and cool in Oregon lately so at least it wouldn’t be too bad.

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