Stuff Lately

1. I ran 3.11 miles in 30 minutes last night. That’s not my goal pace and my lungs were ready to quit at the end, but I didn’t need to walk and it’s a full minute faster than the pooptacular that was Sunday’s run. Sure, it was on the treadmill and in ideal “weather” conditions, but it was enough to make me think I’m magnificent again.

2. I finished Orange is the New Black (*love*). Then I started watching House of Cards. Then I started watching Parks and Recreation. Then I watched some movies.

Don’t even need 15 seconds. I’m not doing anything with my life ever.

3. Is everyone watching Dexter but me? I feel like I’m the only one that’s still a part of this CBS/Showtime blackout. There’s nothing worse than watching half a season and then not being able to watch the rest. Plus, Homeland is back in a month. Showtime is cutting it a little close for my taste. I know that I could “go outside” and “enjoy nature” with the time I have back in my life each week, but that won’t happen. I’m sitting on the couch and waiting for it to come back.

4. Hubs tried to read my blog at work the other day and found that it’s blocked now. He sent me this screencap. Luckily, it gave me official proof that I am entertaining.

I’ve been telling hubs that I’m entertaining for years.

5. This.

6. And this. (< — 24 Times Leonardo DiCaprio was a Total Bad Ass)

7. The best and worst decision of last weekend.

That’s a Reese’s Chocolate Molten Lava Cake from Chilis. It has liquid Reese’s on the inside. Liquid Reese’s! Looks like poop on a plate, tastes like heaven.

8. If you’re not already watching Breaking Bad, for the love, you need to do that now. Just drop everything. Even babies.


Ok, don’t drop the babies. Just place them in a cage with some water until you’re done. I’m not a monster.


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19 responses to “Stuff Lately

  1. the PB picture kills me. because it is true (wah!)
    ok i need to get on the wagon and watch orange is the new black i keep hearing good things from all my credible show sources (i.e. friends that have the same taste as me) and i need a new show anyway now that I have finished all the rest!
    damn netflix.

  2. Pics of The Dude, Walter White and Leo with the swan make this the greatest post of all time.

    And I’m right there with you on Dexter. It’s so freaking annoying. The whole reason I was watching this season in real time instead of waiting for Xmas like we normally do to watch it with my mom was I afraid of hearing end-of-series spoilers. Bright House is doing its best to screw me on that front. And I forgot Homeland was that soon. You’re goddamn right the need to get their crap together.

    If you’re looking for a great new show without all the commitments, check out The Writers’ Room. It’s on Sundance (which I still can’t find on the guide) but we caught up on it on on demand. We watched the Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec and Game of Thrones episodes and all were freaking awesome. I’m now even more obsessed w/ the BB and P&R writers. They’re all awesome. Check it out!

    • Paula

      Time Warner dropped CBS programming altogether. I will not be a happy camper if Brighthouse does the same. I guess there’s always AT&T UVerse.

      I’m gonna check The Writer’s Room. I love that behind the scenes crap.

  3. OMG Breaking Bad. It is sooo good. I cannot even get over how good it is. I am like edge of my seat, mouth dropped open in awe all episode.

    I haven’t watched this season of Dexter yet, but I plan to! I’m waiting for the winter when I can marathon everything over a few snowy weekends. Ahh hibernation is soon.

    Oh and that screencap kills me. Is my blog blocked for FF, or am I not entertaining enough?

    Oh and 3 miles in 30 minutes is incredibly speedy to me. I am jealous.

    • Paula

      I’m pretty sure your blog was blocked for being rude by flaunting all your beering and cottage-ing and good weathering.

  4. I literally *just* blogged about OITNB, then checked my Feedly to see what was going on out there in the Blogiotropes.

    Get outta my head! We’re all quite mad in here…

    I’ve only just started Season 2 of Breaking Bad (I know, I know); should I expect much more tightey-whitey action?

    • Paula

      Oh yes. Expect more of that for sure. Glad you loved OITNB. Though, I don’t feel the same about House of Cards yet. I’m 5 episodes in and it’s good but it doesn’t keep me wanting more. Kinda how I felt about Mad Men.

      • While it’s a totally different show, stick with it! There are plans within plans afoot… and it pays off (IMO) brilliantly. Spacey is at the top of his game. Robin Wright Penn too. I’m not even big on “political” shows but this is positively Shakespearean. Every time I use the word “Shakespearean” I earn another 0.0004% justification for the Literature degree I have never ever used to any discernible purpose, except for boring people at smart parties!

        I… I never get invited to smart parties anymore.

  5. Mz. Teri

    I watched the entire season of Orange is the New Black and LOVED IT!!! My MEB is not happy with the Dexter situation. He’s in the same boat as you. I never really got into that show. Watched a few episodes, but just couldn’t get into it.

    Glad I don’t work at a nazi-camp that doesn’t allow me to be entertained by your blog. I can choose to be randomly entertained whenever I want! 😀

  6. Nicole

    Love, love, love, LOVE House of Cards! Have a thing for Kevin Spacey (since The Negotiator–oh yeah that man is SO hot!) and when I saw that on Netflix I thought I would watch it. I got majorly sucked in! Watched all 13 episodes in one sitting. Great storyline and wonderful acting.

  7. SkinnyRunner

    that’s really sad news about peanut butter. like really sad.

  8. Amber K

    My husband is OBSESSED with Dexter, but I haven’t watched it. He told me to watch Orange is the New Black though, so I’ll have to check it out.

  9. I started reading your blog to fill my Melissa void. You are helping me out! I will see if you are blocked at my work and report back. PS: I’d like that sundae right about now.

  10. I watch so much Netflix that it repeatedly asks me if I’m still watching. That is the pop-up box of shame.

  11. kathleen

    1. i’m eating peanut butter right now and that tiny tablespoon is making me depressed. actually i’m eating white chocolate wonderful and since i’ve eaten at least 1/3 cup so far…it’s so wonderful…yet so depressing.
    2. all of those shows you mentioned are on my lineup. orange is my obsession, dexter is my obsession, walt is my obsession… the list goes on. i don’t know how my dvr is going to handle it when homeland comes back on.
    3. i love that your blog got blocked by your work. you’ve finally made it in the blog world!
    4. finally…great job on the run 🙂

  12. We are TV twins. I just finished Orange last night and started House of Cards….I think Netflix recommended it. I was clearly a hard sell.

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