Relax Grill on Lake Eola (My new favorite place.)

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. By the time Sunday rolled around, hubs and I were dying to get out of the house so we went to lunch. We had one criteria for said lunch: it had to be outside since we couldn’t remember what daylight was like.

After staring at each other for 10 minutes with no ideas, hubs remembered this little cafe called the Relax Grill on Lake Eola that we’ve wanted to try for years but can never remember we want to go there when it’s time to think of a new restaurant (so we end up at Chilis).

It was a beautiful day.

We had to walk around the lake to get to the restaurant from the parking garage, so we inadvertently walked through the farmer’s market that goes on every weekend. I’ve never been but it was super cute. How have I missed out on this for so long? There were also tons of people out and about walking dogs, exercising, or laying on blankets chilling in the shade. When I saw all the people enjoying their day, I realized I can’t remember ever going on a picnic or spending a day in the park. That seems weird to me but maybe it’s because I’m so fidgety. In my mind I want to relax but when I try, I get bored and impatient. < — also why I hate yoga. I need someone to teach me to relax.

Anyway, here was our view from the restaurant. Nice and shady with good people watching.

The menu was American/Mediterranean, so they had a little bit of everything. I started with the Spicy Asian peel and eat shrimp and hubs ordered the loaded tater tots.

The shrimp were grilled, which I didn’t expect. They were good even though there was a bit too much sauce on them. I guess I’m more of a cocktail sauce dipping girl than a Spicy Asian girl (sounds naughty) but I just like shrimp in general so they all made their way into my belly. Hubs ate half his tots and planned to take the rest home until Hurricane Paula came through and took care of that too.

My main dish was the gyro salad platter.

I always feel bad when I eat lamb and have to apologize to my food before I eat it. They are so adorable but it is their fault for also being so delicious. The tzatziki sauce was a little bland but everything else was amazing so I didn’t mind.

Hubs ordered the chicken and shrimp plate.

He gave everything a thumbs up as well. The service was so good and there were so many things we wanted to try on the menu that we’ll have to go back soon. I didn’t drink but there were Happy Hour specials every day including $2 off all drinks when it’s raining. (?!) I’m going to need to make this place a habit because we loved it and the view is amazing. If you’re in Orlando, definitely check it out.

After lunch, we walked back around the lake and checked out all the ducks and swans that had no problem getting up in our biz.

Don’t mind me.

We walked back through the farmer’s market where a vanilla bean cupcake was whispering sweet nothings as I passed by. We like to support local business and expanding waistlines.

The frosting was amazing but the cupcake was a little dry. I still ate it all because that would just be rude to the cupcake not to.

Afterwards, we were so full we had to take a two hour nap and then only had enough energy to sit on the couch and watch Parks and Rec the rest of the night. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m all caught up (we’re almost done with season 5). I might have to find a hobby and do something useful with my life. < — just kidding, I would never do that.


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14 responses to “Relax Grill on Lake Eola (My new favorite place.)

  1. So, just to clarify, you are saying that the vanilla cupcake was calling to you?

    Well I love all of this. Next time I come visit you, can you bring me here? I love saucy things and people watching!

    And I do the same thing with lamb! Veal also. Poor delicious babies.

    • Paula

      It was calling to me. People think cupcakes can’t talk. That is not true. They talk to me all the time.

      And yes, I will definitely bring you there! I thought about you because I knew you would love it. It is a sauce, booze, food, and people watching wonderland!

  2. I’ve been there and believe I got the very same entree as you. It was all kinds of delicious, as lamb always is (I miss you most of all lamb.)

  3. Lee

    Here in Georgia (or at least Atlanta), restaurants aren’t allowed to have happy hour. Isn’t that a bunch of BS?

  4. Amber K

    Man, cupcakes are so hit and miss with me. Especially since they have to be gluten-free. There’s a place that’s super close but theirs fall apart. There’s another one where the cake part is amazing, but the frosting sucks. The only good place had to shut down because their rent was raised too much. This was far too much talk about cupcakes, but c’mon…it’s a cupcake!

    • Paula

      Cupcakes are important and a fine art that is hard to master. We have a great place called Sweet! here and I think they have gluten-free cupcakes too but I’ve only tried the regular ones. Over and over and over.

  5. Melissa

    I’m so torn. Do I take you to the amazing cupcake place and ruin all other cupcakes for you (they are seriously that good) or let you live in blissful ignorance of what you’re missing?

    (This is rhetorical. We’re obviously going.)

  6. Sara B.

    The service was good?!? We’ve been there several times and the service has always been pretty bad – maybe I’ll have to try it again.

    • Paula

      Yes! We only ordered appetizers because the menu said things are cooked to order and may take longer than usual and we were starving. Got both food and apps quickly and the server was always around asking if we needed anything.

  7. Have you been to the WP farmers market? It’s my favorite. I miss it so much.

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