Guess My Finish Time and Win Something Mediocre

I’m running the U Can Finish 5-miler again this year. The race is Sunday.

The course is through the campus of the University of Central Florida, where I graduated from college. I loved running through campus and remembering where all my classes were last year so I’m looking forward to that again. So much so that I’m going to do the same giveaway I did last year.

Be the first to guess my correct finish time and win a $15.00 gift card to Target or (your choice).

The rules:

  • The first person that comes closest to guessing my finish time (without going over) wins. So if you guess the winning time but someone else also guessed that time before you, no dice.
  • Need help guessing? Feel free to look at my Races page to check out my past finish times. Or my race review from last year. < — I’m not that fast anymore.
  • Open to U.S. and Puerto Rico residents only (unless you have use for a U.S. dollar gift certificate elsewhere).
  • Comments will close sometime Saturday morning, so leave a comment with your guess before then.

I will email the winner on Monday.

Good luck! :-)

UPDATED: Comments are closed. 10/12/13, 9:30am


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44 responses to “Guess My Finish Time and Win Something Mediocre

  1. Sara

    50:00, I hope that isn’t insulting. lol

  2. 48:13. I know that I’m not from the US, but I could use a Target gift card. Good luck on your race!

  3. I am thinking about 46:46! 🙂 this was a fun!

  4. 45:33

    Good luck and #TDOTM!

  5. Karen

    So I’m feeling 51:33

    Go get it girl!

  6. Missie

    My guess: 46:22

  7. Jenny

    I will guess 47:37. Good luck & have fun! 🙂

  8. Linz

    50:50, but I hope I’m way over 🙂

  9. Ananda

    I will guess 47.39. Good luck and enjoy!

  10. Carrie S

    Good luck!!

  11. Brittany M


    Happy running!

  12. 46:26

    The kickass weather we are going to (hopefully) have is going to inspire you!

  13. Christina S.

    My guess is 50:13. Good luck! Let’s hope this beautiful “fall” FL weather sticks around for the race.

  14. David

    49:10 – Watch out for new buildings – seems like they add 1 a month!

  15. Becca


    Have a great race!!!

  16. Jessica G

    I will go with 51:06.

    Good luck!

  17. 36:41

    I’d rather you love me for believing in you than to get any free money.

  18. jessica y

    47:24…good luck!

  19. Christine

    47:55 Have a good race!

  20. heather

    my guess is 51:40, but i hope i’m way over!! have fun!

  21. Can I guess morning? You didn’t really specify about the whole time thing.

  22. Megan

    48 minutes flat (which you are no longer, ha!)

  23. Verlin

    39:39 – AHA – your prejudice against Canadians has been confirmed. I KNEW it. Good luck in the race, young lady. Hope your mojo is coming back for you. Mine has flown the coop — possibly to Alaska — hope it returns soon.

  24. Not just Canadians that are shafted, Australians too 😉

  25. Tiffany

    47:22. I won this one last year! I am in it to win it again!

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  27. Kate

    Ok, I’ll play. It’ll be easy to get that gift card from you. 🙂

    I’ll say 48:10

    Good luck!

  28. William

    47:37. Enjoy!

  29. Kathryn M.


    I will be there too – good luck! If we are lucky the sun will be shining directly in our faces the entire time we run past the stadium