Race Review: Armageddon Ambush

Armageddon Ambush is a 5k mud and color run. My friend, Daryl, had an extra registration and asked me to run it a few weeks ago. Until then, I had never heard of the race but it sounded fun from the Web site and I’m a sucker for races.

This one took place in Clermont, about an hour away from Orlando.

*Documenting that we were clean.*

This race is expensive – $80 untimed or $100 timed. (Some cities are cheaper.) Daryl bought the registrations for $30 or $40 on Living Social. Not bad. There was $10 fee to transfer the registration to my name – also not bad, but the registration wasn’t in my name when we picked up our bibs. Bib pick up was still no problem, but Daryl had changed it a week prior. You’d think for $10 bucks it would be in my name.

We just missed our noon wave, so we hopped in the 12:30 wave with no problem. I think there were about 12 obstacles. We ran though a lot of thick mud and muddy water, jumped over the littlest fire wall in the land, climbed walls and cargo net, ran through tires, made our way across swinging rings (kinda like monkey bars, but not), and ran through one lone color station. < — IMO, you can’t call yourself a mud AND color race and have only one color station

The obstacles were harder than Warrior Dash (< — that’s my race review). I had to skip four of them which hurt my Crossfit soul a little bit. I skipped the rope climb (because my forearms are not strong enough to lift this crazy body), two walls that were too high for me to jump without looking like a complete idiot to those waiting behind me, and a repelling wall at the end that I got half way up but was too tired from trying the other three failed obstacles.

This was the second to last obstacle.

It was by far the most awesome obstacle. You climb a cargo net in the back to get up and then slide down into a pool of muddy water. Only four people can climb up at once so there was a major back up. We waited 20 minutes to get on it which totally sucked. We came really close to skipping it but it just looked so fun we stuck it out. See the people standing behind it? They are all still waiting.

After the slide, there’s a mud crawl and a run through the finish line. By the time we got to the mud crawl, it looked like this.

All the ropes you crawl under were pushed into the mud. So we just walked through it. Again, this obstacle was right by all the volunteers and the main action. You think someone would fix it instead of leaving it like that. But what do I know?

There were two water stops on the course. By the time we got to the second one, the water was gone. It was only 1:00 pm at that point and waves were running until 5:30, so no one got water after us. For $80 or even $40, there should be water.

Once we crossed the finish, we received a t-shirt and a race medal, which I thought was pretty cool.

I definitely didn’t expect a medal.

I would advise against paying for a timed registration with the backup at that last obstacle (and several others). They do have specific timed waves, but I can’t see the backup not happening. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

There is only food and drink for purchase afterwards, so keep that in mind if you’re the hungry or thirsty type. The food looked really good, I’ll give them that, but for such an expensive race you would think you’d at least get a granola bar or a bottle of water.

I liked the race and the more challenging obstacles but it just suffered from…a lack of volunteers? I’m not sure. It wasn’t bad by any means but this race has a lot of room for improvement.

Either way, I still had fun getting dirty with a friend. 🙂


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13 responses to “Race Review: Armageddon Ambush

  1. Glad all in all you had fun…that’s what that kind of race is really about, right? 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Oh, I don’t do well with the waiting. Or the no water. Or the no food at the finish. Not cool, man, not cool. BUT, it is fun to get dirty with a friend. Get ready. I’m gonna get you very dirty on our hike. Well, not really unless you fall down or Roo jumps on you.

  3. Mz. Teri

    Your expectations of Clermont are a bit too high. I mean, come-on. It’s Clermont! I’m surprised they didn’t have you doing obstacles such as chewing tobacco and seeing how far you could spit it; tossing corn husks through a ring; or herding livestock into a trailer or a pen. lol

    The running out of water at the water stations is unforgivable, IMO.

    Glad you were able to experience something different though. 🙂

  4. I wonder what the race money actually went towards then?!

  5. Laura

    I’ve heard a lot of these “warrior” type races are now just for profit and people are just trying to make money off the trend, which it kind of sounds like this one was with the poor support and no free food or drink at the end (who DOES that?!). Glad you still had fun!

  6. Reese (Pieces of Reese)

    I don’t think I would be cool with having to pay for food and water after I race I just dropped 80 or 100 dollars for (even though you didn’t pay that much but still)

  7. Mbird

    Not a boring race. $40 worth of fun.

  8. I’m impressed you do these kinds of races. I’m certian that I would twist an ankle but the main REASON I am commenting tonight is to ask… WHERE THE HELL ARE THE AHS reviews!?! I miss them. I demand them. This season is 10x better than last season and I NEED your recaps. You are 2 behind. Do them pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Paula

      I’m not doing the recaps this year. I know. Sad. But they take soooo long to write and last year I had a hard time finding the time to write them well. LOL to you thinking this season is 10x better after one episode. I’m liking it so far too!

  9. I just came across this blog. I heard that the Clermont Event had 10 hired staff no show….they were short handed ( totally sucked for them i bet, but it seemed to me they did a pretty good job keeping it together….I went with a group and we had blast! We ran at 2:00 and there was water at both stations..it could be that water was being brought out at the time you passed the station do to lack of volunteers…at least there was still the one station and plenty of water at the finish line…The Race fee for this race is $45 dollars right up to until last minute registration I know because I registered early and one in our group registered 1 week prior…I personally think it is worth it a cool shirt, medal and challenging obstacle plus a free beer! Also I know that the other Events they had this past year were spot on based on other reviews! Even the big OCR companies have had an off Race…I am cheering this OCR on I definitely think there is room for improvement but not bad for a new OCR company…not bad at all!!!

    • Paula

      Hi Sarah, the prices for the Clermont race were much higher than in other cities. It was $85 for us at least a month prior. I mentioned that in the review. Thanks for the insight on the volunteer no-shows! Do you work for the event? I notice your URL is for the race.

      • No I dont work for the Race… I just figured I would put the site so others can check it out for themselves…I purchased my tickets very early. I guess I was just assuming this company is like all the other OCR companies that raise their prices for late sign ups….. but yeah glad I could at least offer up something to what I heard through the OCR grapevine 🙂

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