Race Review: Challenge Nation Orlando

Yesterday, Michelle and I were lucky enough to be invited to race Challenge Nation Orlando.

Challenge Nation is a scavenger hunt race where you have to complete 11 out of 12 clues by finding the clue and taking a picture with it according to the instructions. I’ve never done a race like this, but I really liked that the clues were tailored to the area and what was going on in downtown Orlando that day.

The race started at Wall Street Plaza. We got there in the middle of packet pick up and even so, there was no line and we got our bibs and t-shirts easily.

We waited around for awhile with our friends, Cheyanne and Ricky, who were also running the race. We were on separate teams but we ended up running the whole thing together and helping each other with the clues and took each others pictures.

Speaking of clues, if you like the Challenge Nation Facebook page, they post hints to a few of the clues the night before the race. Maybe we’re just dense, but the hints did not help AT ALL.

Even after completing the race, I still only get two of them.

Anyway, eventually we lined up to receive our clues just before the race started.

Each team had a captain that was responsible for getting the clues and getting the pictures verified at the end of the race. That was Michelle because she was willing and I was lazy. Such a trooper.

Michelle is holding out our paper with the clues to prove we weren’t opening them early. Finally, the race started and we were able to check out our clues, which basically meant we read about 5 of them and headed in their general direction and hoped for the best. Here are the 11 we completed:

1. Snap a pic with at least one teammate standing in a fountain or lake.

2. Find the Disney-donated spot and another challenge team and pose like rock stars.

3. Take a photo with one of the following: a clown, a traditional barber pole, a tricycle, a person wearing overalls, or any live pet animal other than a dog. Give a thumbs up in the picture.

This is the part where I have to admit we spotted the bunny and asked for a picture before we knew it was a clue. The lady was like, “it doesn’t count if your thumbs aren’t up.”  See? My love of bunnies paid off TEN FOLD.

4. Re-enact a wedding ceremony at a romantic spot along the waterfront. Include at least 2 strangers and a physical creative prop as part of your ceremony (we had a flower).

Aww. We’ve never been more in love.

5. Pose like fearsome pirates near a bust of Mahatma and force one of your teammates to “walk the plank.”

Apparently Ricky and I are the only one that got the “fearsome” pirates memo.

6. Take a photo with any of the presidents that appear on Mount Rushmore. (You can’t use currency, change, smartphone pictures, or draw the image.)

7. Find an out-of-towner (not from Florida) wearing non-sports related garb.

I just realized that guy looks like Chuck Norris. We should have gotten extra points for that.

8. Find the artwork paid for by Universal Studios and “do the obvious” activity with the rings in front of it.

That’s also how we look when dancing.

9. Buy/find a postcard, address it to someone on the team, write your favorite clue on it, and pretend to mail in any old style blue mailbox.

Our picture was super blurry so I won’t post that one. Michelle told me I had to write her a note on the postcard, so I did.

That was not part of the instructions and Challenge Nation collected those. Thanks, M.

On a side note, they do say that you don’t need anything for the race except a digital camera. We needed money to buy the postcard. I have no idea where you would “find” one and you are able to skip one clue, but I think having anything for purchase in the clues is a bad idea.

10. Find the building that was blown up in Lethal Weapon 3 (that’s City Hall) and then mimic the pose with the soccer player out front.

11. Find a certain intersection (we had to Google the clues to figure out the intersection) and draw your favorite thing about living in Florida with the chalk at that intersection.

Those are two people running. Most people drew the sun or water. *snore*

We came in 68 out of 178 teams. (Our team name was Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants ( <— name that reference), but Michelle doesn’t know how to write.)

I want to thank Challenge Nation for giving me the opportunity to run this race. I’ve never done anything like it and I loved it. It was silly and a lot of fun. Even Michelle, the Grinch of all “novelty” races, liked it.

I’ll definitely do this one next year and I might try to sweet talk the hubby into joining because I think he’ll like this one too. Smile


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21 responses to “Race Review: Challenge Nation Orlando

  1. The only hint I figured out from ours (they were similar) was the 4 out of 44 (Mount Rushmore). What the hell was #5? A few of our clues were the same but none of them make sense for that hint. It’s driving me crazy. I NEED TO KNOW.

    You two make an adorable husband & wife. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Melissa

    Fleetmar sex pants? That’s not even close–ha. Good job having fun. I would probably hate that race since I hate fun.

  3. This is hilarious. The pictures absolutely killed me, especially 4, 5, 7 and bunny. This looks like such a fun time!
    I did something similar in Toronto but it wasn’t NEARLY as good or detailed as this. My friend and I came in dead last because we stopped for lunch 🙂

  4. LOVE your shirt! It is super cute, where is it from?

  5. That looks like a seriously fun race! But the whole time I was reading and looking at your pictures, I kept thinking to myself- dang, they have nice weather. We got snow this weekend, so I will take your sunshiney weather!

  6. Friends don’t let friends write down team names when they are sleep deprived! <–my excuse

    Thanks for marrying and touching animals with me yesterday. It was so fun. I can't wait to do it again next year!

  7. It looks like a fun race. I have never done scavenger hunt race, but is sounds like it would be fun with a group of people.

    • Paula

      We saw a group of 10 that looked like a hot mess and were going in all different directions. I think 4 people is the perfect amount for sure.

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  9. Amber K

    I had no idea there were races like this! I’m not into racing in general because I absolutely hate running, but this sounds like fun.

    • Paula

      We only ran about half of it because we were walking while reading and figuring out clues, so it’s definitely a race for a non-runner.

  10. Band name! I call it.

    Don’t try to slip an Andy Dwyer reference past me,

  11. I meant to comment on this last week, but got busy. Anyway, this looks FUN! I’m not fast, but I think I’d like to do it next year, too! And, love that you found a buns to take a pic with!

    • Paula

      You don’t have to be fast! I think it was just about 3 miles when we finished and we did a lot of walking! We’re gonna do it next year too. We had a blast.

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