Shoe Drama

Shoe drama. I gots it.

I’m sure some of you knew this post was coming. Running shoes and I have always had a dicey relationship. I think I’ve found the perfect shoe but then it gets discontinued. Or I seem to find something wrong with the shoe, even if there might not really be anything wrong at all. Like my Brooks Ghost 5, for example. They are probably the shoes I should stick with because they never gave me a problem, they wear right in the middle which may mean I’m heel striking less, and they even lasted a crazy 700 miles.

I just can’t stand the sight of them.

Ugh. Denim blue. The worst. Those are dying to be worn with some khaki Bermuda shorts and a fanny pack. (Sorry, to those who wear these. I’m sure you look beautiful in them. Especially this girl.)

Lately, I’ve been alternating between the Brooks Glycerine 12’s and the Mizuno Wave Creation 14s. The Glycerines feel good and I like the look of them a lot.

But man, the flexibility is not there. They feel so stiff after six or seven miles like I’m in a pair of clodhoppers, so I’m hyper-aware they are on my feet. Do people still use the word clodhoppers? We should bring that back into common rotation. Try it. 😉

The Wave Creations are decent, but they wear on the inner heel so I’m probably heel striking more. They make my feet look more gigantic than they already are but they’re cute so I forgive them.

Also, after about 11 miles, I feel like I need more padding in the forefront of the foot. These aren’t anywhere close to minimalists, so I’m not sure what that’s all about because I never had that issue during the two years I wore the 12s.

So basically, I can run shorter distances in both the Brooks and the Mizunos fine but they will not do for marathon training. So, I’m going to do what I do best: buy shoes I don’t really need right now but have convinced myself that I do.

Say hi to the Mizuno Wave Rider 17s (and to your mother) for me.

I can’t decide which color. Help!

I wore the 15s for awhile but they were a bit too narrow and rubbed on my pinky toe to the point where I was limping after a race. I’m willing to give the 17s a chance since they were completely redesigned and are freakin’ adorable. Adorable is important. When you look like I do after a race, it’s important to keep something looking good.

The 17s go on sale on December 4, so expect me to be bitching about them around the 18th. If they don’t work out, I’m giving up and going back to the Brooks Ghosts. Hopefully the 6’s didn’t change too much from the 5’s because I need this vicious cycle to end so I can go back to spending my money on less important things like rent and electricity.



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28 responses to “Shoe Drama

  1. I like those Brooks Ghost 5, not that I have them, but I am very partial to blue. 😉

    As for the two colors – I lean toward the purple pair (also a color I am very fond of). Although, I do like the look of the other pair…just something about that purple.

    Good luck! Hope they love your feet and you love them!

  2. I was about to get offended on behalf of me and my beloved TURQUOISE (not denim blue) Ghosts but then your “especially this girl” warmed my heart.

    I’m tired of the Brooks just because I’m tired of wearing the same damn pair for about, oh, 15 months now. True story. I never run enough mileage to outwear them, but I’ll be getting there soon. I’ve started flirting with some other ideas but other than some sorish (tots a word) shins from time to time, the Ghost 5s have far and away been the best shoes ever for me in terms of how my feet feel during and after runs. Not one blister. Not one sore toe. Not one sore heel or arch. It’s like running on angel wings.

    Katy has been tempting me with the idea of Altras lately though. Both she and our friend, who is a super-marathoner, are both obsessed so I’m intrigued by them. I don’t know that Track Shack sells them but I’m planning on moseying on over there in the next couple weeks to experiment with some other shoes.

    In the meantime, you be nice to my lovely Ghost 5s, which sparkle with the same color as a Caribbean shore. Dammit, maybe I do need some Bermudas (btw, I thought my 81yo father-in-law was the only person still using the term Bermuda shorts. Between those and the clodhoppers reference, you’re showing your age today!)

    • Paula

      They are called denim blue! No amount of turquoise can make me unsee the denim blue. They also might look good with a pair of pleated, stone-washed jeans. Food for thought.
      I’ll have to look up those Altras. Not sure I’ve even heard of them but I could always use more shoes that don’t work that I can complain about. 🙂

  3. Gah, you know how much I love a post on running shoes! I’m also still on a quest to find the most magical pair in all the land. I’ve been running in Brooks Ravenna and while they are cushy & nice, I feel like they’re heavy. And I heel-strike like a crazy woman in them. My shins aren’t super angry like they’ve been in previous shoes and my arches don’t hurt like they did in other Brooks and Mizunos, but they’re just… heavy.

    So obviously the next step was to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes. I picked up the new Saucony Guide 7 which have an 8mm drop which is lower than my Ravennas and I can definitely feel the drop. And they’re freakin’ light. Me feel so speedy! My concern is: is there enough support? I ran two miles in them last night and my right foot says no. I’m going to re-lace them and go for another run before I send ’em back to Running Warehouse. But… they’re soooo pretty! Don’t make me send them back.

    • Paula

      Yeah, that 8mm is a low drop. Mama needs some cushion for her tootsies. I can run 2-3 miles in my Kinvara 3’s and be ok but after that my feet are not having it. I think those have a 4mm. Can you use the Sauconys for speed work? That way you could keep them and maintain your cuteness!

  4. Sorry, my comment was clearly all about me-me-me. I vote for the black Wave Riders. White will get dirty too quickly! And then you’ll be sad.

  5. Jenny

    How many emails have we traded about this subject?! 🙂 Good luck with the Wave Rider. I hope they work out well! I personally wouldn’t get white because it gets dirty so quickly but that’s just me. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shoe myself. I think it was easier to find a husband. 😉

  6. I run in Brooks Adrenalines as my “go to” shoe. I wish they would make them in better colors. I love the funky Newtons but can’t run in them.

    • Paula

      Yeah, the Adrenalines look like a basic shoe – not bad looking but not fun. Don’t they know we want them in ALL the colors? Get with it Brooks. We should start a campaign.

  7. Rob Runs

    I have what I lovingly refer to as “flipper feet,” they’re big and wide and would be great for swimming should I ever desire to set them in a pool. I need a 10 double-wide and I can’t find many brands or models that even come in a size that fits so I have little choice and I have some ugly ugly ugly shoes. Luckily the Asics 2000s in my size are actually pretty cute and don’t make my feet look like canoes. Last time I went to a stride clinic the dude was like “um, you know you can just get men’s shoes” and he BLEW MY MIND.

    Anyway, I’d get the white Wave Riders. I like the purple.

    • Paula

      I wear a size 10 too and have fairly wide feet. I have a pair of Asics Cumulus 12s and they’re ok but a little too snug. I like that men’s shoe idea! Of course, I’d find a reason to be unhappy with those too.

      • Rob Runs

        I have the 2000s in 10EE, I used to buy them from Running Warehouse but they don’t carry them anymore and when I asked them about it they said “LOL nobody wears that size.” Sad face. I thought men’s and women’s shoes would be different in some functional ways but the shoe dude said that for the really common models they’re identical.

  8. I think you should run in Hokas. You’d love them. Super cute. Not like grandma shoes AT ALL.

    • Paula

      I had to look those up. Those are some snazzy shoes. I’ll have to find a pair of jeans with a waistline that reaches my nipples to wear with those.

  9. Melissa

    I think your little ghosties are sort of cute, but the new wave riders are super adorbs, and you should probably get both. <–bad influence

    I want different shoes, but I always go back to my trusty Adidas. I'm so lame.

  10. Haha you are hilarious. What if you went with the Brooks Ghost 5 and just spray painted them to get rid of the blue? You know they work for you and then the colour wouldn’t be an issue 😉 I’ve always worn Asic gel cumulus and haven’t had any issues with them. I’d like to find something similar in another brand though, but not sure where to start

    • Paula

      Look at you getting all DIY with shoes. 😉
      I have some Asics Gel Cumulus 12s. They work ok but they’re a little snug. As you can see, I will never be happy.

  11. Carrie S

    I am a fan of the word clodhopper (use it every time my fiance puts on his bright white New Balance shoes). I also call them his Grandpa shoes. Definitely the purple!!! Looks like MN Vikings colors, which I am sure is the reason you would decide on those 😉

  12. Verlin

    Finally! I have been patiently waiting for the shoe woes post; took you a while this time around. I vote for adding some leg-warmers and one of those nice pastel, Jane Fonda-inspired, braided headbands to your wardrobe to match the Ghost 5s and calling it a day. But where’s the fun (and future post) in that. So, I prefer the white Mizunos, but only because I have an allergy to the turquoise on the black ones.

    • Paula

      You know how to accessorize. I like it! And yes, it has been awhile. I shouldn’t have waited so long. You probably thought I was happy with my shoes there for a bit. Rest assured I am still as miserable and bitchy as ever.

  13. I used to have those first shoes you posted! They were my old running shoes. BUT they weren’t blue…so obviously less fug. That redeems me right?

  14. Amber K

    My dad calls any clunky shoe a “clodhopper.” Made me roll my eyes as a kid and still does now. 😉

  15. surfergirl

    Definitely the dark coloured ones. White sneakers always remind me of “The 20 minute workout” from the ’80s.

  16. Oh the Ghost hurt my feet. Have you ran in the PureFlow or PureConnect?

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