Sunday Bunday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts. Rest assured the princess is still doing well and is as sassy as ever. So I thought I would share a few shots of her being adorable. Or being a pain in the ass. Or being adorable while being a pain in the ass.

Pants gets to run around the house and play every morning. And by playing, I mean running from her cage to another room to lay down some more.

Pants helping me with the Christmas decorations.

Pants’s delicately balanced piece of poo on a stuffed animal.

That girl. She’s cute and talented.

And lastly, Pants staying still long enough so I could get an actual shot of that sweet face.

I love that the color on her mouth looks like an upside-down heart. ❤


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8 responses to “Sunday Bunday

  1. Amber K

    So adorable! I need to get out of apartments so I can get a pet. A dog for me though.

  2. Melissa

    What’s Pants doin? Being Pantsy! ❤ ❤

  3. What made you get a bunny? She’s pretty cute though 🙂

    • Paula

      We always like going into pet stores to pet the guinea pigs. One of those times they had a ton of baby rescue bunnies and she was too cute to resist.

  4. Love the Bunday posts. 🙂

  5. Jenny

    She is so adorable! 🙂

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