Five for Friday

1. I went for a run last night. This was my view.

That means my run was not on my beloved treadmill, but outside in the land of gnat clouds. The temperature was in the low 60s (that’s our cool front) when I started and everyone on the path was already in winter jackets and long sleeves. Florida is hilarious when it dips below 72F. There is no reason for any of us to own a quilted winter jacket.

2. I ran five miles. I didn’t feel omgamazing but I felt alright and this is how it went.

I know it’s only five miles (no walking! hive five), but I couldn’t even get one mile like that during my race. Apparently I’m not meant to run races but boring mile loops around a lake.

3. I got my first Christmas card in the mail. (From this girl who just changed her blog name. You know you’re gonna have to change that again in 10 years right?)

There are several things I like about how this was addressed. Probably the first being that all our last names are Hamm. There’s something delightful and disgusting about the name Pants Hamm.

4. Last weekend, we went to see Steve Byrne at the Improv with a bunch of friends and got to meet him after the show.

He’s on a show called Sullivan and Son on TBS that we don’t watch, so we had no idea who he was but we had a good time and Steve was a nice guy. Some of his routine was a little too offensive for me (and I am really hard to offend) but other than that, worth seeing.

5. Hubs and I watched Winter’s Bone last night.

Yeah, I know it’s old. I have a lot of catching up to do. Anyway, I bought the movie on super sale and have been meaning to watch it for awhile now.

I’m going to sum it up quickly so you don’t have to watch it.

*Spoiler Alert*

*You’ll thank me later*

Jennifer Lawrence is dirt poor and raises her two younger siblings because her mom is crazy and her dad’s in jail for cooking meth. Dad jumps bail and disappears “mysteriously.” (It’s not really mysterious.) The dad’s debt threatens to take the family house so she has to find him. She walks from house to house asking people where her dad is while wearing a sweet deer sweater.

Alright, so that happens for about an hour. Oh, and it’s cold out. I guess that’s why it’s called Winter’s Bone because there’s no other explanation. Although, no one ever seems really cold in the movie so I question the temperature.

Anyway, after asking enough people, she finds her dad. He’s dead in the water (literally) and she has to chop his hands off to prove it (best not to ask).  Finally, she gets to keep the house. Then she makes her siblings feel like crap unintentionally.

The end.

When I say nothing really happened in this movie, I am not exagerrating. However, this is what is written on the back of the box.


Hubs mentioned that we did technically have pulses during the movie. So they got us there.


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11 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. I for one, would like to thank you, I now will never have to watch that movie. Phew! Cuz, really when you first showed it…I was pulled in…I mean it got some Wins at the Sundance Film Festival…

    Anyway, heheheh I laughed at the Hamm last name! 🙂

  2. Alright, won’t be watching that movie. And the cover lured me in because it looks like a wolf shirt.

    Guess I’m going to have to get more creative with my Christmas card to you guys… If that ends up even happening, ’cause it hasn’t yet and it’s almost Christmas…

  3. Hahaha the last name thing was completely unintentional! But hilarious nonetheless. Next year I will address it to “The Hamm Family”

  4. OMG I could not agree more about Winter’s Bore. It’s like the filmmakers watched half of a Hitchcock movie and didn’t realize that it’s ok to build slowly to a climax, but you do need something to happen eventually. That movie made me angry for watching it.

  5. Amber K

    Oh man, so glad I didn’t have to sit through that! I could barely get through Silver Linings Playbook even though everyone else seems to love it. It’s just…so…slow…

  6. Lee

    I really liked Winter’s Bone. But I like boring movies!

  7. Stephanie Frame

    Can’t believe they wrote “thriller” on the back of Winter’s Bone. I liked it but… thriller? Eh.

  8. Allyssa

    I tried watching Winters Bone on a TV channel while at work the other day. Because I can’t actually go anywhere else I tried really hard to keep watching but I eventually changed it (I never got to where she found the father). It was just so boring and pointless. So so boring. I also can’t seem to get through Silver Linings Playbook though. Weird thing is I really like her as an actress! Both movies are just a snooze fest.

  9. As much as I love my girl, Jennifer, I agree with you on Winter’s Bone. I was expecting a crime thriller or something, not 90 minutes of Jennifer Lawrence walking through the Ozarks.

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  11. Oh man, don’t think I’ve even heard of that movie! Well, at least now I won’t be watching it at all. And I do LOVE your recaps. 🙂

    Winter jackets and long sleeves in FL?!?!?!

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