That Time I Didn't Totally Hate Running

My work had an ugly sweater contest yesterday. I came in third!

(If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this.)

That’s not a sweater. It’s a t-shirt. This is Florida people. Don’t go thinking we own actual sweaters around here. I had a hard time deciding between this shirt and the one that said “Merry Christmas Bitches!” Obviously, I chose the more work appropriate holiday humping shirt and it paid off handsomely. And by handsomely, I mean not at all because I didn’t get jack for third place.

I didn’t let the lack of a (deserved, if you ask me) prize get me down because my new Mizuno Wave Rider 17s came in the mail!

So pretty! So shimmery!

I went for a four mile run and the jury is still out on if I like them. The ankles are comfortable but the top of the shoe is really tight, which I’m not sure I like. They also might be a touch too narrow, but that could be in my head because the blood blister on the bottom of my pinky toe (from my last race) is aggravated by running in general.

I’m going to loosen the laces for my next run and see how it goes. I may or may not return them for the wide version. I’m a little apprehensive because I’m afraid they’ll be too wide. #neverhappy

Anyway, I’d like these shoes to work out for me. They’re light, cute, and make me feel like prancing. Also, I don’t want to go around presuming they are magical or anything but…

I’ve never had an outside run where most of my miles were in the eights. Usually I hate running outside. It almost never goes well and I’m miserable, but yesterday wasn’t so bad. Well, my face was covered by at least 40 gnats at the end, which was disgusting. I don’t want to think about how many made it in my mouth. That is probably #6 on my list of why I hate running outside. I’ll go ahead and answer the question you’re probably already thinking besides, “how could a runner hate running outside?”

Reasons I Hate Outside Running

  1. Humidity
  2. Heat
  3. Lack of available bathrooms to poop in
  4. I have to carry water or run a boring loop with water fountains
  5. I might get shot
  6. At least 40 gnats in my face

So what I’m saying is, either the shoes are powered 9:00 minute mile cheetahs or I became amazing within one week.

I’ll keep you updated on that answer.


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10 responses to “That Time I Didn't Totally Hate Running

  1. Let me know what you think– when I reviewed them, I thought the toe box was a bit short or tight too and I still haven’t gotten over that. Love them otherwise, but that still bugs me!

  2. Nice job on the run speedy! No more complaining about running outside…..going to take a picture shortly of what I have to deal with to run outside. Let’s just say I did a lot of jumping on my run last night. Stupid snow.

  3. I think you should check out the wides (at least try them on somewhere) and then switch them out!! Make those feet happy!!

    Yay for fast miles. Let’s make that a thing in 2014!!

  4. Amber K

    I hate running in general, but I actually prefer doing it outside rather than on a treadmill. There was only one time I didn’t hate being on a treadmill and that’s when I was obsessed with The Hills and ran during an entire episode because it was so “intense.” Geez, I can’t believe I just admitted that.

  5. Magical running shoes?! I need them.

  6. Verlin

    You were totally robbed on the third place no prize thing. I won second place in my company’s contest (I may or may not be trying to brag a bit here), and the top three all got prizes. Looking forward to the love/hate relationship posts re your new shoes. Consistency makes me happy.

  7. Allyssa

    I don’t have any comments on the outside running because I live in the same crappy outdoor conditions so I hate the same things.

    But I do need to know where you found that shirt?!

  8. Nice shoes! How are you liking them now?

    • Paula

      It’s hard to tell because I have some left over blisters from my other shoes. I *think* I like them, but I’m not quite sure until my tootsies heal up.

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