My Favoritest Holiday of them All

New Year’s Eve turned out better than I thought it would. Hubs and I had no plans and didn’t know what we wanted to do. So, we decided on the 30th to invite a bunch of people over and see if there were other plan-less losers like us.


There were!

More people showed up than we expected and I only knew 50% of them (friends of friends and whatnot), but it was a good time that included a lot of Fireball (on my part), champagne at midnight, a broken martini glass, a few spilled drinks, fireworks, and Duck Dynasty confetti all over my kitchen floor. (Whoever brought that is off the invite list!)

I also got to hang out all night with my friend (and extremely sporadic blogger), Klainie, who I haven’t seen in awhile, which makes no sense because we work together.


The house across from us was having a party as well and I think we were in an unspoken fireworks-off, which I’m sure is a thing.


What they won in height, we made up for in originality when our friend sprinted through the neighborhood with a lit firework.


Don’t try that at home, kids.

Hubs and I ended up going to bed around 3am. Our friend, Jamie, didn’t make it that long. She has a knack for falling asleep when the mood strikes and she did not disappoint.

I realized this year that New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday. It’s the first day where the stress of the holidays is gone and you can just enjoy yourself and be absurdly lazy. Plus, the first day of the new year always feels fresh to me. I love it. I never feel that way any other day.

So, on my favorite day of the year, I ate pizza for breakfast, took a surprisingly long nap, and watched hours and hours of the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy. I look forward to that marathon every year. It is totally my favorite thing about New Year’s Day. (And no, watching it on Netflix is not the same.) Those old episodes are so good and they remind me how much I love the ride at Hollywood Studios. I even managed to run three decent miles in the evening, so that Fireball tried and failed to keep me down.

Paula: 1, Fireball: 0

It’s already a good year.


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17 responses to “My Favoritest Holiday of them All

  1. Kned

    Haha, dammit, now i’ll have to post something! Yay for a good year start!

  2. Melissa

    YAY for being a plan-less loser! And for winning over Fireball.

  3. Haha we all have one of those friends that just sleeps when and where they please!
    And I agree, NY day feel so amazingly fresh- it is wonderful.

  4. Klainie has a blog??? #rushestoaddittofeedly #yeshashtagsinblogsareathing #howmanyhashtagscaniuse?

    I had a new drink on New Year’s … Rum Chata. Since you seem to know about all things booze, have you ever had this magical concoction? Someone told me today if you had Fireball to it, it takes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Why aren’t you and I the one spending all our time creating magical liquor concoctions? We’re doing something wrong.

    • Paula

      Oh yes, I’ve had Rumchata. And that CTC shot. Aren’t you memorizing my Instagram posts? I think you can make a Honey Nut Cheerios shot with it too. Oh so many possibilities!

  5. Looks like a fun night! We did nothing…bought some appetizers, watched a movie and went to bed before 12am. Oh and I painted our kitchen that day. We are so much fun! Haha

  6. Amber K

    That sounds like a blast! Mine was much more low key, just the husband and I watching the ball drop on TV and then bed. Blah.

  7. I will never again touch Fireball. That drink can rot in hell. The rest of your NYE sounds awesome though.

  8. Happy New Year!!! Your sleepy friend reminds me of me in your car 🙂 I wish we could have hit up your party. I’m jealous of the fun times here.

    I totally hear you about New Year’s Day, that is EXACTLY how I felt this year. Zero guilt for being lazy all day, almost like laziness was required. AND I still felt fresh even though laziness was at an all-time high.

  9. Looks like a great NYE! Have you tried mixing Fireball with hot apple cider? If not, just try it, please.

    • Paula

      I haven’t tried it with hot apple cider, but several of my drinks on NYE were Fireball/Redd’s Apple Ale, which I’m thinking is the iced version.
      Did you see Sunday’s forecast? It’s looking grim. 82 for a high. Smart they’re starting the race at 5:30.

  10. What a fun night for you!! I am sort of jealous. I went to the museum on New Year’s Eve. I was feeling like crap because I had a fever (then I got a cold) so I went home to watch the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. I saw Pitbull perform and thought of you (is that weird?) because I know how much you “love” him. I like his music but he looks stupid with the sunglasses and gloves. Anyway, it was still a fun evening for me.

  11. I definitely would have rather been at your party than staying home with Pete recovering from being sick, and then my stomach hurting so bad I went to bed around 10 and got up 10 min b4 the ball drop, just to see. Yep…but, it beats out the NYE that I did spend with food poisoning, so there is that. Oh, we did have some champagne, as I was feeling a bit better by then! Hah…next year…something fun for NYE!

    Nice pics! 🙂

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