Register for All the Races

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who donated to the charity I’m supporting – from my friends, to those who donated anonymously, to my internet friends that I haven’t met personally. I’m at 43% of my goal and I owe it to you guys and your big hearts. Thank you so much.


I have a little registration button clicking problem lately. Besides the Chicago Marathon, I’ve registered for three other races in the past week and will now be eating Ramen noodles and stealing other people’s lunches at work for the month of March.

This might be the most races I’ve registered for so early in the year, so race registration PR going on here.

1.  Space Coast Marathon – 11/30/14

Space Coast

That’s the medal, yo.

Self peer pressure made me do this one. I guess that’s a thing? I’d rather run the half but I also want to run two marathons this year and this one happens to have perfect timing after Chicago (6 weeks) where I don’t really need to keep training much. In other words, I could stop 80% of my training and still run it no problem so it leaves the option to be a lazy piece of crap after Chicago wide open. Also, it’s 40 minutes away from home and that = no hotel cost. So I peer pressured myself into this one even though I really wanted to enter the Houston Lottery. *sniff*

2.  Lake Nona Half Marathon – 10/26/14

This is an inaugural race and I’m a sucker for new races. It’s super cheap ($40), close to home, and two weeks after Chicago so hopefully my legs will function.

3.  Storm the Campus 10 miler –  3/30/14

This is another new race on the campus of UCF, my alma mater. I’m running Best Damn Race Orlando (it’s a half) this weekend and was going to stop running over 6 miles (at a time not cumulative, though that doesn’t sound bad either) after that until training starts for Chicago, but I love running through UCF so that will be postponed a month. That was a long sentence. Anyway, the campus is pretty and I can pretend like I’m a young, carefee college student again without an obscene amount of taxes to pay by April.

So that’s the schedule so far. Next, I need to figure out my training plan for Chicago.



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13 responses to “Register for All the Races

  1. You know you COULD still sign up for the Winter Park Road Race on March 15th. Lol.

    I like how Space Coast was self peer-pressuring. I’m not complaining though 🙂

    • Paula

      I’m still thinking about WPRR! I need some cold weather to take my mind off the rolling hills.

      With Space Coast, I would have waited for you to finish and tried to run the last mile with you anyway, so might as well suffer the whole thing with you! hee

      • Rachael @ Happy Healthy Runner

        UMMM you can still enter the lottery for Houston. And then if you get in we can hang out because I will be running Houston. And Michelle should too. And so should Melissa. Just saying.

        • Paula

          I could. But then I would have to keep training November through January and that doesn’t give me an option for lazy time that I so desire. I could enter the lottery for the half though…

          • Tara

            I’m gonna jump on this thread… you still can register for Houston. I did Chicago and then Houston, easy breezy. 🙂 So you’ll just have a little old marathon in between. DOOOOOOOO IT!

        • Tara

          Uh. and me. Sniff.

  2. MUST RUN ALL THE RACES! I’ve had that problem too.

  3. Two marathons this year? You crazy thing you! That one race is on my birthday 🙂 And love the new layout!

  4. seriously can we finally meet up at the race this weekend??? 🙂 WOHOOO blogger madness. I am looking at Nona because of blogger peer pressure, so maybe i’ll be there too. I wanted to do the 10 miler, but I’ll be gone for a relay race.

    • Paula

      Finally! I’ll be on the lookout for you. We were at OUC together too (you were tweeting with Michelle) but I was feeling a little queasy after that race so I wasn’t able to walk over to you.

  5. I just signed up for another race, and I’m looking at a few others. There really is some weird high you get when you register for races – it’s like shopping!

  6. Thanks so much for registering for our Inaugural Lake Nona 13.1!!!! Your legs will be great after Chicago! We have an open run 9/14 5:45am Lake Nona YMCA! Come run with us!

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