Best Damn Race Orlando and a PR!

I really wanted to PR this race. Ok, I want to PR every race but I’ve resigned myself to thinking it will never happen because trying over and over for three years and 14 half marathons can do that to you.

This race was a little different. I actually had a pretty good feeling going into it (that never happens) mainly because my speed training (mostly tempo runs on the treadmill) have gone surprisingly well. Also, race morning my body gave me the greatest pre-race gift it could: I pooped.

Michelle, and her friend Tracey, picked me up per the usual, we found close (free!) parking easily, and walked over near the race start where we found, like, one billion bloggers.

Pretty sure I stole that picture from Meghann, but one can’t be sure. It was a nice boost to see a bunch of friends (and even more unpictured) before the race and I was oddly excited to meet this little cutie since I’ve been stalking her on social media forever.

After some socializing, we lined up at the start. There was an acapella National Anthem, which I really liked, and we were off.

This is the first race I’ve run where I didn’t have to dodge other runners for the first several miles. So either everyone was lined up where they were supposed to be or they capped the race at the perfect amount of runners. Either way, it was nice.

The course was a nice change from the Orlando Half that starts in the same area. They did a good job of avoiding most of the brick around downtown, which sucks to run on since it’s like an obstacle course with all the dips and raised bricks. I also loved the last minute course addition of running around Lake Underhill that was added two weeks before the race. That’s where I do most of my training runs so it was nice to be in familiar territory. There were three or four turnarounds that I wasn’t a big fan of but other than that, it was a good course.

So now about that whole running thing. From mile one, I felt like I was putting in maximum effort. I wasn’t miserable out there but I wasn’t exactly feeling great either. I walked four times which I don’t think I could have avoided because I felt like my heartbeat was too high. After the first walk around mile five, mentally I was out as far as a PR was concerned. I wasn’t feeling well enough that I thought I could do it. (Yep. I’m easily discouraged.) So I just used the walk breaks as opportunities to eat some peanut butter pretzels. (Not loving those during a race by the way. Probably going back to PB&J.) I would kill for a sugar free vanilla or chocolate Gu to exist. Can anyone make that happen for me?

Anyway, around mile 11, I realized had a good chance of PRing. That surprised the shit out of me, I gotta tell you. So I picked up the speed as much as my body was allowing for a 27 second PR (and a 7 minute improvement from the Celebration half last month).

Finish time: 2:02:14

It’s not the sub-2:00 I’ve been trying to get forever or even a sub-2:02, but at least I know I’m finally improving. Running 14 races and never besting my time (while everyone else around me does) has taken a real shit on my mentality. So at least I know I’m capable now. And you better believe I had some sexy-time with that PR bell.

It’s nice to end my last half of the race season this way. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Next up is a 10 miler at the end of the month.





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20 responses to “Best Damn Race Orlando and a PR!

  1. Congrats! Oh, and the pooping makes a big difference.

  2. Woo hoo! Nice job on the race! I am so envious of you running in shorts and a tank top. I had to run 28kms inside this weekend because it was THAT cold.

    • Paula

      Usually I have to run inside cuz it’s that hot! haha. Although, it was perfect race day weather, I gotta say.

  3. Congrats on the pooping! Oh yeah, and on your PR, too. Like you, I believe those two are intricately tied together. Sounds like a great run and race. Maybe next year. Maybe.

  4. Jenny

    Wahoo! Congrats, girl! Sub2 is right around the corner!! I think we should find you a race in a cold climate (NY!!!) and see what you can do! 😉

  5. It’s all about the PRP baby.

    I’m sooooo happy about your PR. So happy I could sing the song Happy to you. Again.

  6. Congrats on a new PR!! It’s so nice to set a new one when you’ve been trying for awhile!

  7. Yay for PR! I It must have been the fiber in those apples from the apple crisp to help with a good clear out before the race! 🙂

  8. Nice PR. I think you’d run faster in a lower cut shirt. Try it.

  9. I hope you bought the PR Bell a drink before you had “sexy time” with him.

  10. MammaBird

    Sounds like your having all the fun. The only fun Fabian has is locking up his car
    in some garage.

  11. I have heard so many good things about this race. I have been stuck in super cold VA but luckily next weekend I am finally doing an 8k at the beach for a sweet shamrock medal! 🙂

  12. kathleen

    Congrats on the PR!!! See, poop is everything… this proves it!

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