That Time I Went to a Hollywood Movie Premiere

So, this happened.

Tuesday, hubs and I flew out to Los Angeles to attend the Veronica Mars premiere in Hollywood. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile or know me personally, you know that Veronica Mars is my favorite TV show. And you probably also know that Kristen Bell is my favorite person. And you may also know that both of those things combined make me giddy like a school girl so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I contributed enough to the Kickstarter a year ago to score tickets.

The Kickstarter had options for the premiere in LA, NYC, and Austin. Austin would have made the most sense financially (and I super love Austin) but helloooo?? Authentic Hollywood movie premiere? No-brainer right there.

Anyway, our little two-day vacation started with a visit from my big(gest) brother but I’ll get to that in the next post. I’m going to work backwards, kinda like the movie Memento. But terrible.

Let’s fast forward to Wednesday when we’re dressed and ready to drive over to Hollywood from our hotel in LA. We had to be at the TCL Chinese theatre to pick up our tickets by 6:00pm but we got there around 3:00pm so we could wander around, get some lunch, skip some traffic (but not really), and not be rushed.

We went to lunch first at a place called The Pig ‘N Whistle. The name got us. Pigs? Whistles? What’s not to like? The menu looked good and the place was mostly empty but they still managed terrible service and mediocre food. We stayed for a few drinks after we ate and the bartender told us she didn’t have any grape vodka. Now, I don’t want to tell anyone how to do their job but…

Around 5:30, we walked over to the theatre and there was already a line at will call to pick up tickets. I expected to be in the line for awhile but we got through and grabbed our tickets in about 10 minutes. At that point, fans were already packing the street across from the theatre.

Once we had our tickets, we walked across the red carpet to the viewing area for all the Kickstarter backers. Now, I’m not saying I had the best spot but…I had the best spot.


Where’s Waldo?

A few people asked how I got such a great spot or if I paid for it. Nope. I just saw it and then I stood there. Pretty technical.

Also, I’ll have to give Melissa and hubs props for encouraging me to wear a pink dress instead of a black one because I stood out like a sore thumb. Being 6 feet tall in heels that night also helped, I suppose.


That’s Tina Majorino taking the picture by the way. If you don’t know who she is, well, then we can’t be friends anymore.

For the past year, I’ve been getting email updates on the progress of the movie, etc. (It’s a perk of being a backer.) A few of the emails said the cast wouldn’t be taking individual pictures or signing autographs so I was just expecting to spectate and drool as my faves walked by. So let me just say, I was not expecting what happened to happen next.


I saw Kristen walking around the corner and got super excited so I asked her to take a picture. While I was getting my camera ready, Jason Dohring (Logan) walked around the corner and it surprised me in that fan girl pee-your-pants kinda way. Kristen noticed and called him over to get in the picture too. Smile I’m pretty sure I thanked them, but one can’t be sure that more than gargling noises actually came out of my mouth.

From there, the night just kept getting better.

That’s Ryan Hansen (Dick) ❤  I super love him. He’s in two other TV shows that didn’t last long but are totally worth the watch: Party Down (which has tons of people from Veronica Mars in it and is also created by Rob Thomas) and Friends with Benefits. Who needs fresh outside air when you can sit on the couch and watch those? No one. No one needs that.

Then, Tina Majorino (Mac) rounded the corner. She’s so adorable and tiny!

I also took a picture with Dax Shephard and met Chris Lowell (Piz), which somehow made the Veronica Mars instagram page.


Is anyone else watching his new show Enlisted? It’s pretty funny so far.

Anyway, I. got. to. meet. them. all. It. was. amazing. We saw the rest of the cast as well (Keith, Weevil, Wallace, Madison Sinclair, Cliff (the lawyer), etc) but I’m already doing enough of a photo dump and I’m sure these names mean nothing to those of you who haven’t seen the show. And if you haven’t seen it, what is wrong with you? Honestly. Have I taught you nothing? (Don’t answer that.)

It was so fun to watch the cast wander around the red carpet, talk to the press, and take pictures. They were all so nice. Plus, my front row view made it even better than I was expecting.

Jerry O’Connell

Kristen and Dax Shephard

After a little over an hour on the red carpet, we made our way into the theatre. The theatre has assigned seating so I didn’t have to body check anyone for a good seat. It also had something I’ll never see again in this lifetime: COMPLIMENTARY popcorn and drinks. < —- I die

The theatre is really beautiful inside. It’s more like an Opera House than a theatre. Check out the ceiling. Even that was like a piece of artwork.

The cast was wandering around the inside of the theatre as well. We ran into Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin (Logan’s mom and dad) at the concession stand, so we said hello. I’ve loved Lisa since the Days of Our Lives days (I’m so old to know that) and hubs was excited to see Harry since he’s a big Clash of the Titans fan. I also ran into Jason Dohring outside the women’s restroom. I smiled while expelling some incoherant babble and then he said to me, “I heard the best seats are in there.” Heh

Before the movie started, Rob Thomas came out with the cast and thanked us all over and over for making the movie happen.

The movie was great by the way (hubs liked it a lot too), but I was so freakin’ excited from everything that happened on the red carpet that I can’t even tell you what happened in the first 20 minutes. In fact, I even tweeted Kristen Bell a question during a live tweet a few days later THAT SHE RESPONDED TO.

Then, 100 fans kindly tweeted me the same answer all. day. long. The answer is in the first 20 minutes of the movie. The same first 20 minutes in which I was recovering from a fun-induced heart attack. And to be fair, Kristen didn’t know the answer either, so I should get a pass.

So yeah, that pretty much made my year. The trip was not cheap and it killed all my vacation time, and because of that I really considered not going. I’m so glad I changed my mind because when am I ever going to have a chance to attend something like that again? Probably never.

Completely worth it.


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34 responses to “That Time I Went to a Hollywood Movie Premiere

  1. Marcy

    Sooo freaking cool! I didn’t donate last year and now I’m so sad I didn’t! We did go see the movie Saturday and loved it.

  2. Yep, you would have regretted not going…you did something so amazing…so amazing! It made my month to see that you went! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing…and feel free to share all the pics on your page. 😉 Some of us still would like to see! And, yes, wearing that pink dress was the BEST thing you could have done! WOOO! Just can’t say enough positive things about this experience of yours…oh one more…glad you shared it with your hubby! 🙂

  3. First, you look gorgeous and sassy in that pink dress! I love it. Fabian looks great too. I love your love!!!!
    I can really feel your excitement in your writing. I am so happy for you that you went to this, even if it means you can’t visit me in Toronto. Just living the dream Paula, just living the dream!

    • Paula

      Oh, I am still coming to Toronto. That is just a long weekend and a plane ticket since I will be sleeping in your bed with you.

  4. I’m so glad I got to live vicariously through you! Although, next time something like this happens I hope that I am not 9 months pregnant when the Kickstarter happens so I can plan ahead and join you 🙂 It was definitely totes worth it.

    And I know you don’t love that color on you – but I do… you looked fab. FF did too (I love the picture of you with the sun beaming between you).

  5. Lee

    That’s awesome. I’ve actually never seen Veronica Mars (the show).

  6. This had to have been the experience of a lifetime for you! Never watched Veronica Mars (please don’t disown me) but it was still exciting to live vicariously through you via your FB/Instagram updates. I kinda sorta loathe the color pink but it looks fantastical on you and was the perfect color to wear that night. Melissa & your man = geniuses.

    I will also disregard the fact you had the option to attend the premiere in Austin and DIDN’T (!!) since I agree – Hollywood was the definitely the clear winner there.

    • Paula

      I love pink, just not on me, so I owe it to DC Melissa for making me buy that dress and FF for telling me to actually wear it. Hee. And you KNOW I struggled with not picking the Austin premiere!

  7. That’s so amazing! When the heck are you ever going to be able to say that you went to a movie premier in LA again?!

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You have Kristen Bells arm around you! I just died a little for you!

  9. Mz. Teri

    That’s awesome that you and Fabman were able to attend something like that and meet Kristen Bell. She is SUCH a cutie!

    When I saw the pic you posted on FB, I thought to myself that it was very smart of you to wear a bright color like hot pink to an event like that. It definitely made it easier to spot you in the crowd. I’ll bet Kristen Bell was thinking to herself that if you were brave enough to wear a bright color instead of black (like everyone else), you were probably worth meeting! 😀

  10. Wow- what a totally awesome experience for you! I’d love to go to a movie premiere someday. And yes- the pink dress was definitely the right choice!

  11. Denise G.

    I’ve been living under a rock (or parenting a newborn) because I didn’t know the movie was done and out already.

    The pink was a good choice because I saw you right away on a show called “On the Red Carpet” on ABC in LA this past weekend. You were shown multiple times.

    • Paula

      Awesome! I saw myself on E news and that was pretty fun. The movie just came out on Friday, so you aren’t that far under a rock. 🙂

  12. Going to a real Hollywood movie premiere is on my bucket list! I can’t believe you met Kristen Bell – she is just the cutest thing on earth. I’m glad you had a great trip and thanks for sharing all your fancy pictures : )


    PINK FTW!!!!

  14. Jenny

    So much awesome!!! 🙂

  15. This looks like so much fun!!! And definite good call on the pink dress 🙂

  16. Okay that is seriously like the coolest thing ever. I would have been freaking out! I’m pretty sure I would have missed more than 20 min. of the movie, lol.

  17. Andrea S

    Coming out of lurk to say OMG! That is so awesome!

    I backed the movie, but we just did the Opening Night premier thing in my hometown. Going to Hollywood would have been so fun! And I’m so super jealous you go to meet everyone. Ack!

    • Paula

      The one where they rent out the theatre for you and 50 of your friends? Hollywood was super fun and I came thisclose to getting the after party tickets too but wussed out. 🙂

  18. Jennifer SS

    That is freakin amazing!

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  20. Ali

    I’m seriously SO jealous I could cry! We tried to go see the movie on Friday night, but learned that it isn’t showing ANYWHERE near me! What a tragedy! Guess we will be making a road trip! Also, I would like to add that I hate when I’m like “blah blah blah, Veronica Mars movie…blah blah blah…” and people are like, “what is that? I have never heard of that movie.” Jerks.

    • Paula

      It’s available on digital download! You can watch it at home. 🙂 Although, definitely not as fun as in the theatre. I get upset when people don’t know who Kristen Bell is. haha HOW DARE THEY!

  21. Love this! I had to read it again. So jealous of you but happy as well. 😉

  22. I just started season 2 of Veronica Mars and I totally get why you love it so much!

    If there is ever a Kickstarter for a Buffy movie, you KNOW i’m paying to be at the premiere. There is no price I wouldn’t pay to be close enough to inhale David Boreanaz musk.

    • Paula

      Well, I will see you there because I have a deep, deep love for SMG. Even more so after her comment about canceling her subscription to Vogue after seeing the Kimye cover. Heh

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