Five for Friday

Time for a little catch up of all the things I’ve been meaning to talk about but somehow haven’t found the time for. This would normally be a couple posts but I already forgot what I had for breakfast so I should probably get this out now.

1.  I ran the Winter Park Road Race 10k a couple weekends ago.

I didn’t want to run it this year even though Michelle was already signed up. I’ve run this race the past two years in a row and each time I was so burned out from racing all season that I hated it. So this year, I was going to skip it and avoid the agony. But, I’ve run half the races this season that I normally do and wasn’t feeling the burn out, so I knew I could PR. So I caved in and registered a week before the race solely for the PR I thought I could get.

And I got it!

Finish time: 57:23 (for a 5 minute and 23 second PR)

The whole race was an effort, just like Best Damn Race, and I can’t say I enjoyed it but I never felt like I was going to die so I kept going. It’s nice to have a couple PRs under my belt this year. I seriously thought it would never happen. I have one more PR attempt at a 10 miler on Sunday. So, we’ll see how that goes.

2. I saw Divergent last weekend. That guy that plays Four? Ugh. So gross.

He’s 29 and 6’1” and English and plays the guitar and sings not that I looked that up directly after the movie or anything.

I liked it. A lot. It was a long movie but I think it did the book justice. I also liked Shailene Woodley a lot more than I thought I would, so now I’m looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars movie even more. (She’s the lead and the dude that plays her brother in Divergent plays her boyfriend in it. Wrap your mind around that one.)

3. Last Friday night, I went out for drinks with Lisa (the bestie) and this happened at the table behind us.

The guy fell asleep so his friends stacked beer bottles and silverware on him. I was about three beers in so I  found it extremely entertaining at the time.

4. On Monday, Hubs and I went to the Miley Cyrus concert.

Throughout the whole thing I kept thinking, did I just see that? Yes. Yes I did.

Hubs scored some tickets from work that are in a fairly nosebleed section but they include free parking downtown, a buffet dinner, and free beer and wine. So basically everything I love and nothing I don’t.

When we walked in, the woman at the door searched my purse, saw my sweater in it, and was not going to let me freaking bring it in because “extra clothes” were not allowed. I told her not to worry because, you know.

I guess they were worried about people throwing clothes on stage? I don’t think I could have thrown a baseball on the stage from where I was sitting, but whatever. Anyway, say what you will about Miley, but I like her crazy ass and she puts on a great show. Hubs and I both said we’d easily pay to see her next time.

Is it even possible to hate a show in which she enters the stage on a tongue slide coming out of her mouth?

Or where she dances with a giant wolf?

Or when she shares the stage with a giant floating space kitty?

I say no.

5. Because I’m sure I burned some of your corneas with #4, here’s an adorably pathetic picture of Pants after she flopped.

We’ve been trying to get video of her flop for years. The only warning we get is when she starts licking the carpet. It only lasts for about five seconds, so we pretty much need our phone in hand and ready. After the carpet lick, she goes from a standing position to flopping on her side in about two seconds. Afterwards, her ear is slicked back and she looks so pathetic. It’s the best time to get the good pets in too.

Who do you love that everyone else hates? For me, it’s Miley and Ke$ha. Although, I’m sure I could come up with an even longer list.


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11 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. 1. Congrats! Most awesome for you!
    2. I do want to see Divergent, and interesting about the two characters. I’m curious about TFioS, but, I think I’d just cry. Hrm.
    3. Poor dude, but yes, funny! Glad you got a pic!
    4. I can agree that looks like an amazingly fun concert to have gone to. But, I only know a few of her songs and only like 2 of them…yes, I do actually like Wrecking Ball, thank you. Also, I like Kesha or Ke$ha, but not in a hurry to return to her concert. Otherwise I’ll listen, sing along, and own her songs. 😉 I like plenty of artists that seems NO ONE else I know likes enough – and ha…ya Pete none of them…unless techno.
    5. Awe, one day you’ll capture that flip…one day.

    • Paula

      After the time we had at Ke$ha, you should be in a hurry to return! 😉 I knew about half the songs Miley played and it was still fun. She also sang 4 covers (including Summertime Sadness and a Coldplay song) so you’d probably know more than you think.

  2. Lee

    I like Miley and I’m not ashamed!

  3. I think it would have to be interesting to see Miley’s concert… & I use ‘interesting’ in loose terms 🙂 haha

  4. Nice job on the 10K PR! It’s crazy that your race season is almost over and ours has barely even begun. Was that guy that fell asleep drunk or just really tired? That’s some serious talent to fall that hard asleep in public.

    • Paula

      I know! Now I will just have to live through your race recaps for the summer. 🙂
      Guy was definitely drunk. They had a hard time waking him up when the cab arrived.

  5. Im a total Britney Spears fan. Always have been even during the umm questionable years. People make fun of me on the regular for it…Dont care. 🙂

  6. Pretty much everyone and everything I like seems to fall into “guilty pleasure” territory. But, whatever. I like what I like.

  7. I was racking my brain for something I like that everyone hates, and that’s probably any song by Pitbull. I don’t even care that they’re all the same, that he sings the same damn words and drops a bunch of city names, etc etc. They’re so catchy and perfect for working out and everyone can get off their pop music high horse and just ENJOY it. Damn.

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