Back to Real Life

It’s been a little quiet on my end for a bit. Hubs and I got back this morning from a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with our friends Linda and Jimmy.

Middle of the ocean means no internet which was kinda nice. There’s nothing like going back to the olden days of using lobby phones and needing a watch to tell time. We had a lot of fun and I so needed a vacation in a bad way. More on that goodness later.

Today has been hectic with getting off the ship, driving home from Pt. Canaveral, unpacking, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, picking up Jon Hamm from the hammysitter, and picking up Pants from the bunnysitter. I always worry about Pants when someone else is watching her. Apparently I had nothing to worry about as she was feeling right at home.

I got that picture from our friend who was watching her. I’m glad she put her best foot forward. Thanks Pants. Way to represent us.

Hubs and I are still playing the game, “Am I drunk or is it the ship?” because everything is moving and I’m pretty sure I’m sitting still. It’s a super freaky feeling. Anyway, it’s time to finish some chores and watch all the season finales I missed while we were away.


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9 responses to “Back to Real Life

  1. Ali

    zomg I would give anything to get on a boat right now. SOOO jealous!! And Freedom of the Seas is a legit ship! I know someone who got married on it so we boarded in Port Canaveral for the wedding and they continued on for a week-long cruise. Loved the inside and the interior facing rooms that overlooked like a main street. Vince and I have been dying to take a trip on it ever since.

    I think there’s a cruise in my future… At least I HOPE there’s a cruise in my future since I just dropped $100+ at Vicki’s for bathing suits that I better have time this calendar year to wear. Retail therapy and all that.

    Welcome back!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your trip so I can be jealous and hate you for spending time in the sun and sand 😉

  3. Ugh, I hated that feeling of still moving when you get off a cruise ship. It’s pretty triply. Glad y’all had a fun cruise though – jealous!

  4. Melissa

    Yay! You’re home! I’ve been so lonely!!! Glad you had a great trip!! ❤

  5. Welcome baaaaack! I’m excited to hear about your trip. I have always been kind of on the fence about going on a cruise so I feel like your opinion may convince me to do it!

  6. I keep hoping this is the year we’re going on a cruise….but so far it hadn’t been the year, so again, maybe it will be this year…but if so, won’t be til wayyyyy later this year. I need a vacation bad, too, but I’m only getting some 3 day weekends (one this month, and 2 next month). Ah, vacation, where are you? Really looking forward to your pictures and blog post, or potentially in person tellings!

  7. Oh, and love the picture of your buns being herself!

  8. How fun! I’m not sure if I ever actually want to do the cruise thing, but it always sounds glamorous. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  9. Terri

    So that is where you have been! Ah I can’t wait to hear details I’m so excited we are going on a cruise to Alaska at the end of May and I cannot WAIT to be away from the internet and work for 7 days… Good lord I haven’t taken a 7 day vacation in almost 3 years. How that happened I have no idea. (Okay, I have done 7 days to fly home an visit but those trips dont count.)

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