Mother's Day Eve

Hubs and I aren’t big fans of celebrating most holidays on the actual day. Mainly because every restaurant becomes so crowded with people and our desire to be around people is usually low. So, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday instead of Sunday and picked up the in-laws for a night out on the town.

New hair shot for you.


It’s so easy to style now that I curl it almost every day, which is way faster than the 15 minutes I used to put into “styling” it, followed by the 30 minutes I’d spend crying in the mirror.

We took the in-laws to Rocco’s Tacos, a really fun Mexican restaurant with an awesome, trendy atmosphere and a huge tequila bar.



Instead of getting pictures of that awesome atmosphere, I took one picture. Of the wall.


I don’t know why I try anymore.

Anyway, this was the first time any of us had been there and we heard great things about the guacamole. So we started with that.


They make it at the table and you can get it mild, medium, or spicy. We ordered medium and it tasted mild to all of us. But whatever, it was still delicious.

I ordered three tacos (mushroom, chorizo, and shrimp) for my main dish with a side of spicy white rice. I didn’t take a picture, but it looked like tacos and rice. So get your imagination on. The spicy white rice and mushroom taco were amazing, but the other two tacos? Meh. The chorizo was awful. I ate half of it and hubs inherited the other half. The shrimp taco was so bland that I just ate the shrimp. Disappointing, but I was already getting full from the guac and chips so it’s not like I left weak and hungry.

Hubs and I both think Mucho (my favorite place that I take every friend that comes into town) is still the best in town. I’d give Rocco’s a second date, but I’m going home with Mucho if you know what I mean.

After dinner, we noticed there was an outdoor area in the back of the restaurant, so we walked over there to check it out only to find a pretty lake view and tons of open tables. So we were basically seated in the shittiest spot in the restaurant – right by the front, close to the hostess and where everyone walks by to get to their table.

We hung out by the lake for a bit and my MIL showed off her photography skills.



I swear she took that picture three times before we got one with my eyes open. I had to take matters into my own hands.


I’m awake!

After we left the restaurant, hubs asked the in-laws if they had ever been to Lake Eola. Even though they both said yes, we thought it would be nice to take them there anyway for a walk, and then stop for a drink along the way. While we were walking, my MIL mentioned that the tall buildings weren’t around the lake last time she was there (they aren’t new) and when we told her about the farmer’s market every Sunday, she thought that was new (nope). Then she mentioned her last visit to Lake Eola when my sister-in-law had just started walking – forty-two years ago.


Then, I look over to see my FIL taking pictures of the fountain like a tourist.


Every time the fountain changed color, he had to get a new picture. We might as well have taken them to the ancient ruins because I felt like they had never been there before. So it’s safe to say it was a good choice on the hub’s part. We know they don’t get out much (or at all), but Lake Eola is 15 minutes away from their house. Now we’re on a mission to delight them with all things Orlando.

The next afternoon, hubs and I went to Ollie’s Public House for lunch. Ollie’s in my new favorite.


I thought the newspaper presentation was really cute. That’s corned beef, swiss, and spicy mustard minus the sauerkraut because no. No sauerkraut ever.

The food at Ollie’s is amazing and beers are cheap. Plus, they give you a FREE JAR OF PICKLES when you sit down.


Free pickles with beer is my dream. My other dream that doesn’t involve binge eating cupcakes, that is. I have five friends that live or work within a two mile radias of this place and I’m just finding out about it, so I’m going to have some serious talks with them about their communication skills.





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23 responses to “Mother's Day Eve

  1. Your hair looks great! When I’ve gone to Rocco’s Tacos – the first time they sat us near the entrance along the wall…and the second time out on the patio….maybe it was the time we arrived? Glad you seriously liked the guac, but I remember we wanted it spicy and it wasn’t either….and then our friend realized….they used jalapenos, but somehow not spicy ones (guess a difference btwn the male and female plant).
    That is so gosh darn cute about taking your MIL and FIL to Lake Eola!
    Now I totally want to go to Ollie’s Public House! Glad you had a nice weekend!

    • Paula

      That’s where we were too. The entrance along the wall. I will have to taste test their quesadillas next time. 🙂
      The chips were spicier than the guacamole! They had paprika on them or something like that. Very tasty.

  2. Melissa

    Free pickles with beer is my dream, too. Now I want pickles. And I will eat your sauerkraut, too.

    Now I need to come back to O-town to see Lake Eola at night and take pictures with the fountain changing colors. Because we definitely didn’t see that. And go to Public House for those free pickles. I’m still thinking about them, yes.

    Loving the hair! Short hair looks stupid on me, so I will admire yours instead.

  3. I hope I’m counted among that 5 because I live within 2 miles of that place, too. But I don’t share your love for it. I probably still suffering from hating the place when it was Jax. The service is notoriously HORRIBLE. I’ve given it a couple tries since it switched to Ollie’s but I still had not-so-great experiences. Then again, a couple of my friends love it too, so maybe it’s just me. But next time you’re there you better tell me!

    • Paula

      You are most definitely included in that 5. I need to schedule that “talk” with you. 🙂

      I’ve been twice so far and no problems with the service so maybe you just need to go with me. I’ll be texting you next time!

  4. Jason

    Better guacamole than mine?

  5. I would like to go to Lake Ebola next time I am there 🙂
    LOVE your sassy curly locks.
    And whenever I see Fabian’s smile it makes me smile. I think I want to serenade him with You Smile I Smile by JB.

    • Paula

      I think Lake Ebola is a whole different experience. 😉 But you will LOVE it there. Consider yourself taken next time.

      And please serenade Fabian. He would love it. Someone with a smile that good should not go unserenaded.

  6. LOVE the new hair! And now I’m craving guacamole….damn you Paula!

  7. Jenny

    The hair is fab!! Love it! I cut mine about the same length about 3 weeks ago and it is so much easier to deal with! 🙂

    • Paula

      Thanks girlie! I miss the look of my long hair but I do not miss dealing with it. Hair drying and styling is so nice now!

  8. Love your hair short! I’m getting the itch to have mine long again, but then I see cute short hairstyles like yours and am tempted to stay short…

    • Paula

      I know! One week I decide I’m growing it out again, the next week I’m getting it shorter. I’m such a flip-flopper.

  9. Love the hair! And now I’m seriously craving guacamole…definitely going on the menu.

  10. Amy

    Your story about your in-laws taking pictures of the fountain literally had me laughing out loud. That plus the picture with your mother-in-law’s finger. Haha! Old people are so cute sometimes!

  11. Great haircut! You look beautiful!!

    Please take me to those restaurants next time I am in Orlando. I’ll take you to a really good one when you’re in Chicago. 🙂

  12. kathleen

    So, Veronica Mars just ends??? It seriously just ended. I mean, I feel like I have so many unanswered questions and more seasons to watch as she finishes college. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH?
    Why did it just end like that?
    You got me into this mess! 🙂

    • Paula

      Well, now you watch the movie! Consider this a gift because you didn’t have to wait 7 years between the series and the movie. I’m giving like that. 🙂

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