By the Numbers

I try really hard not to number things all the time, but it’s hard to write a post with one cohesive thought. The numbers – they call to me…

1. I bought my plane tickets to Chicago, so I guess I’m really running this thing.

My calf feels a lot better but it’s still not 100%. I can at least run on it now, but it feels tight afterwards. I was able to do 150 wall balls and box jumps last night, so it must not be that bad. Still, I don’t want it to get worse so I’m trying to baby it 80% of the time. Hopefully it will be all better by the end of this month.

2.  At work the other day, my co-worker called me Rhonda. Not a big deal, except that was the fourth time someone has called me Rhonda since I started.

Each time it’s been someone different, so it’s not even a fluke. I must put off a really strong Rhonda vibe.

Each time I’m Rhonda’ed, I update my Facebook status to document the continuging saga of my Rhonda-ness. This time around, I mentioned that it would be easier for me to just change my name. So I did, because I thought it was funny. And it was. Until it wasn’t. Did you know you can only change your name every 60 days on FB?  Yeah. So now my name is Rhonda on FB until the end of July.

Joke regret. I gots it. Now everyone either calls me Rhonda or asks if I changed my name. The Rhonda that I work with even changed my name tag at work. So that’s gonna be fun for the next 60 days.

3.  Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. I finished Red Rising (at Michelle’s recommendation).

I loved it! Red Rising is a trilogy so don’t read it yet unless you like waiting. The second book doesn’t come out until January. It was hard to get into at first and I stopped reading for awhile because of that, but Michelle insisted it was great. So I begrungingly picked it back up and I’m so glad I did. The characters have their own slang that’s hard to understand at first but once you get past Chapter 4, it really picks up and eventually turns into a Hunger Games type thing (but in a good way, not in a total rip-off way).

4. I also read this one.

Because of course I did. #fangirl. I LOVED it despite the terrible title which had very little to do with the book. It’s just like reading an episode but with F-bombs. If you liked the show or the movie, you’ll like the book. I hope Rob Thomas writes more because me wanty.


I mentioned awhile back how this is the best book I’ve read in years, so I need to see this movie in a bad way. Plus, Saturday is my birthday so there’s no way anyone can say no to me. It’s my weekend and Paula (or Rhonda, whoever) gets to pick the activities so hubs better pull out his crying and romance pants, cuz we’re going to the movies.

6. It’s a birthday weekend movie extravaganza, because Edge of Tomorrow comes out tomorrow and I really want to see that too. I love me some sci-fi action and I love Emily Blunt, or at least, I think I love her. I might just love her because of her husband.

Cutest couple ever.



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12 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. Dying over the FB name change. Who knew? I’m going to see that movie on Sat too! I would hate to see it with my husband, he would mock it and ruin it. Happy early birthday!

  2. Haha the whole Rhonda thing is hilarious! How long have you worked at your job now? And do you ever correct people? Happy early birthday!!

    • Paula

      I’ve been there 8 months. I’ve only corrected one of the four people. Usually I just go along with it. Ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 🙂

  3. The other day I was tagging you in a comment on Facebook and I forgot you are now Rhonda so I put @Paula, and FB automatically changed it to Rhonda after I hit enter.

    And that Kristen Bell gif is not only mesmerizing (I totally just stared at it for a good 3 minutes), but at first I thought it was YOU! I think Kristen Bell might be your celeb twin!

    And I downloaded the first season of Veronica Mars on your recommendation. I really need to start watching it.

  4. No way can I go see The Fault In Our Stars at the theater…I know…I know I’ll cry. If I ever watch it, it will be at home, ALONE. As for the other movie…Edge of Tomorrow…I’m all over that one…yes, I really want to see it BAD. The trailer hooked me. I’ve still got to see Days of Future Past, too…we just don’t get to the movies often…but dang it I’m going to see both of these at the theater!!

  5. OMG RHONDA. I am dying. I’m calling you nothing but that in Chicago.


  7. Love the Kristen Bell gif Rhonda, I need to do that to someone!

  8. Hmm, odd. The reason you love Emily Blunt is the exact reason I hate her ; ) I’m going to see The Fault in Our Stars tonight, and I’m ready to get my ugly cry on. Have a great birthday weekend!

  9. I am assuming you are flying into Midway. Let me know if you need a ride from the airport.

  10. Ananda

    I love it when Michelle gives you good book recommendations because I read them too! I read The Fault in our Stars at your (her!) recommendation and loved it. I need to see the movie but I’m waiting a week or so until my hormones are more stable and i can handle it without being a blubbering crybaby in a public place. Oh who am I kidding… I’ll still cry.

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