Lazy Weekend

I spent my weekend being a 9 out of 10 on the lazy scale. I rarely have weekends in which I am that unproductive and useless to society, but I managed to get next to nothing done.

The lazy started on Wednesday, because why wait till the weekend? Hubs was out of town for business all week, which meant I couldn’t watch any of our normal shows because we watch them together. I generally try to avoid new shows because my life is consumed by enough TV and not enough social interaction, then along comes Jim, who recommends a show I’ve never heard of.

It’s free on Amazon Prime video, he says. Just check it out, he says. Well, I did and three days later, I’m done with season 1. Hot damn that show is fun. So if you’d like to suck away three days of your life shirking all responsibility, I’d highly recommend it. Season 2 is also on Amazon but it’s not free for Prime members and it’s $3.00 an episode. I just want free stuff! Life is so unfair.

I’ve also never used the word shirking before and I gotta say, it felt good.

On Friday, I had my trainer work on that knot in my calf that is making running suck. Usually he just foam rolls my calf because he’s able to put so much more pressure on it than I can at home. I mentioned before that he tried to work the knot out with his thumbs and gave me a 3-inch long bruise in the process. Despite the bruise, my calf pain diminished by 70% after that so I asked him to work on it again now that the bruise is gone. It was super painful, expletives flew, and I have another bruise, but my calf feels so much better now. I don’t want to jinx it and say it’s 100% better buuut it’s leaning that way.

Saturday I was so worn out from barely sleeping all week (when hubs is gone, I just lay in bed and think every noise I hear is an intruder), that the day involved lots of napping and leisuring on the couch. I even finished another book.

All Our Yesterdays has been on my GoodReads read list for a long time. I don’t remember putting it there and it wasn’t recommended to me but I thought I’d read it anyway because I like danger. The danger of non-recommended books. It was really good. It’s a young adult book about time travel. It’s nothing life changing – just a good, fast read. Oh, and it’s not a trilogy so it was nice to finish a book and be done with it for once.

On Sunday, I got off the couch briefly to run 7.5 miles on the treadmill. Those were some long, boring miles but if I don’t have a friend to run with outside, I run with my three besties inside – the AC, the toliet, and the TV. I’m building mileage for the start of marathon training at the end of the month. The run was decent for the treadmill and more importantly, I did not feel ANY calf pain during or after the run. I was so relieved.

Sunday was Father’s Day, of course. I’m not a fan, mainly because mine isn’t around anymore. All the pictures of dads and daughters posted on FB and Instagram make me sad. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my dad, especially since I’m running Chicago in his memory and so many of you were kind enough to give to my fundraiser. Maybe that post will happen; I’m still thinking about it. In the meantime, I went through my pictures to find ones of him. I think I mentioned before how he made instant friends with anyone? Well, that goes for animals too.

Dad, Snowball, Kelsey 2

That’s the double-pet. The cat and dog were usually sitting on either side of him and my dad would have both petting hands going at once. I ran across three pictures from different times exactly like this, which I found funny, so I thought I’d share.

Anyway, Father’s Day wasn’t all bad. We were lazy most of the day, had a nice dinner with the in-laws, and watched the season finale of GoT. I just love Tyrion.

Now on to season 2 of Orange is the New Black.





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16 responses to “Lazy Weekend

  1. Melissa

    Excellent work on the laziness! I ran 8 this weekend, and it sucked much less than the last time! Still dubious about running 18 additional miles, however.

    I hear you on the Father’s Day stuff. My dad is still around, but I always struggle on holidays not being near my family. Looking at pictures is a good answer to that, so good job! And of course, I love that Dad was an animal lover. He would get some Roo lovin’ for sure!

    • Paula

      At least we will have each other after those 26.2 miles. That will get us to the finish!

      • How did Melissa get that awesome icon! I don’t even know how to change mine. She is my hero.

        On another note, now I will have to binge watch Orphan Black. I hope you’re happy.

  2. Sweet about your dad! Father’s Day isn’t something I celebrate…my family life is just too complicated.

    Anyway, we had one crazy, weird, stressful, worrying weekend. Ah life, but things are getting better now.

  3. Is your goodreads account open to new friends? You always have such interesting books.

  4. Jim

    Just FYI, the season 2 Orphan Black finale is Saturday, and the entire season is free on BBC-A on demand if you have Brighthouse.

    • Paula

      I do. And you have just made my plans for this week!

      • Jim

        It takes them a while but they finally made a bad episode late in season 2. I mean it’s so laughably bad and out of place that you get the feeling that the regular writers took the day off and left their kids in charge. See if you can spot it. Thankfully, they followed it up with one of my favorite eps of the entire series, so all is good.

  5. “… I run with my three besties inside – the AC, the toilet, and the TV” <– YES THIS. Don't get me wrong, I hate being on the glorified hamster wheel, but there's something to be said for temperature control and proximity to facilities.

    Hugs on the Father's Day thing. I can't even READ Father's Day cards without tearing up in the store and my dad lives 3 hours away.

  6. Verlin

    Hey Rhonda, I haven’t heard you complaining about your shoes in a while. What’s up with that?

    • Paula

      I found shoes that work, which I’m still coming to terms with. I’m waiting for them to go rogue on me. Although, I did just order a new pair and the color is hideous in person. I could complain about how I don’t look cute in them.

  7. Watch that calf pain. I’m always suspicious of other people’s leg pain now. IT COULD BE YOUR BACK.

    Helpful, I know

  8. Well sounds like we had identical weekends. Funny how when our lovers aren’t around to entertain us we sit around and do nothing but marathon TV shows that we are not currently watching with them.
    I feel you on Father’s Day also. My dad is still around but I am with Becky on the complicated family situations. I definitely avoid facebook on those sorts of holidays.
    Your dad reminds me of myself with the double pet 🙂

  9. I can tell your Father was a good man. Anyone that animals love, is a good person in my book! I’m glad you have such special memories and pictures to remember him with.

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