Running So Far

It’s only been three weeks, but I gotta say marathon training has been going pretty well so far. I haven’t pooped my pants or cried once, plus my calf issue seems to be officially better. Knock on wood.

I had my calves raked finally. It felt like it  sounds, but surprisingly hurt less than when my trainer tried to work the knot out. I’ve never had a sport’s massage so I’m not sure what the difference is, but I imagine raking is similar. Basically, the massage therapist put lot of pressure on my calf with his thumb starting at my ankle and working up vertically to the back of my knee. I guess that’s the “raking” part but there was also deep, horrible massaging involved. If massaging is what you want to call it.

Ever since that massage, my long runs and speed runs have been pain-free and mostly delightful. Of course, my shoulder is still hurting so I think next month I’ll get a “massage” there as well. I plan to get one every month until the race just to be safe because my luck this year is leaning toward the shitty side.

Speaking of luck, I also managed to twist my ankle last Friday night in front of some dude talking on his cell and the window of an extremely packed restaurant. I didn’t fall but instead groped at the air awkwardly until I corrected myself. I looked back where I tripped and saw nothing that would have caused it, so that was embarrassing. I thought I was ok because I wasn’t limping or hurting afterwards but I woke up that night to extreme throbbing pain. I had a long run in the morning, so I texted Brad to tell him I might not make it. Then I took some aspirin, iced my ankle, and went back to sleep with it elevated on some pillows. I woke up feeling great which I found very suspicious and I proceeded to run a very cautious and pain-free 12-miler.

Dodged that bullet. Sheesh. I swear my body doesn’t want me to run this marathon.

I have 14 miles planned in the morning and then I have a date with a pretzel bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s in the afternoon. I’ll be going to bed early. I need beauty sleep so I look good for my date.


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4 responses to “Running So Far

  1. Pretzel bacon burgers need to be added to my marathon refueling schedule for long runs too.

  2. Eric tries to “massage” my calves when I say they hurt and that is excruciating so basically getting “raked” scares me worse than labor right now, although full disclosure, I’m gripping tight to my total denial about labor. Pretzel bacon cheeseburgers sound amazing but Wendy’s is what caused me to go off meat from ages 13-29 so I would have to make them myself.

  3. Bam! Get it girl! Had Week 1 completed over here. Feeling good, but it’s kind of like feeling good at mile 1 of the marathon — basically inevitable and no indication as to how the rest of the race (training) will go. Fingers crossed!

  4. Hope your 14 miler went just as well and pain free!

    Those pretzel bacon cheeseburgers are so effing good. 19 days till I’m back in the US of A and can stuff my face 🙂

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